Wildlife Management and Agenda 21 (Work In Progress…)


“We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then, and have known ever since, that there was something new to me in those eyes – something known only to her and to the mountain. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch; I thought that because fewer wolves meant more deer, that no wolves would mean hunters’ paradise. But after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view”
– Aldo Leopold

Over the last few years, through numerous hours of reading various books, blogs, historical documents and articles relating to modern conservation, agriculture and sports hunting, I have come to the realization that the way of life we have grown up with in the rural areas of the Pacific Northwest may eventually be doomed. This includes our access to hunting and fishing as the technocratic agenda rolls out. Even though there seems to be a genuine effort to ensure that all the citizens in Idaho and other western states continue to have access to their rights to hunt and fish and utilize their local resources, I suggest that our common ignorance of many of the political and social processes that drive individual and institutional decisions will play out in unintended ways; ways that will be detrimental to our individual access to public lands and to our local sovereignty. I would argue, in large part, this is at the behest of our own well intended but misguided assumptions about humans and their interactions with nature and also in part due to the unrelenting hubris of our resource management policy makers; many of whom, I suggest, are willingly participating in this deception. In this series of blogs I will present my concerns for some of the policies and agendas in the area of wildlife management as this seems to be one of the lesser researched agendas. It is my intention to demonstrate and explain some of the ways in which the policies governing these activities are being manipulated.

Our Misguided Conservation Strategy

Much conversation has been made within the natural resource community to suggest that trophy-hunting, sport-fishing and other outdoor sports are the leading mechanisms that allows for the conservation and perpetuation of our fish and wildlife. The resurrection of the early 20th century conservation icons; like Teddy Roosevelt, Gifford Pinchot (NFF Interview), John Muir and other such environmentalists, are leading the way to promote an ideology that puts the sportsman-conservationist as the primary mechanism to conserve and perpetuate our wildlife resources. At various events and through social media, the institutions of public trust are preaching the gospel of the North American Wildlife Management model and Public Trust doctrines, usually through various presenters, such as Shane Mahoney (1) WILDLIFE SUMMIT) who seems to embody these conservation ideals. Guided by these modern promoters of ‘the method’ it seems the environmental and resource management community are readily adopting these ideals and applying them to the natural resource use and conservation practices of today.
Given a thorough review of history and looking closer at the modern initiatives currently on the world stage, I would suggest that the ideologies being presented by these individuals and institutions are misguided. While I would not contend that those who participate in sport or trophy hunting and fishing activities are ill-intended or knowingly supporting the opposition to the free access of the land they love and respect, I make the argument that many of the institutions that they support (or are a part of), are working to do just that. Much like what I would argue as being the “bait and switch” of Teddy Roosevelt’s time (2) CONSERVATION REFUGEES) (3) CONSERVATION EUGENICS), I suggest that we are in a similar state of affairs now. (The ‘bait and switch’ I am referring to that brought about a massive land grab in the 11th hour of the congressional session by the Federal government in 1905 (1905 TRANSFER ACT) and the subsequent infusion of public funds, was the exploitation by Roosevelt and his colleagues of the Hegelian bantering (HEGELIAN DIALECTIC) between the ‘Conservationists’ and ‘Industrialists’ of the time). This time the process is being employed under an international mechanism, specifically United Nations Agenda 21. I would suggest, despite the perceived benefits of the transfer of land into the US National Forests system for the ‘public good’ that the long term implications of such a deal has been detrimental to the health of the forests and the people. To support this argument I would like to analyze the key players and rhetoric surrounding the following situations.

Part 1: Cecil the Lion and Agenda 21
Part 2: Conservation in other African Nations
Part 3: The Viljoen Hunting Preserve and the Importation of Socialist Ideals
Part 4: The National Forest Foundation and other NGO’s


Part 1: Cecil the Lion and Agenda 21

Because this is the most recent issue of contention that has brought conservation issues into the spotlight, I would like to address this first. To make it most relevant to the western states, I would like to analyze this through the usual suspect, who I’ve spoken about in previous blog posts, Rocky Barker in his “Letters from the West”. (4)
As demonstrated in my previous blog posts, Barker, as a “government embedded” reporter, seems to be the voice for the federal and state agencies with regard to conservation policy. In this capacity he provides the platform to convey the perspectives of the natural resource management community. He seems to speak for the Idaho Fish and Game, the Wildlife Commission, the governor’s wildlife working groups and other such entities along with all the various interagency collaborator organizations and contractors. In this capacity he has the ability to convey to the public and within the ranks of the resource organizations and their public and private collaborators, the desires of the respective “upper echelons” within each group. What he conveys, if accepted and promoted by an organization, has the power to become the unified voice of each respective institution and those who hold each institution in high regard. If the ideologies Barker conveys are misleading, coercive or ambiguous and then advanced without being checked or corroborated by institutions of public trust, the results have the potential to be detrimental to the citizens’ relationship to the resource. I suggest this is the case with regard to Barker’s promotion of the programs and leading perceptions about African wildlife management and the issues of concern around Cecil the lion.
In his article “Hunter’s stupid act in Africa masks benefits of trophies” Rock Barker weighs in on the Cecil the lion debate. (4) As is evident in the title of the article, Barker provides the prospective that, despite this instance of misconduct, trophy hunting is a beneficial tool for generating funds for conservation efforts and to manage wildlife populations. While I recognize the value of conservation and understand the need to acquire monetary and other resources to build that capacity, under our current paradigm, I strongly argue against this notion. I further contend that the ideology conveyed in this article and the actions of the resource management organizations in support of this ideology are the result of deep seeded patriarchal influences that disrespect the relationship of the local communities to their environment; making them subservient to an international and economic mechanism of control. (2) Nowhere is this more apparent than in the nations of Africa under the programs Barker promotes in his article.

What’s Going on in the Background?

Most of the time and much to our collective detriment, few in the public or in the public trust agencies take the time to research any of the background of what they read or hear in the news. Few have the slightest understanding of what has taken place in Africa or understand the situations that have led to their not-so unique paradigm. Few will take the time to connect the dots and recognize the key players and their ideologies which have manifested in the conservation efforts of Africa. Few will apply discerning logic to the subtle implications for our local communities that might be realized in this shared philosophy that promotes the “trophy-hunter/ conservationist” theory; nor will they understand the institutional and global mechanisms that are driving these and other similar conservation efforts at home. A growing number of citizens, thanks to a concerted effort by a few researchers, are beginning to understand the processes being implemented under the UN Agenda 21 plan (5) AGENDA 21. Even so, I have yet to see much recognition on how this ties in to the sports hunting community. This article by Rocky Barker, when put under the microscope, gives us a great opportunity to provide a glimpse into the sport and trophy hunting process as a tool for the displacement and subjugation of indigenous people.

Analysis CAMPFIRE program in Zimbabwe:

What I find most interesting in this article is the section where Barker reminisces about his time in Africa while on assignment for the Idaho Statesman. His assignment was to examine conservation efforts under the CAMPFIRE program. (CAMPFIRE WEBSITE).

  • “The Idaho Statesman sent me to Zimbabwe in 1998 to examine the parallels with conservation programs in Idaho, especially village-based conservation.
    There I met Graham and Brian Child, whose remarkable conservation efforts are central to the survival of large animals such as lions and elephants in Zimbabwe. Graham, director of national parks and wildlife management there both before and after the 1980 revolution, came up with the idea of the Campfire program, which allowed villages to sell tags to kill wildlife as part of an overall management plan and then spend the proceeds to benefit their community.”

Though seemingly benign on the surface, the CAMFIRE program being promoted by Barker, should be great cause for concern; particularly if it is to be held as a standard for Idaho to aspire to. What Barker presents here is a very simplistic and abbreviated look at the conservation efforts going on in Zimbabwe. What you are not getting in this article is the necessary exposure to the relevant history behind the situation; including the international mechanisms behind this and other similar programs in other African countries, nor are you getting a look at the biographies of the people implementing these programs. These are very essential pieces of information to consider as I will demonstrate.

I would suggest that if Idaho adopts a similar management program, like Zimbabwe, access to the land and resources will be seriously impacted. Rather than being “central to the survival of large animals” I suggest that programs like this are central to furthering the plan for international corporate control over the resources and extirpation of the local indigenous populations.While not necessarily specific to trophy hunting, this situation has been laid out quite well by Mark Dowie in his book “Conservation Refugees” (2)CONSERVATION REGUGEES). In this book we see that what has been transpiring in Africa started here in America. These nations have used the same overt and coercive mechanisms as the Teddy Roosevelt administration to subjugate their indigenous people; similar in process and scope to what was used against the American Indians.

  •  “The rude, fierce settler who drives the savage from the land lays all civilized mankind under a debt to him. It is of incalculable importance that America, Australia, and Siberia should pass out of the hands of the red, black, and yellow aboriginal owners and become the heritage of the dominant world races.” – Theodore Roosevelt
What appears to have been happening in the Zimbabwe CAMPFIRE program is a continuation of the same methods of extortion by national and international governments and Big International NGO’s (BINGOS), similar to what is described by Mark Dowie in his book (2). Is this what is now being sold back to us as a management model? (Recognize that this is a model that will encourage the displacement of our modern indigenous populations (increase the transition of the rural populations to the cities) by promoting a communitarian ideal that strengthens the ties of the wildlife resource to the financial valuation process while elevating the modern ego-driven trophy hunter as the solution to deal with ‘overpopulation’ and human-wildlife conflicts. Consider my blog, “Transcending the Cult of Personality” (LINK) and think about how this might be applied to the conservation process with regard to our celebrated trophy hunters and sportsman).
This is an overview from the CAMPFIRE website that describes how revenue is generated: (CAMPFIRE)
  • “The general CAMPFIRE model is that the RDCs, or community trust, lease out business opportunities based on natural resources, to private sector partners. Most of the revenue earned is from wildlife-based activities. Of the wildlife-based activities, over 90% of the revenue is from trophy or sport hunting leases with commercial safari operators. The balance of the revenue is from leases for other forms of tourism, the sale of hides, ivory and other animal products. Since the year 2001 CAMPFIRE has actively sought to diversify the programme to include revenue from other sources.
    How much revenue has been earned so far? Between 1989 and 2001 (inclusive) the income earned by RDCs with Appropriate Authority has been Z$454 million or US$20 million. The highest income achieved was in 1999 when districts received additional revenue from CITES approved ivory sales.”

To those with little or no background of the events in history and resource exploitations that have led to this seemingly perilous situation in Africa for wildlife and people, (MAGNIFICENT AFRICAN CAKE) (CONSERVATION REFUGEES) what Barker suggests about the CAMPFIRE program being “central to the survival of large animals” can be taken as fact. For those who are ignorant of the history of the “Childs” (CHILDS) and their international affiliations, there is no reason to suspect ulterior motives. Because public trust organizations and their constituency here in Idaho and the rest of the nation don’t perform their due diligence in looking into the background of whom and what they promote, this grandiose statement can persist without adversely affecting the positive public perceptions that natural resource organizations enjoy. I would encourage all within and outside the public trust organizations to go deeper so that we might operate from awareness rather than ambiguity. I would encourage all who are served by the state and federal organizations to ask questions and force a response to some of the concerns you might turn up through such an open-source investigation.

Reduced to Possession

Apparently Rocky Barker and other established conservation leaders, as evidence in their support of the trophy hunting and international marketing of local resources through these internationally sponsored resource development programs in Africa, think the people of Idaho and the rest of the Western states should be “managed” like the people of Africa. As one representative from the modern indigenous population of Idaho, I would rather not see Idaho go by the way of Zimbabwe and fall further victim to the social programming mechanisms that have made their populations dependent on international trade in trophy hunting and trapping, international trade in wildlife commodities or other cleverly disguised international “conservation” investments (DAILY HERB). These are all strategies and investments that the indigenous people of Africa have been forced to depend on for their existence. I, for one, don’t want to be forced by my government to count on the charity of narcissists, like Ted Nugent (Picture 1) or institutional narcissism, in the form of Wildlife Services, to protect my family from “the big bad wolf” and feed me through their generous contributions of this meat to the food bank. I would rather not lose the relationship I have with my resources to this ambiguous, economically inspired model of management that is being promoted by Rocky Barker and the institutions of public trust.


Figure 1- Ted Nugent African Hunting trip:

  • “Here is a beautiful photo of me & my band with Cecil’s great great grandpa, Fernando the lion. No, they are not holding him down while I perform unnatural acts upon the helpless creature. After all, everybody knows lions are helpless & cute. Just fyi, this pure natural legal proper scientificaly sound necessary hunt like all hunts was pure SPORT TROPHY MEAT FUN. Every sacred preciouos part of this animal was utilized. We hired 40 people on the safari, shared the meat, claws, skull, sinew, body fluids, teeth, blood, organs, skin, hair, tongue, eyeballs & each & every hard earned resource this magnificent RENEWABLE resource provided while bringing in critical massive revenues to the local economy while making room for new lions to be born & bringing value to valuable creatures. I dare idiots everywhere to point out what was wrong about this & all hunts. Fools are as fools be. Lion baby, the other whitemeat!”…. (I’m sorry, but this guy is an ignorant, egotistical, soulless asshole of the highest order… and I can demonstrate on many levels the critically flawed logic in what he states here.)

Given the extent the Idaho Legislature has moved to pass bills that would potentially lead to similar situations that allow for more “pay for hunting/ conservation” preserves in Idaho public lands, (most recently being entertained by the endowment lands board (LINK) it’s not difficult to draw some inferences about the direction this is headed. The efforts of conservation writers like Rocky Barker, through his ambiguous presentation and promotion of the CAMPFIRE program for Idaho (along with his promotion of every other form of government dependency) is further validation of such an agenda. Even though there seems to be some resistance to this agenda within the Idaho Fish & Game Commission and the IDFG department, can we really say that the Idaho Fish & Game is in opposition when it funds presentations and provides a promotional platform for modern multi-generational colonial eco-capitalists, like Joe Viljoen and ….. ? (I would argue that public trust institutions are unknowingly in most instances, actively using their positions to manufacture perceptions about these arguably disingenuous African big game hunting preserves; preserves that are effectively severing the ties the indigenous people once had with their natural resources in a contemporary form of cultural genocide in many cases (LINK).

Campfire and UN Agenda 21

Unlike in the United States at this time (and, perhaps, in Africa as well by now) with the exposure of United Nation’s Agenda 21forcing the federal government to hide their connections, in South Africa in 2001 there apparently wasn’t a similar concern. (I say this recognizing that there is no mainstream conversation about the well documented connections of various local initiatives to Agenda 21). This report submitted by the South African Development Community (SADC) to the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (SADC PROGRESS REPORT) lists CAMPFIRE in its’ list of affiliated organizations and states that “The Campfire program of Zimbabwe was implemented and largely funded through NGO support – Zimbabwe Trust, WWF, Africa Resources Trust (LAND TRUSTS) and Campfire Association.
To get the full grasp of the implications of this would require some time spent analyzing this document and reading between the lines. It would also require taking the time to learn more about UN Agenda 21 and how this top down international agenda is being made to manifest in local governments through well-funded collaborations all over the world. (AGENDA 21 PRESENTATIONS) It would also be helpful to do some background research into the backing of these international NGO’s (referred to as Big International Non-Government Organizations (BINGO’s) by the affected indigenous populations around the world). I would highly recommend reading the Norman Dodd report to the Reece Committee investigation into tax-exempt foundations in 1954 if you wish to understand the level of coercion being foisted upon the American people. (NORMAN DODD REPORT).
I encourage the reader, especially those who are responsible for maintaining the public’s trust, to look deeper into Agenda 21 and learn more about “communitarianism” and how manufactured or useful stories, like the Cecil lion issue, are being used to coerce people into giving up their personal sovereignty under the dialectic perception management that draws people into one of two controlled “sides”. In many cases, with regard to resource management, it becomes a debate between “saving the planet or saving the economy”; a debate which typically leads to the development of a blended version of the two opposing views. It is a process that seeks to maintain the peace by appeasing the rigid views set by the mainstream media talking heads (“managing human nature” and “population control” on one side and providing for a “growing economy” and “feeding a growing population” (GMO’s, pesticides, Industrial Agriculture, resource development, etc…) on the other); which, more often than not, reflects a misunderstood perception of the situation on both accounts. This is why we continue to see the economic value of resource decisions being promoted by resource agencies, even though natural systems have no concern for how “many jobs are being created” or how “great for the economy” the outdoor sporting industry is.
This is beyond the scope of this essay, but from a natural law perspective this manufactured, dialectic paradigm, ultimately driven by money, ends up being a drain on both the monetary and natural systems; systems which are held mutually exclusive as understood by resource managers and economists, but very much energetically connected in the sense that energy is being exchanged between the two and siphoned off through the very misunderstood and highly controlled system of banking, fiat currency and usury debt. Ultimately, both systems become subservient to a banking and usury system that is highly controlled by very powerful individuals that understand the deeper connections between the natural and monetary systems and how to apply energy and resources from one or the other to exert more control over both. (CORBETT REPORT ON MONEY)
Child’s Biographies: (CHILD’S BIOGRAPHIES)
A diligent researcher could spend many hours looking at the conservation efforts in Africa, the history of Cecil Rhodes, Cecil the lion and many other relevant situations and barely scratch the surface of the levels of deception and the broad implications for the people of Zimbabwe and every other nation. The same can be said for the history of the Americas. Even though we’ve all had history classes; some, like Shane Mahoney, extensively so; we know little to nothing about some very important developments in history, like the Native American Holocaust or the American Eugenics movement. These are very important dark moments in history that are important to be aware of. Despite this fact, the realization that so many at every level of authority are completely ignorant to the mechanisms of genocide and the power structures that allowed them to manifest in our own country; as well as in Africa, it seems extremely ill-advised to move forward without getting some sense of what took place and reconciling it with to the conflicting actions and intensions inherent in our mission, goals and objectives. Not reconciling these things leaves us all more susceptible to the mechanisms of coercion by the “powers that be”.

2007 Program Findings- In another report from 2007 by Judith Marishinya about the CAMPFIRE program, a much less impressive review is presented. (CAMPFIRE PROGRAM FINDINGS) In this progress report she has this to say:

  • “Key findings from the case studies include: (1) the extent and quality of community participation has declined sharply in both sites; (2) capture of benefits by local elites has contributed significantly to these declines; (3) lack of full devolution to the communities, which is frequently cited as a critical weakness in CAMPFIRE, played a relatively minor role in shaping outcomes; (4) the loss of NGO support that followed the end of donor funding had severe negative effects on outcomes; and (5) the national political and economic crisis, while detrimental, had less of an impact than expected.”
    Maginalisation of the Waata Oromo Hunter Gatherers- (KENYA) A similar
    TED Case Study on CAMPFIRE-

o “Conservation and Eugenics” James Wohlforth, Orion Magazine https://orionmagazine.org/article/conservation-and-eugenics/
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o “Conservation Refugees” Mark Dowie https://books.google.com/books/about/Conservation_Refugees.html?id=T9OVqyhVyy4C

o Shane Mahoney Wildlife Summit Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mp7Tpd_oyqY

– (4) Rocky Barker Article –
o “Hunter’s stupid act in Africa masks benefits of trophies” http://www.idahostatesman.com/2015/07/30/3917988/rocky-barker-hunters-stupid-act.html#storylink=cpy

– (5) AGENDA 21-

– (6) SADC PROGRESS REPORT) “SADC PROGRESS REPORT ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF AGENDA 21 AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” 2001 Report on Progress of Agenda 21 in Africa including CAMPFIRE (Under Rhode’s Scholar Brian Childs)


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– (TED CASE STUDY) http://www1.american.edu/TED/campfire.htm



– (MAGNIFICENT AFRICAN CAKE) “The Magnificent African Cake” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaQiGDZVDz4&feature=player_embedded

– (CAMPFIRE WEBSITE) CAMPFIRE Website http://campfirezimbabwe.org/


– (LAND TRUSTS)Daily Herb


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Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Standoff Part 3- “The Devil is in The Details” An open source investigation

This is an open source investigation effort to help compile information for readers to get a better idea on the situation. Ultimately, I would like to explore what this situation might be about and where it might be heading. Certainly, there is no shortage of reporting to be had on this situation, in the mainstream and alternative media; however, finding balanced or well reasoned perspectives does not seem to be a part of the mix in most cases. My goal here is to compile articles and other media links that put forward well reasoned and sourced perspectives on the situation and provide analysis.

Here are a few links I found interesting and relevant to the Burns situation.

Control and Allocation of Resources:

Uranium and Strategic Metals

Dutchsinse http://dutchsinse.com/ has put together a video about the potential for the land grab in the Harney County region and near the Bundy ranch to be associated with Uranium mining and strategic metals.

“Hammond + Bundy “Ranches” — Volcanoes, Gold, URANIUM + BLM / Government” https://youtu.be/rpkm6iSd–c Another interesting link on Dutchcsince’s Facebook page-

Following this line of research, if there is uranium in the Harney County area it would stand to reason that it would peak the interest of a very powerful uranium mining company like Uranium One. A look at their website detailing their investment in regional social initiatives around their project sites, you can see that they really know how to lay the groundwork before hand to foster relationships that ensure they are able to “break ground”.

  • Uranium One Site: “Key Projects” http://www.u1holding.com/eng/social/key-projects
    “Uranium One Inc.’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in the United States is aimed at fostering relations with local communities in the host regions, particularly in Wyoming.
    Uranium One Inc. provides targeted support to a number of local social and charitable initiatives. We give priority to social infrastructure projects aimed at education, medicine, sports, and providing support to the disadvantaged.
    Uranium One employees are directly involved in prioritizing these charitable activities.
    Key projects in 2014:
    •Supporting, jointly with the Wyoming Community Foundation, the Converse County Sheriff’s Office in setting up a K-9 unit.
    •Cooperating with Bison Bakers in supporting Buffalo High School students and its initiatives.
    •Providing support to several local charity initiatives related to healthcare, including Komen Wyoming, Converse Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions.
    •Providing support to several local culture projects and organizations.

Identifying another project of Uranium One in Tanzania near the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the “Selous-Niassa Game Reserve”, we see similar “social responsibility” efforts.

  • “Within the Mkuju River project, Mantra Tanzania (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mantra Resources Pty Limited, the stock of which is managed by Uranium One Holding) is engaged in a range of activities as part of its program for corporate social responsibility. The company supports:
    •educational initiatives and raising awareness of the Mkuju River project in the community
    •anti poaching initiatives
    •health programs
    •sporting events
    •cultural activities
    Key projects in 2014:
    •Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, which underpins the intention of both parties to cooperate closely in combating elephant poaching in the southern part of the Selous Game Reserve.
    •Collaborating with READ International to refurbish and buy books for a secondary school library in the Namtumbo District.
    •Supporting training programmes for students of the Namtumbo District to prepare them for work in mining and related industries.
    •Taking actions to raise local awareness of the Mkuju River project and delivering on various environmental activities.  Anti-poaching cooperation: A key corporate social responsibility initiative of the company is long-term cooperation with Tanzanian authorities on an anti-poaching project in the Selous Game Reserve national park, which is located near the Mkuju River project site and is on UNESCO World Heritage list. Since the launch of its anti-poaching initiative in 2013, Mantra has provided funding to train and equip 20 game wardens, who regularly patrol the assigned area of 20,000 km2 adjacent to the Mkuju River project site. Aerial surveillance of the area using unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with night vision cameras, GPS navigation, and video transmitters is also in place. – In 2014, Mantra Tanzania and the Wildlife Division of the Tanzanian Ministry of National Resources and Tourism signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which calls for both sides to continue close cooperation in this area. – The MOU establishes a committee composed on a parity basis and responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring all joint anti-poaching programs, as well as for liaising with stakeholders. The parties have agreed that Mantra will invest USD 800,000 in 2014 in anti-poaching activities. – Further programs will be developed and approved annually

Consider this petition by “Beyond Nuclear” to encourage UNESCO not to modify the Selous Game Reserve to allow for uranium mining and the long list of concerns they have for the potential environmental damages to the region this will impose.

  • “Elephants and others threatened by uranium mine at World Heritage site” http://www.beyondnuclear.org/home/2012/5/23/elephants-and-others-threatened-by-uranium-mine-at-world-her.html
  • “The planned Mkuju River uranium mine is a project very hazardous to the World Heritage site Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania; it has the potential to endanger the Park massively, and contamination will last for a very long time, in human terms forever. Changing the boundary of the World Heritage site Selous Game Reserve in order to have the planned Mkuju River Uranium mine located outside the Reserve and thus make it acceptable for licensing, will not prevent radioactive contamination and toxic materials from entering the Park via surface waters, aquifers, and air etc., and endangering wildlife in the end. The longevity of the radioactive elements poses a danger far beyond the time of operation of the mine, and will endanger the World Heritage site for many generations to come who will have to deal with the problems – or leave the site to serious environmental degradation. We therefore suggest to keep the boundaries unchanged and discourage the Government of Tanzania to license the Mkuju River Uranium mine. In case the Government. of Tanzania decides to go ahead with the mining project, we strongly recommend to change the status of Selous Game Reserve to “endangered World Heritage site”.

Next consider the extensive efforts that would have taken place ahead of time to establish the Selous Game Reserve in the first place. Like many other “World Heritage Sites” around Africa and the world, the establishment of the reserve would have required the eviction of the indigenous inhabitants; a move that would have created, what Mark Dowie refers to in his book as “Conservation Refugees” https://mitpress.mit.edu/index.php?q=books/conservation-refugees. Not to mention all the other significant unintended (intended?) consequences that come from the removal of indigenous people through acts of genocide (poaching, protests, crime, poverty, etc…) Not really a problem for international resource exploitation endeavors when you have the unlimited resources of the United Nations and their international corporate investors, like Uranium One, funding the governments and policing efforts in the region to deal with these issues. http://whc.unesco.org/archive/advisory_body_evaluation/199.pdf “The resident population in the area was evacuated when the reserve was established and Selous has therefore remained relatively intact.”

  • Observations on the State of Indigenous Human Rights in the United Republic of Tanzania in Light of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Prepared for United Nations Human Rights Council: September 2015 https://www.culturalsurvival.org/sites/default/files/media/tanzaniauprreportfinal.pdf
    “Operation Save Kilombero Valley is another example of the force used against Indigenous People, in which Sukuma, Maasai and Barabaig pastoralists were threatened and evicted from their land in the Kilombero and Ulanga districts.8 The government justified the evictions by claiming that the pastoralists’ livestock damaged the wetlands and water sources in the area. By 2012, almost 200,000 heads of livestock had been confiscated and 2,000 people pushed out. It was confirmed that 7 pastoralists were shot and killed that same year9. The criminalization of Indigenous Peoples in order to justify evictions has become a commonly used tactic. In Morogoro, municipality officials called for the removal of pastoralists from the Morogoro district. The officials claimed the pastoralists were criminals, because they were having conflicts with farmers and villagers as well as trespassing onto the Selous Game Reserve, causing wild animals to leave.10 This criminalization violates Indigenous Peoples’ right to defend their lands and results in physical, mental, economic and social harm to Indigenous Peoples”

Conclusion: It has been my suspicion that the conservation efforts and back door dealings promoted by environmental groups and public trust agencies (those that have led to these contentious situations), have reduced the management agencies to being little more than public relations programs for international exploitive industries; in this case the Nuclear Energy Industry. If you take the time to follow the money and trace the roots of these programs you will see that we really haven’t come very far and may have even gone backwards since the days of the Crown Companies (Hudson Bay/ East India Trade Company) and the atrocities of the Colonial era. Local municipalities, media, NGO’s, police forces and politicians are all subject to the monetary influences and promises of prestige that come about through enacting and enforcing policies that are favorable to these industry profiteers or those singing their praises (or perpetuating the manufactured antithesis in the Hegelian Dialectic process that becomes the well managed conflict that allows for incremental progress; in a way that is more “digestible” and seemingly beneficial to the regional populations… similar or perhaps a continuation of the Jesuit Missionary role in the Crusades and the Colonial Era). In this paradigm, just as in the colonial conquests, we’ve created conditions where the most vile and psychopathic individuals rise to the top in every sector; be it government, banking, NGO’s and corporations (all institutions for that matter).

Other interesting connections to ponder concerning Uranium and “Conservation”:

Blood Brothers: Theodore Roosevelt and Frederick Selous http://www.outdoorlife.com/photos/gallery/hunting/2011/10/blood-brothers-theodore-roosevelt-and-fredrick-selous

“The Clintons: Is the Oregon Standoff Really About Uranium?” https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/the-clintons-is-the-oregon-standoff-really-about-uranium/
BLM Website: http://www.blm.gov/or/energy/uranium.php

    • In September 2011, a representative from Oregon Energy, L.L.C. (formally Uranium One), met with local citizens, and county and state officials, to discuss the possibility of opening a uranium oxide (“yellowcake”) mine in southern Malheur County in southeastern Oregon. Oregon Energy is interested in developing a 17-Claim parcel of land known as the Aurora Project through an open pit mining method. Besides the mine, there would be a mill for processing. The claim area occupies about 450 acres and is also referred to as the “New U” uranium claims.
    • On May 7, 2012, Oregon Energy LLC made a presentation to the BLM outlining its plans for development for the mine.
    • The Vale District has agreed to work with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on mitigation for the “New U” uranium claims, which are located in core sage grouse habitat. Although the lands encompassing the claims have been designated core, the area is frequented by rockhounds and hunters, and has a crisscrossing of off-highway vehicle (OHV) roads and other significant land disturbance from the defunct Bretz Mercury Mine, abandoned in the 1960s.
    • However, by the fall of 2012 the company said that it was putting its plans for the mine on hold until the uncertainty surrounding sage grouse issues was resolved.

Location of the Aurora Uranium Mining project: https://mining-atlas.com/project/Aurora-Uranium-Mine-Project.php

Aurora Project Info: http://www.nevermined.org/pdf/Aurora%20Uranium%20Mine.pdf

    • “The Aurora Project is a proposed open-pit uranium mine located on approximately 1700 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land in the southeast corner of Malhuer County, Oregon. For nearly a century, the Aurora project area has been explored and mined for mercury, gold, and uranium. Uranium ore will be processed on-site to produce concentrate known as yellowcake. Pits, roads, processing facilities, and support activities will be located on 272 unpatented lode claims (20 acres each) pursuant to the General Mining Law of 1872 (1872 Law). Company officials estimate that Aurora will produce 30% of U.S. yellowcake output. Yellowcake Production Uranium ore mined from open pits is crushed at an on-site mill. The crushed ore is treated with acids (primarily sulfuric acid) and other chemicals to leach uranium from ore. The product is a sand-like powder — uranium oxide concentrate — called yellowcake. Yellowcake is shipped in 55 gallon drums for further refinement. (See diagram.) China, South Korea, India, and Russia are the principal end markets. Chemical processing of uranium to produce yellowcake uses large quantities of water and produces a large waste stream. (Oregon Energy has not disclosed water and electricity sources and volumes.) Generally liquid waste is about twice the quantity of solid waste. Liquid waste is discharged to ponds and solid waste to piles, collectively called tailings. Tailings contain the original constituents of crushed uranium ore; processing acids and chemicals; and, heavy metals.”
    • This you tube video has a great deal of important information looking at the deeper connections with Judge Grasty and the BLM and a history of abuses: https://youtu.be/VrSz9xHYW1w

Uranium Dumping Protester in Nevada the Government Tried to “Disappear”

With so much energy from the Paiute tribe going to demonize the Malheur occupiers (dealt with in Parts 1 & 2), you would think they could find some time to shed a little light on the plight of one of their own; a war veteran and an environmental activist trying to expose the illegal transport of uranium on tribal lands. Paiute tribal member protest and exposure of illegal uranium transport and disposal on reservation lands in Nevada is shot up with his family and then “disappeared” by the FBI: https://youtu.be/K511dgnulbs

Lantry’s “Go Fund Me” Sight: https://www.gofundme.com/LantryJustice

Non-Government Organizations

One of the common denominators with the two situations (Bundy & Burns) is the amount of effort coming from the Wilderness Society and other groups. Here are the Annual Reports from two such groups:

A very revealing exercise with many of these non-profit organizations is to trace down its major donors. Two donors in the lists immediately caught my attentions; one being the New Venture Fund
  • NVF (LINK)
  • The other being Ted Roosevelt IV https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_Roosevelt_IV
    “Theodore Roosevelt IV (born November 27, 1942) is an investment banker and managing director at Barclays Capital Corporation. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Economic Club of New York, and the Foreign Policy Association. Roosevelt is also a prominent conservationist.[1] He and his wife Constance Lane Rogers are the parents of businessman Theodore Roosevelt V (born c. 1976).”

Another revealing exercise is to look into the Boards of Directors and see what other ventures they might be involved in and other organizations they are affiliated with.

Here are few well researched articles speaking to the level of manipulation that exists within the political establishment, specifically as it relates to the “Fake Left” and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s).

Public Trust Agency Efforts at Perception Management

Having witnessed for myself the level of coercion, group think, and other top down strategies to influence and direct the “mass mind”; including through investments made by public trust agencies into Public Relations (Propaganda), and seeing how well it works (most effectively on the intellectual class) I think this is valuable information and important to recognize if we want to get past these contentious times. More on this can be seen in my previous blogs “Public Distrust” https://modernindigenouswordpresscom.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/public-distrust-and-land-management/
Given the level of investment in Small Nuclear Reactor technologies that use Thorium as it’s primary fuel (Fairwinds Energy Article on Thorium Reactors: http://www.fairewinds.org/nuclear-energy-education/thorium-reactors) and the Lemhi region of Idaho being one of two areas in the world with large deposits of Thorium http://legacy.ktvb.com/story/news/local/2014/07/03/12174569/, I would suspect there to be similar “conservation” and “collaboration” efforts and contentions arising if there isn’t already. Perhaps, given the proximity, it may be associated with this one?
If you’ve done the research on agenda 21 and NGO’s (LINK) you can see a clear marketing effort to sell the local population on some very convoluted ideals in true communitarian tradition. (LINK)

Overreach and Abuse

Contemporary Case Studies

The protesters’ argument resonates with a lot of people because more and more people are seeing the ulterior motives and crimes being committed by those in high levels of office.

Winnimum Wintu Tribe: (LINK)

Unrepentant: (LINK)

Actions Abroad

Looking to the UN and Federal government to solve the “problem” only reinforces the victim-perpetrator bond and relinquishes control. And when you relinquish more control in this dependency paradigm consider the broader implications. Does a Nation or a group of Nations (UN) who turn their back on the desecration of artifacts in Iraq and the ancient city of Babylon (cradle of civilization) truly have an interest in protecting heritage and relics? Will their preservation take precedence over other agendas? Did they take precedence over the Shasta Dam construction?

    • https://www.globalpolicy.org/humanitarian-issues-in-iraq/consequences-of-the-war-and-occupation-of-iraq/destruction-of-iraqs-cultural-heritage.html:
      “The United States and its allies ignored the warnings of organizations and scholars concerning the protection of Iraq’s cultural heritage, including museums, libraries, archaeological sites and other precious repositories. Arsonists badly burned the National Library and looters pillaged the National Museum. Looters also damaged or destroyed many historic buildings and artifacts. The US constructed a military base on the site of ancient Babylon. Coalition forces destroyed or badly damaged many historic urban areas and buildings, while thieves have ruined thousands of incomparable, unprotected archeological sites.”
    • Malheur Preservation: (LINK)

Perception Management

This is a response in a comment string I had posted in reference to a video from Barrett Kaiser of Hilltop Solutions. https://youtu.be/YAus1lXNWGU It is revelatory about the level of investment going into perception management around the issue of land and resources.

“This man doesn’t speak his mind he speaks his wallet. http://hilltoppublicsolutions.com/team/barrett-kaiser/A Partner at Hilltop, Barrett was named one of America’s top “Influencers” by Campaigns & Elections Magazine in 2013. He draws on more than 20 years of political experience, including nearly 11 years as a top advisor to former U.S. Senator and current Ambassador to China Max Baucus. Barrett cut his teeth in politics working under his friend and mentor Jim Messina, architect of the reelection campaigns for both President Obama (2012) and British Prime Minister David Cameron (2015).”

http://hilltoppublicsolutions.com/ “At Hilltop, we manage high-stakes, high-profile campaigns, build coalitions and find and mobilize grasstops and grassroots advocates across the country.”

I would also suggest the Center for Western Priorities organization he represents is as a well-funded instrument of propaganda; which would be consistent with other coercive mechanisms being employed to serve an agenda (such as the way in which government applies funds to other non-profits like the National Forest Foundation that cooperates with numerous corporations to coercively gain influence for a greater agenda).
http://www.westernpriorities.org/2014/01/23/cwp-is-hiring-senior-communications-manager/ “Center for Western Priorities is a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity that incubates new and innovative public-interest projects and grant-making programs.”
The New Venture Fund: http://pdfs.citizenaudit.org/2014_12_EO/20-5806345_990_201312.pdf A “Citizen Audit” would reveal the extent of investment in National as well as international programs and the incredible amount of wealth being applied to build perceptions and collaborations for a greater (globalism) agenda https://www.citizenaudit.org/organization/205806345/new-venture-fund/
I don’t know if Bundy’s efforts are legitimate. When he starts carrying on about freeing the land up for mining, logging and other activities without distancing that agenda from the corporate agenda to capitalize on this, I am suspicious and absolutely not on board. However, I think this effort resonates because it brings attention to a legitimate underlying frustration coming from the average rural citizen who is recognizing what is going on or is being directly railroaded by the government or knows somebody who is. (This has me concerned because this effort may do nothing more than further marginalize these peoples’ legitimate issues and align them with the “terrorist” theme being promoted in the minds of the masses).
While I can’t say for sure about all of those making a stand in Oregon, I do recognize that the antithesis to this is very deceptive. The guy in the video is a puppet for the globalist agenda as the evidence I presented shows.”

Here is a link to a similar analysis that goes deeper into the investments and key players in building the capacity to subvert representative government. https://lozzafun1.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/ammon-started-poking-around-in-what-he-thought-was-a-hornets-nest-of-corruption-in-harney-county-similar-to-what-he-found-at-his-dads-he-underestimated-the-size-of-the-nest-as/

9/11 and the FBI Agent In Charge, Greg Bretzing

I recently saw an article stating that Greg Bretzing, the special agent in charge of the Portland division was overseeing the Malheur stand-off where he gave this statement:
“Greg Bretzing, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Oregon, gave a statement in support of the move to surround those still at the refuge.

  • “It has never been the FBI’s desire to engage these armed occupiers in any way other than through dialogue, and to that end, the FBI has negotiated with patience and restraint in an effort to resolve the situation peacefully,”

Who is Greg Bretzing?

  • In September 2000, Mr. Bretzing was promoted to supervisory special agent in the Criminal Investigative Division’s Money Laundering Unit at FBI Headquarters. Following the September 11 attacks, he was instrumental in tracing funds used by the hijackers to carry out the attack. Mr. Bretzing was promoted in August 2002 to unit chief in the Terrorist Financing Operations Section. He was recognized for his work by the CIA and received the National Intelligence Certificate of Distinction for his contributions to the FBI’s counterterrorism efforts.”

If you are familiar with the evidence concerning the 2.3 Trillion reported missing by the Department of Defense just prior to the 9/11 attacks and the lack of investigation into that after the attacks, you might be inclined to wonder why none of this was investigated by the supervisory special agent in the Criminal Investigative Division’s Money Laundering Unit. “9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money” by James Corbett: https://youtu.be/n3xgjxJwedA (https://youtu.be/W-F5NKAMdFc https://youtu.be/aljgYENg–Y)

When you become familiar with the suspicious trading going on just prior to the 9/11 attacks that suggested prior knowledge, you might think the special investigator who was “instrumental in tracing funds used by the hijackers” he might also want to investigate these oddities.
When you become familiar with the investments made by Larry Silverstien to purchase the Twin Towers and then into the insurance that paid him 4,550,000 you might wonder why this special investigator would be interested in investigating. https://www.darkmoon.me/2013/will-larry-silverstein-ever-be-brought-to-justice-for-911-insurance-fraud-by-dr-kevin-barrett/
Given the severe neglect of investigation into the defining moment of this century that directly led to the deaths of 3,000 US citizens and untold hundreds of thousands in the aftermath (including US soldiers, some of whom come from ranching families), would it be appropriate to assume the agent in charge of the Malheur occupation would be compromised and actually interested in escalating the situation rather than seeking a peaceful resolution? Would the actions taken to apprehend the armed occupiers on their way to a meeting and ending the life of one of their primary spokesman, rather than have the negotiator meet with Ammon to discuss his grievances as expressed in their phone conversation just prior to this, evidence of an effort seek a peaceful resolution? (Personally, I think something doesn’t smell right and I suspect there is much more to this story).
    • Syria
    • Libya
    • Ukraine

3) Historic Perspectives
•Nazi’s, Weimer Republic and Environmentalism
•Native American Holocaust

5) Technologies

  • Weather Modification
  • SMART Grid

6) Occult Connections


Another level to this that few delve into is the incredible occult mechanisms that drive many of these agendas. The extent to which dark occultism plays into our lives and the course of world events is a disturbing and extensive study. (One that I would encourage everyone delve into; though too extensive to get much into here). Though the revelations this research provides can be overwhelmingly dark, it can also provide insights and perspectives that can be encouraging. What you might find in such a study is that the assault on humanity is taking place at a metaphysical level and reflective of an alchemical process and one that we can participate in through our own energy work. (In opposition to the dark ritual practices that the ruling psychopaths enter into). Mechanisms of perception management through symbolism, state & corporate media and education, religions and other thought controls have long been separating us from our higher selves and painting us into a corner by reducing our perception of ourselves. Change this perception and we change our ability to influence the morphic field that holds us in servitude to these psychopathic parasites.(RUPERT SHELDRAKE) (I would never suggest anyone make decisions based on this awareness without doing extensive research because there are numerous efforts to corral this effort into meaningless “New Age” groups that serve the same agenda as the psychopaths; like the group in Creston Colorado (LINK)).

  • Adding to this narrative in Harney County is another history being presented by Fritz Springmeir as a possible contributory link. This is the story of Rex Clemens.
    • “Clear Cut the Story of Philomath Oregon”: http://www.amazon.com/Clear-Cut-Story-Philomath-Oregon/dp/B006YMN3SY
      “The roots of the community go back to a man named Rex Clemens, who lived from 1901 to 1985. He was actually a high school dropout who became wealthy through the lumber business. Due to his wealth, Clemens set up a foundation in 1958 that helped support school functions, construction, and progress while also providing a four-year scholarship to anybody who graduated from Philomath High School.
      After several decades, other people started immigrating to the area and a new school superintendent, Terry Kneisler, was hired from Chicago. He moved to modify many traditions and as a result, aspects of the timber industry were questioned, a Gay-Straight Alliance group for students was formed, and the school’s mascot, the “Warriors”, was challenged as well.
      Many people who had lived there for years, some for their entire lives, began to object to these changes. Three of these people happened to be Rex Clemens’ nephews, who were now in charge of the foundation their uncle set up. Steve Lowther, one of the nephews, led the traditionalists in their battle against Kneisler. After the two sides have multiple disagreements and conflicts, Lowther tells the school board that Kneisler or the foundation must go. Later, Kneisler did leave.
      Lowther amends the foundation so that students who come from timber, agricultural, or mining families are eligible for the scholarships. The students must also go on to pursue a career related to one of these fields of work.- Wikipedia
  • Fritz Springmeir comment: “Last winter, I was in that very area investigating an Illuminati murder of a programmed multiple, so the setting of this confrontation catches my attention! My main focus in my investigation was a man named Rex Clemens, who retired to a ranch at Diamond. Rex had connections to Harriman, who in turn had connections to Aleister Crowley.”

This connection would contribute to the concept of long term planning (which, if you consider other significant events and Springmeir’s and other’s research into occultism, Freemasonry and other secret societies, you’re aware of just such a potential).
While Springmeir hasn’t found a direct link between this Bundy family and the Bundy Bloodline families, he has written in the past about the interworking and prominent figures within the Bundy bloodline family that reveals the Hegelian Dialectic processes.
The Bundy Bloodlines: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/the_bundy_bloodline.htm
I have long suspected the dialectic process to be a driving force behind Roosevelt’s conservation strategy. (His dialectic opposition to his “hand-picked” successor, Taft, who happened to be a fellow “Bonseman” with Gifford Pinchot at Yale… the sister college secret society to Harvard’s …… to which Teddy was a member). The conservation community can’t get enough of Teddy.

This was an article shared by the Bundy lawyers in Eugene on their Facebook page. If you read the article you see the author of the article refer to the occupiers as “thugs” and then bring up testimonial evidence that was not confirmed by the courts nor a part of the sentencing, but very disparaging to the character of the Hammond’s and the protestors.
Atlantic article “The Nobility of Good Lawyers With Bad Clients” : http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/02/the-nobility-of-good-lawyers-with-bad-clients/459645/
The Lawyer’s Site “Arnold Law Firm”: http://arnoldlawfirm.com/
This seems odd to me and it might perhaps suggest that this goes much deeper. (If I were to posit a theory; I would say that at some level, this all has to do with the ongoing “strategy of tension” similar to what other countries have been and are being subjected to (Syria, Ukraine, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya… ) and, together, these efforts serve the broader globalization agenda. Given the strategic metal and Uranium potential (and soon to be Thorium in the Lemhi region of Idaho for use in small nuclear reactors) for these areas being designated as “wilderness” and BLM lands, I suspect the “Grand Chessboard” with Russia and China factors into this as well.)

Malheur Occupation Part 2- Convert or Fight?


“We all started out as something else (before we became Necromongers)”- Chronical of Riddick

In the rhetoric validating the actions taken to solve the “Indian Problem”, such as in the case of Sitting Bull and his Ghost Dance, the government referred to the Indians as “Pagans”. This is significant because it brings to light the deep roots of the distorted reasoning that sanctioned state sponsored genocide, a reasoning which goes all the way back to the Holy Roman Empire and the Crusades. It was the subjugated European indigenous people that comprise the ancestors of the European invaders in America and it was their victim-perpetrator pact that was made between those people and the invading Romans from the south that built the foundation that makes us complicit. It is a distortion that persists to this day… from the Crusades to the Doctrine of Discovery and on into Manifest Destiny. This victim perpetrator pact lives on now through all of us, including the American Indian. This is relevant because it should be considered when we talk about the finer details of a potential land and resource transfer back to the Paiute tribe. http://www.amazon.com/Native-America-Discovered-Conquered-Jefferson/dp/0803215983

If one were to investigate, they would find that the Paiute Tribe is the largest recipient of federal conservation subsidies in the region. http://farm.ewg.org/persondetail.php?custnumber=A09419050) While to some this might be considered a good thing (for the environment and the tribe), I would suggest it is another parlor trick which further diminishes the rights and responsibilities of the local people and effectively reinforces the ‘victim-perpetrator’ bond with the tribe; a bond between the perpetrators of genocide (the government) and the victims of genocide (the tribe) When you understand the information in the previous section and the religious faith in the Government expressed by most people, you can see how this works.

  • http://www.shieldofaith.org/resources/library/article.asp?s=7&i=195
    Trauma Bonding- “The very helplessness and terror that are instilled by the abuse, cause the child (or later, the adult) to reach out to the only available hand for relief: the perpetrator. And the perpetrator WILL rescue and stop the abuse, or take the child out of the confines of their pain, but for a price: their unrelenting loyalty and obedience. This is the traumatic underpinning of all cult programming that I have seen: a combination of abuse and kindness; terror and rescue; degradation and praise.”

Considering the deep dark history that nobody wants to talk about concerning the American Indian Holocaust

  • https://youtu.be/2uk9S6fcdPkLike the miner’s canary, the Indian marks the shifts from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere; and our treatment of Indians, even more than our treatment of other minorities, reflects the rise and fall in our democratic faith.”- Felix S. Cohen

…and the subsequent ‘victim-perpetrator’ bonding that has come out of that, and knowing about the connection of the Paiute tribe to federal conservation funding, I suggest that there is a strong potential for coercion in the resolution process (or lack of). One could make a case that the tribal leader’s condemnation of the occupiers and refusal to converse with them may be due to this influence. (“4000 Artifacts Stored At Oregon Refuge…” http://wtop.com/national/2016/01/4000-artifacts-stored-at-oregon-refuge-held-by-armed-group/slide/1/)

I have often wondered if much of the contention between communities living next to tribal reservations has been a result of the Federal influence that has continued to diminish people’s understanding of the American Indian Holocaust. Not understanding the depths of the crimes (as written about above) allows the blame to be misplaced on the people (the decedents of the settlers) and not the puppet masters (who continue to enjoy the same power and influence they’ve always enjoyed). In this paradigm the Federal/Tribal contracts can continue to drive wedges between neighbors, who have been conditioned to think government control of the resources and international sponsorships are the only solutions to all their problems, environmental or otherwise. It seems to be the common perception that Indian rights can only be achieved through their ‘recognition’ by the government which becomes the tribe’s biggest aspiration.

Contrary to what the tribal leaders feel is the right thing to do by not communicating with the occupiers of the Malheur Refuge, I think a conversation is exactly what should happen; between the occupiers, the tribe, the local state and federal employees and the rest of the community. This conversation should be free of any outside influence from reporters, regional forest supervisors, politicians, judges and the other ego-driven administrators. In this conversation, perhaps protections could be ironed out in the form of an indigenous bill of rights that would give the local people and the resources equal representation and due process should anyone try to diminish that right. (Not the whitewashed UN version but a true local assertion of these rights, with all the authority to enforce these rights resting with the people and their common law courts of Justice. Here are a couple such examples of this: “Common Law and It’s Courts a Community Training Manuel” http://itccs.org/the-common-law-and-its-courts-a-community-training-manual/. “Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature”: http://therightsofnature.org/what-is-rights-of-nature/

As I understand from the compelling documentation from “Idahoans Against Agenda 21”, any land conceded back to the tribe would be nothing more than an exchange between government agencies, as Indian land is land held in trust by the government. (http://idahoansagainstagenda21.weebly.com/index.html)

“Although there are multiple other court decisions and laws relating to tribal lands and rights, the essence is that because the federal government has full land and water authority over tribes through trusts, they have developed mechanisms for the tribes to not only recover previously held land but also enforce federal law. This is significant when it comes to both land and water rights. Engaging tribes in environmental regulations, and resource control, gives the government further power to implement Agenda 21.”

If the land were to be “ceded” back to the tribe as the rightful owners then it should come without the strings attached and the monetary incentives that drive policies. While perhaps seeing short term benefits under the federal monetary investments , I would suggest that the overall agenda that eventually supersedes it is not in anyone’s best interest… except the entities that sit at the apex of the pyramid and continue to maintain control over everything (just like the “Friends of the Indians” and all their eugenic ideals).

By accepting and carrying out the will of the government through these kinds of partnerships, we entrust its health and well-being to outside entities that might not have any connection to the land or the local community. (Including those who implement policy at the local level without questioning the roots of the policies they implement). If one were to investigate, they would find that at the top these institutions hold a value system that does not acknowledge the culture and beliefs of a region with no acknowledgment of a spiritual component, while using the religion of science and special interest partnerships to direct actions. (CONSERVATION REFUGEES) Therefore land and resource value for the “state” is the same as it is for the “corporation”, which continues to be tied to its worth to a market and its capacity to create jobs by building bureaucracy. (The same is true of the United Nations through the World Bank and Bank of International Settlements) (http://exopermaculture.com/2015/09/15/james-corbett-bank-of-international-settlements-set-up-as-the-good-cop-to-rescue-us-from-coming-engineered-bankster-chaos/).
Because of the lack of attachments to a land and people, as described above, when the government takes control of the land and resources, through whatever indigenous proxy is willing to allow it, the only tools they have to “protect” it is to apply more money and technology to the problem, or build a market around it’s preservation. Increasingly this is by partnering with corporate organizations which include resource development companies, marketing firms and NGO’s. Well-meaning and intelligent people fail to realize that by entering into this paradigm they reinforce the disconnection which provides the opportunity for abuse; thereby becoming complicit in the crimes of the state. (A very good example of this is in the case of the Drakes Bay Oyster Company: https://vimeo.com/52331881

In effect because we have all entered into this kind of valuation of our local land and resources, management agencies and their supporting institutions tend to become the Public Relations department for resource development companies and other special interests (https://modernindigenouswordpresscom.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/public-distrust-and-land-management/); turning their back on significant environmental crimes, such as continues to be the case with hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas, nuclear energy development, large dam projects and even the massive “green energy” projects in conjunction with their co-beneficiaries, the corporations.



Another important form of trickery that should be recognized is the argument between the “State” and “Federal” control over the land. This is another in a long list of dialectic quagmires that tend to diminish people’s understanding about ownership (like the whole “corporate” vs. “government” control issue). Both the State and Federal government, at their roots, share the same private interests so arguing over who gets control of the land and resources, at this level, is pointless. (http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/9375-idaho-governor-selling-his-state-to-the-chinese) To the unaware, this argument represents the dialectic limits of their perceptions (like a choice between two or more rapists). Those in positions of power and control are well aware of this and use it to direct and control every significant conversation and build a false perception that limits and externalizes our capacity to resolve our own issues. http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm.

“Today the dialectic is active in every political issue that encourages taking sides. We can see it in environmentalists instigating conflicts against private property owners, in democrats against republicans, in greens against libertarians, in communists against socialists, in neo-cons against traditional conservatives, in community activists against individuals, in pro-choice versus pro-life, in Christians against Muslims, in isolationists versus interventionists, in peace activists against war hawks. No matter what the issue, the invisible dialectic aims to control both the conflict and the resolution of differences, and leads everyone involved into a new cycle of conflicts.”


You can be sure the “powers that be” didn’t get to this point by being stupid. Having subjugated the indigenous people of every continent “they” know how to apply pressure and influence. It takes a great deal of brutality and carefully crafted perception management to get to where we are. If you think we’ve come out of this dark dilemma here in America as a government and as a people you would be sorely mistaken.
If you want to see a modern example of how the US government feels about the American Indian you need look no further than to the plight of the Winnemum Wintu tribe. https://youtu.be/-oZhIZZBjIc http://www.winnememwintu.us/
When you know the history and the whitewash of high level, institutionalized crimes against humanity you get a sense for how disturbing it is for the government to promote tribal rights to further promote a UN agenda that wishes to set aside land from all human inhabitants. (Not like this hasn’t always been the case when it comes to the high level coercion involved with nation building http://nativeamericannetroots.net/diary/1841. It always works because nobody ever pays any attention to the “man behind the curtain”). Because the Paiute tribe is recognized by the government it can receive federal funding under the Farm Bill. I don’t think the Winnemum Wintu people would qualify for such funding because they are not officially recognized by the government… which tells you something about who really owns the land AND the people!

So many crimes are being committed on a global scale because people refuse to recognize this concept of ownership and how demonstrably it pervades almost every society on the planet as well as every individual. If we are to have any hope of a free and Just society we have to recognize our power as a people and learn how the land and the people are being subjugated by those with the power to build our perceptions and drain our energy. It might not even be necessary to completely learn “how” this works because the system has been made to be so complex that it’s nearly impossible to understand (a purposeful condition). With the court system operating off of “legalese”, a political system operating off “doublespeak” and fraud, an extremely complex banking and scientific community that operates off of statistical modeling, the system continues to be virtually useless for the common man. The devil really is in the details because the scoundrels at the top make it that way so that you focus in and can’t see the forest from the trees and therefore don’t have the necessary tools to make good decisions. Therefore, I think what really needs to happen is that we need to learn to say “NO! I don’t understand what you are asking of me so fuck off! This NEPA report and these land use policies are too complex and don’t reflect our values.” In reality all you really should have to know is the laws of the universe and the principle of Care. https://youtu.be/5WFmnN9lPd4 Anything beyond this is for the benefit of a would be controller; be it a Monarchy or a Government of any flavor.

Malheur Occupation PART 1- “Get Offa My Prawbudee!”


The Most ultimately righteous of all wars is a war with savages. The rude, fierce settler who drives the savage from the land lays all civilized mankind under a debt to him…it is of incalculable importance that America, Australia, and Siberia should pass out of the hands of their red, black, and yellow aboriginal owners, and become the heritage of the dominant world races.”
– The Winning of the West Vol. 4 The Indian Wars Page 56 by President Theodore (Teddy)

“Truth Out” interview with Historian and Author Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: http://www.truth-out.org/progressivepicks/item/26889-theodore-roosevelt-walt-whitman-and-andrew-jackson-were-proponents-of-native-american-genocide


It seems to be a popular argument by those opposed to the citizens who are taking a stand at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to point out the displacement of the Paiute Indians by white settlers as a case to support its continued occupation and management by the Federal Government or a return of the land to the Paiute Indians.

While the argument for returning the lands back over to the Paiute Indian Tribe does have merit, understanding the greater details of the history (well beyond the above Washington Post article or any other mainstream article reports) and a greater understanding of the finer details of what is actually being promoted is critical and severely lacking in any of the mainstream conversations. (Would you expect any less from a corporate and state controlled media?)

When you understand the historic and contemporary details, the mainstream argument can be recognized as being extremely disingenuous and destructive to the greater understanding of the situation and limiting to the potential solutions to the crisis. Presenting the case for ‘ownership’ of land by referencing the plight of the American Indian, while diminishing the extent of the US government’s contribution to their genocide (which culturally, as the Winnimum Wintu people can attest, continues to this day) explains a great deal about why we are where we are (which appears to be in a state of disarray with everyone taking sides and pointing fingers). In actuality, the Paiute Indians have suffered tremendously as a people, not just because of ranching and cultural differences but because there was a concerted effort by the government to eradicate them as people they deemed to be an inferior race.


“The reptilian complex, also known as the R-complex or “reptilian brain” was the name MacLean gave to the basal ganglia, structures derived from the floor of the forebrain during development. The term derives from the idea that comparative neuroanatomists once believed that the forebrains of reptiles and birds were dominated by these structures. MacLean proposed that the reptilian complex was responsible for species-typical instinctual behaviors involved in aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays.” – Wikipedia

As the Teddy Roosevelt quote at the top and other significant developments in history show, resource exploitations by settlers were encouraged and sanctioned by politicians and their institutions of government. Through various acts of congress, more often than not in collusion with corporate entities and powerful businessmen, leaders of governments have used their positions of power to serve their own interests; (often through ritualistic displays of dominance, territoriality and aggression).

Here are a couple such acts that are probably most relevant to the situation in Burns, Oregon.

  • The “Desert Land Act” : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desert_Land_Act
    “The Desert Land Act was passed by the United States Congress on March 3, 1877, to encourage and promote the economic development of the arid and semiarid public lands of the Western states. Through the Act, individuals may apply for a desert-land entry to reclaim, irrigate, and cultivate arid and semiarid public lands. This act amended the Homestead Act (1862). Originally the act offered 640 acres (2.6 km2), although currently only 320 acres may be claimed.[1] A precursor act in 1875, called the Lassen County Act, was pushed by Representative John K. Luttrell of the northeastern district of California, who wanted to speed up privatization of land east of the Sierra. This act enlarged the maximum allowable purchase for settlers from 160 acres to 640 acres. With the backing of Land Commissioner J. A. Williamson, Luttrell and Senator Aaron A. Sargent co-sponsored the Desert act which extended the Lassen County Act to cover several arid states and other regions of California.[2]
  • “Newland’s Reclamation Act”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newlands_Reclamation_Act
    “The Reclamation Act set aside money from sales of semi-arid public lands for the construction and maintenance of irrigation projects. The newly irrigated land would be sold and money would be put into a revolving fund that supported more such projects. This led to the eventual damming of nearly every major western river. Under the act, the Secretary of the Interior created the United States Reclamation Service within the United States Geological Survey to administer the program. In 1907 the Service became a separate organization within the Department of the Interior and was renamed the United States Bureau of Reclamation”.

Behind every act of congress there is a sponsor. Looking at the major sponsors and supporters of these acts you can get an idea of their true intent.

And just who was Newland?

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_G._Newlands
    “A supporter of westward expansion, he helped pass the Newlands Reclamation Act of 1902, which created the Bureau of Reclamation and boosted the agricultural industry by building dams to support irrigation in the arid Western states. An avowed white supremacist,[4][5][6] Senator Newlands argued publicly for racial restrictions on immigration and repealing the 15th Amendment.”

Integral to the Western Expansion was John Wesley Powell as the second director of the U.S. Geological survey and an influential proponent of the westward expansion.

And Just Who was John Wesley Powell?

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wesley_Powell
    “Powell served as second director of the U.S. Geological Survey (1881–1894) and proposed, for development of the arid West, policies that were prescient for his accurate evaluation of conditions. As an ethnologist and early anthropologist, Powell was a follower of Lewis Henry Morgan.[15] He classified human societies into “savagery,” “barbarism” and “civilization”.[16] Powell’s criteria were based on consideration of adoption of technology, family and social organization, property relations, and intellectual development. In his view, all societies were to progress toward civilization. Powell is credited with coining the word “acculturation”, first using it in an 1880 report by the U.S. Bureau of American Ethnography. In 1883, Powell defined “acculturation” as psychological changes induced by cross-cultural imitation.”

Powell (right) with Tau-gu, a Paiute, 1871–1872.

One cannot get a complete understanding of just how deep this goes unless they understand the highly connected power players operating behind the scenes and their ideas about the American Indian. Here is a link to the Native American Roots article on “The Lake Mohonk Conference”

  • http://nativeamericannetroots.net/diary/1841 “Wealthy people often feel that they know what is best for poor people. From 1883 through 1916, a small group of wealthy philanthropists, who referred to themselves as Friends of the Indian, met annually to discuss American Indian policies. As wealthy men, they had access to Congress, to the President, and to high ranking members of the government. This meant that their recommendations carried more weight than that of the Indian leaders.
    The men who gathered each year tended to be well educated, financially secure (most were considered wealthy) and had been born into the upper classes of eastern U.S. society. They often viewed their participation in the conference as a part of their larger Christian obligation to bestow the blessings of Christianity upon all of the under-developed people of the world. While these reformers were genuinely concerned about justice for Native Americans, they were unremittingly ethnocentric. To them, the Indian cultures—the tribal languages, values, religion, social models, tribal governments, the freedom and power allowed to women, communal ownership of the land, the aboriginal lifestyle—were an anathema to modern civilization. They also viewed treaty rights as barriers to civilizing the Indians.”

Most fail to consider the idea that the true benefactors of the Indian Wars aren’t the settlers, but the self proclaimed “Friends of the Indians” and other social and financial elite of the time . Those whose decedents comprise the ruling elite of today and who would exercise a great deal of power afforded them, in part, by the American Indian Holocaust. These are the old money families and “billionaire club” members that continue to have influence over the government and the ability to apply enormous sums of money, through their tax exempt foundations, to drive agendas and build perceptions (Norman Dodd Report to the Reece Committee https://youtu.be/YUYCBfmIcHM). These would essential be the ones perpetuating and capitalizing on this system that would be holding the contracts and liens on the wealth and property of the farmers and ranchers as well as the tribal lands. (Talk about ill-gotten gains!). Consider the legacy of the “Six Friends of the Indians”: [George Bird Grinnell, Herbert Welsh, Hamlin Garland, Charles F. Lummis, C. Hart Merriam, and Francis E. Leupp] What was their legacy and what has become of these two organizations [the Indian Rights Association and the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions]? (I would suspect investigating the history of each one of these individuals and organizations would lead to some interesting connections and discoveries).


“If I do not return to the pulpit this weekend, millions of people will go to hell.” – Jimmy Swaggart

Recently we’ve seen a growing interest and promotion of Teddy Roosevelt and his Ideals. We celebrate him as a ‘god among men’ for his conservation efforts, including his protection of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. In this capacity as a ‘cult of personality’  for so many he has won the favor of the vast majority of the populous from both sides of the aisle. (Transcending the Cult of Personality: https://modernindigenouswordpresscom.wordpress.com/2015/11/18/transcending-the-cult-of-personality/). A proponent of the hunter and the conservationist; a champion of the settler and the Indian… this guy was, and is, loved by all. Any perceived benefit that has ever came about having to do with land use and conservation seems to have TR attached to it… and a nice quote to go along with it. If anything bad came about on his watch (which plenty did!) this guy was usually “off on a hunting trip” (like during the panic of 1907 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panic_of_1907 that became the motivation that lead to the creation of the private Federal Reserve Bank; a move that they claimed would “end all future crashes”… well, at least until 1929… who knew?).
Because we hold TR in such high regard we forget that the guy was a Eugenicist and, given the ability to hold so many conflicting beliefs, probably a schizophrenic (at least in presentation). When you get to the deeper level of understanding of how the world really works and how humanity is being subjugated under the very small population of a “ruling class”, what you recognize is that what this guy really is, is the personification of the Communitarian “Third Way”. https://www.corbettreport.com/the-anti-communitarian-manifesto-video/ The fact that all the resource management institutions and tribes think so highly of this man, even though he held so many conflicting views, should give anyone with the capacity to think clearly great cause for concern. As this relates to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, it suggests that there could be a deeper purpose to ‘protecting’ these lands.

One piece of information I found interesting is that the name “Malheur” is from the French word for “misfortune” due to a little mishap involving beaver pelts and Indian marauders. Seems to contribute to this current “misfortunate” conundrum; bringing into perspective the schism between our perception of the problem and the root of it.

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malheur_River “The name of the river is derived from the French for “misfortune.”[5] The name was attached to the river by French Canadian voyageur trappers working for the North West Company on the Snake County Expeditions of Donald Mackenzie as early as 1818 for the unfortunate circumstance that some beaver furs they had cached there were discovered and stolen by Indians. The name first appears in the record in 1826 when Peter Skene Ogden, a fur trapper with the Hudson’s Bay Company, referred to it as “River au Malheur (from rivière au Malheur, literally: River of the Misfortune)” and thereafter as “Unfortunate River.”



The Game you do see…

Ambitious, benevolent Explorers find and explore the newly discovered lands -> Trappers/ Miners & Missionaries come in to capitalize on the abundant resources -> Settlers, mostly ranchers and Farmers make their claims to the land after the other resources have been exploited  (minerals, logs, furs, etc…) ->  Loss of resources and environmental degradations necessitates a response and a call for “Conservation” -> Government steps in, agencies are developed, legislation is passed and land is set aside for protection. (Every stage of this game would naturally be met with conflict and contention between the indigenous population and the ‘invaders’; between corporations and governments and settlers. I would suggest that this is by design).

The Game you don’t see…
Nations and Monarchies sponsor explorers to embark on a “journey of discovery” with specific agendas and operating off of occulted information  -> Possession by declaration through legal doctrines & possession rituals are made on newly discovered lands (some rituals performed in secret because they are too disturbing for most folks) -> The Nation State/ Crown or other such governing body sanctions the exploitation of resources which allows for the corporations (originally “crown companies”) to make claims to the land (circumstances in the invading nation would have already conditioned the ‘exploiters’ to justify their actions and give plausible reasons as to why they wouldn’t be culpable) -> Sponsor nations foster tensions within a faction of the population to create the impetus for migration to the newly discovered lands by those who would otherwise be persecuted or marginalized (the Puritans in England who settled the Americas; the Boer’s who settled primarily in Africa; the Jews of Europe who settled in Israel; the Muslim factions in Syria who are now pouring into Europe… to name a few examples) -> Create and foster divisions through theological and cultural differences; implement false flag operations and generating dependency paradigms to deal with the manufactured divisions -> Impose a centralized global Banking systems and create government agencies that are guided by a technocracy (based on Darwinism and a well controlled scientific community that is tied to their funding), and create large Incorporations with special rights -> Create “Think Tanks” and Hold secret meetings (Beilderberg; Bohemian Grove; Billionairs Club; CFR; Trilateral Commision; Tavistock; Fabian Society; Club of Rome; etc…); through these organizations, research new ways to further subjugate the population (build A-Bombs & nuclear plants; fractional reserve lending & credit default swaps; etc…)

While this would be a simplified demonstration of “the game” according to my hypothesis, I suggest that, for the most part, this is a well understood process that goes all the way back to Babylon. (SIDE NOTE: If you want to talk about the potential loss of artifacts, consider the extent the US War and occupation of Iraq has destroyed artifacts in the “cradle of civilization”; some that would extend back to the dawn of civilizations in ancient Babylon! Artifacts and megalithic sights that might have given some greater details about our human history… perhaps even things that might provide more detail about the process that  I am presenting here).

  • https://www.globalpolicy.org/humanitarian-issues-in-iraq/consequences-of-the-war-and-occupation-of-iraq/destruction-of-iraqs-cultural-heritage.html: “The United States and its allies ignored the warnings of organizations and scholars concerning the protection of Iraq’s cultural heritage, including museums, libraries, archaeological sites and other precious repositories. Arsonists badly burned the National Library and looters pillaged the National Museum. Looters also damaged or destroyed many historic buildings and artifacts. The US constructed a military base on the site of ancient Babylon. Coalition forces destroyed or badly damaged many historic urban areas and buildings, while thieves have ruined thousands of incomparable, unprotected archeological sites.”


I suggest, rather than choosing any of these market driven paradigms for ownership and management of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, that the people of that region explore other options. There are much better ways than the promoted options to protect the land and resources that would maintain local control. Ways that resist the complex schemes of the ruling class and their government proxies. Ways that allow for cultural differences and truthful historical perspectives to be considered. Ways that unify us as a people and promotes love and respect over fear and ego as the basis for our interactions with eachother and with our land and resources. Essentially, back to the way it was before the ruling class, the one’s who continue to run your government institutions and Banks, created this massive distortion in perception.

A Couple Ideas For Solutions:

  • Full Circle Project https://www.fullcircleproject.net
    • “A clear and concise remedy can be found by identifying the root causes of the problems we face. By building a unified community and taking common sense action in a swift and determined manner we can call a halt to the insanity and the suffering which threatens each and every one of us.
    • A Full Spectrum Response is one that will remind and align us with the full spectrum reality of who we truly are.
    • By reclaiming our power, accessing creative tools to free our imagination and by finding an authentic means to connect with other people who share our cares and concerns, we can forge a way to a future free from oppression.”
  •  (As an Idea)Environmental Bill of Rights http://therightsofnature.org/what-is-rights-of-nature/
    • “Rights of Nature is the recognition and honoring that Nature has rights. It is the recognition that our ecosystems – including trees, oceans, animals, mountains – have rights just as human beings have rights. Rights of Nature is about balancing what is good for human beings against what is good for other species, what is good for the planet as a world. It is the holistic recognition that all life, all ecosystems on our planet are deeply intertwined.
    • Rather than treating nature as property under the law, rights of nature acknowledges that nature in all its life forms has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles.
    • And we – the people – have the legal authority and responsibility to enforce these rights on behalf of ecosystems. The ecosystem itself can be named as the defendant.”

(If we took the time to think about it and go beyond our programming, we would find that solutions are all around us. They just start with US recognizing and resisting the bullshit and not being afraid to confront it):

“Atmos Fear” https://youtu.be/21Mw9DRq4EY

If anyone honestly thinks relinquishing control of land and resources to a government, or an entity that is subordinate to a government (tribal or otherwise) is  the answer to our problems than I would say they don’t truly understand the problem. Why would we trust an entity who has such a horrible history of honoring contracts (with the indigenous people and now the ‘settlers’); an entity that doesn’t allow for cultural differences outside very rigid parameters that go well beyond simply ensuring our basic human rights; an entity that doesn’t allow for true history to be taught, least of all concerning the American Indian Holocaust; one that continues to build special relationships with private companies and diminish the evidence of these company’s environmental and health  impacts by limiting the research that would expose it; and operates from a materialistic, financially subjugated scientific, social Darwinist world view that does not honor or understand a spiritual or cultural connection?

Perhaps the better deal to take would be to move the tribe to the oceanfront property they’re offering in Arizona!

Continue reading “Malheur Occupation PART 1- “Get Offa My Prawbudee!””

The Sad State of Science


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

This post speaks to the concerning situation we are in with the state science. While it has been my experience, in numerous conversations with scientists, that the political and special interest influences that compromise the science we operate from, are well known to the majority in every scientific field, it continues to be the case that few are willing to try and figure out why this is the case or delve into figuring out how this came to be. Very few seem to be willing to act in a responsible way to deal with this affliction.

While this is a condition that afflicts every field of research, most obvious to me is the “settled science” on the issue of “Global Warming”; which seems to be the primary belief mechanism we rely on to make decisions. This seems to be where this dogmatic situation is perhaps the most prevalent.The following e-mail response to my inquiry about what I perceived to be the one sided presentations being given at the University of Idaho, by scientists who are working in the field to research “global warming”, sums up well my concern with the situation we currently face in the scientific world. Regardless of your thoughts on the issue, in my opinion, the sentiments portrayed by this celebrated University of Idaho PhD student should alarm anyone who makes a claim to “sound science”.

  • From: xxxxxxx [xxxx@vandals.uidaho.edu<mailto:xxxx@vandals.uidaho.edu>]
    Sent: Friday, February 08, 2013 5:34 PM
    To: xxxx,xxxx
    “Subject: RE: Fish and wildlife seminar series!
    Thank you for your insights and for the links. I assure you that your concerns do not fall on deaf ears as I too have seen the unfortunate plague of agenda driven results. The topics that you mention (i.e., wolves, feral pigs, climate change), all share one feature that make them contentious issues to address – they are polarizing and therefore emotions do in fact drive many of the political decisions and actions. Unfortunately, with these and other similarly polarizing issues, public opinion and politics will always trump scientific findings, even when there is broad scientific support. 
  • Like you, I have drawn my own conclusions about climate change and its implications and I recognize the disparate conclusions reached by both sides of the debate. That being said, regardless of the data you believe, the scientists you trust, or your political persuasions, I would ask you the same question I ask myself. If the implications of climate change are as dire as the “left” make it out to be, what can we do to reduce these impacts, AND, if the concerns of the “left” are overblown, distorted, and/or agenda driven, what harm is there in promoting a more sustainable culture? Regardless of the intent of particular data or scientists, what is the potential harm in promoting responsible resource use and sustainable living, and what is the potential harm in maintaining the status quo? I will bring your concerns to the graduate student committee tasked with speaker selection at our next meeting and I will forward your email to the group as well. I do not believe it is our intent to take a position, but rather to bring in the leading experts to share their work with the community, allowing each individual to make their own decision. I would consider these two seminars successful if each attendee thought as critically about the situation that you have, regardless of the final conclusions that they draw for themselves. Although future seminars will not focus specifically on climate change, I am sure in time the theme will return, in one form or another.
  • I am just curious as to whether or not you attended the seminar last evening (I am currently in Utah and was unable to attend)?
  • Thank you again for your thoughts.
  • Cheers,

(I did respond with specific information pointing out what I consider to be the harm that relying on this agenda driven science might pose to society and the environment. I also pointed out that sustainable development as a “mantra” might sound nice but can take on a much different form when applied on the ground. I also made the argument that by not offering an opposing viewpoint, you ARE taking a position. I did not receive a response to that e-mail nor did I receive confirmation that my concerns were brought to anyone’s attention.)

As it applies to responsible resource management, the most concerning aspect of this, to me, is the level to which we have attached ourselves and every environmental anomaly to this one all-encompassing environmental concern; at the expense of all other plausible explanations for any given condition or observation.

Being that a great deal of what we “know” about climate change comes from the IPCC modelling, and the models that have been built off of those models (the ones we use to direct research and decisions in any given locality), what assurances do we have that all the inputs in the computer models are correct? One thing I can be sure of is that the local models guiding research in many areas aren’t taking everything into account. Many organizations, such as municipalities and power companies (like Idaho Power and PG&E) are actively engaged in cloud seeding operations.  http://weathermodification.com/ If the models don’t account for this seemingly relevant anthropogenic factor, what else (natural or artificial) are they not considering? (Geo-Engineering)

Beyond  the contributions to weather modification, what else are these activities potentially contributing to and are we responsibly monitoring for it? Is the EPA or the state agencies, testing the plants, water and soils to ensure there is not a toxic build-up chemicals of heavy metals? Is the build-up of toxic heavy metals and other chemicals from industrial activities, cloud seeding, pesticide applications, plastic wastes and other such endeavors being considered? “The Disappearing Male” http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/08/31/disappearing-male-documentary.aspx Has anyone considered the potential that Sage Grouse declines could be linked to pesticides applications, cloud seeding or other weather modification programs? Could their primary food base, Sage, be becoming more toxic as a defense mechanism for some reason?
Could any of these often overlooked and under researched conditions explain the decline in amphibians or aspens?


Open investigation suggests that there is much more going on out there that is being overlooked in the mainstream scientific community and public trust agencies. If the celebrated PhD student quoted above is representative of the majority of scientists out in the field, then it is likely the case that there is very little objective science being reflected in the mainstream scientific community; within the land grant and private universities (all beholden to their corporate financiers and boards of trusties) or within the public trust agencies (who are increasingly beholden to the entire technocracy). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUb2ITS3Vmw



When given thorough scrutiny, evidence will clearly show that the science is not settled, as many would now claim (as I use to claim), and can be demonstrated, in many cases, to have been influenced by political agendas on both sides of the argument.(This video from a brave climatologist speaking out about “groupthink” sums this up very well)

Like the U of I PhD student stated, “the issue has been so politicized and emotionally supported or denied that it has affected the science and convoluted people’s understanding of it”. If one were to approach this situation from a truly sincere scientific point of view; as in not influenced by funding sources, with no preconceptions or an adherence to the socially acceptable lines of inquiry, they might come to other conclusion to explain various observations. Here are just a few outside perspectives that seem to be stepping beyond the current dogma, spoken to in the above video, that is persisting by way of the political and media-driven dialectic that pits “climate change scientific advocates” against “oil-lover climate change deniers”

“Landscapes and Cycles, an Environmentalists Journey into Climate Skepticism”: http://www.landscapesandcycles.net/

“Polar Bear Science”: http://polarbearscience.com/

“The Whole Story on Climate Change”: amazon.com/The-Whole-Story-Climate-Science/dp/1616146729

“Climate Change is Pseudo-Science”:

Putting the “Con” in Rubicon

To cross the Rubicon means to take an irrevocable step that commits one to a specific course. When Caesar was about to cross he quoted from a play by Menander to say “let the die be cast.”

Inferences made off of the disparity between popular opinion about consensus and the reality might lead one to draw the same conclusions as others who contend that the current polarizing climate crisis is a situation that is actually being deliberately manifested to serve a greater agenda; both through rhetoric and technological perturbations (GEOENGINEERING). Numerous alternative researchers have argued that much of this is coming through the United Nations with initiatives put forth and universally adopted around the world; like United Nations Agenda 21 adopted by participating nations, including the US, at the 1992 environmental summit in Rio Dejenaro. (UNESCO) (AGENDA 21) They also suggest that the ideas adopted by the United Nations in Agenda 21 are from think tanks like “The Club of Rome” (with membership to include Al Gore and many others of influence) and the traditional influential scientific organizations like the “Royal Society” of which Charles Darwin and Thomas Henry Huxley (grandfather to “Brave New World” author Aldous Huxley and UNESCO pioneer, Julian Huxley) where original members. (CLUB OF ROME, ROYAL SOCIETY, CORBETT REPORT)

The following video by David Icke, one of the more prominent alternative researchers, speaks to the details of the power behind the global warming agenda.

Before you, the too often arrogant intellectual, decides to cast off all these bodies of work as “nonsense, conspiracy theory”, I encourage you to look to the way in which you analyze information. Is it objective? Is it scientific? Is it based on critical thinking and free of logical fallacy? (Trivium)
While you might be capable of refuting the information above and count on the backing of a cadre of scientists, intellectuals and media support, can you truly discredit it through sound scientific reasoning and critical thinking? (Not through ad-homonym attacks and pleas to authority and other logical fallacies)

The Power of the Dialectic
One such mechanism of manipulation that clearly applies to the debate over climate change and other environmental issues is the little known and not well understood application of the Hegelian Dialectic. (HEGELIAN DIALECTIC) Simply put, the Hegelian Dialectic is a method by which both sides of a polarizing argument are used to build a consensus; one that is based on the “synthesis” of two manufactured arguments rather than the truth. In this case it is being used to foster communitarian ideas and advance technocratic solutions to a phenomenon that is not well understood and, perhaps, significantly manufactured (TECHNOCRACY RISING).
As we look to scientific models and outsourced scientific data to perform our research, it is irresponsible, in my opinion, to not thoroughly review the individuals and information behind it. Because of what we can all seem to agree on (if we accept what this PhD student has to say about it), that the politics is trumping the science, then there should be a great deal more effort put into establishing how this might be influencing their research. I would argue, as it stands now, we are operating on good faith in our beliefs attached to what equates to an unscientific belief system; a system driven by faith and NOT sound science or objective scientific inquiry.
Cultural genocide (Conservation Refugees)…
Sovereignty (Take Back Your Power)…

Transcending the “Cult of Personality”


“A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized, heroic, and at times, worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. Sociologist Max Weber developed a tripartite classification of authority; the cult of personality holds parallels with what Weber defined as “is similar to divinization, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda usually by the state, especially in totalitarian states.” – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_personality
We’ve all, at times, been told “get over yourself”! Some of us listened to this advice some haven’t… some tried. I’ve certainly been told and tried; failed, tried again, been told again… numerous times! I’ve gone through my whole life not really understanding just how much I have needed to take this advice. Even though I feel I have achieved some success at it, I am still just a babe on this quest.
More than ever I think this nation and this world could stand to take this advice. How many ways in society do we pattern our lives based on a perception of ourselves? More significantly, how many ways do we pattern our lives based on the perception that has been generated for us?

In my last blog post, “Public Distrust” https://modernindigenouswordpresscom.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/public-distrust-and-land-management/ I identified many of the ways our perceptions about ourselves and each other are being influenced through the top down structures and social programming mechanisms that exist in the institutions of public trust and Corporate America; most obviously and significantly by our complicit corporate media. (Others have gone to great lengths to describe the corporate media methods of programming in society and I would encourage everyone to navigate the links provided at the end of this for more on that.

While the “cult of personality” condition exists all throughout society, in this blog post I want to reference its application to our military personnel. My goal, through this, is to help achieve an understanding about how this condition is contributing to the manifestation of a subservient, low vibrational society built and maintained by a protection class that isn’t being given the proper awareness to make informed decisions. I would suggest, instead, that this is a protection class that is subservient to a ruling class that is becoming more centralized and emboldened because of their capacity to influence perceptions and use this protection class to achieve their objectives. (This would be the military and the industrial complex that serves them (or vice-versa) and the increasingly militarized police force).


Military Cult of Personality:
For this section, I would like to bring the reader’s attention to the SOFREP website and a podcast on SOFREP Radio https://soundcloud.com/sofrep-radio/navy-seal-jocko-willink-extreme-ownership ; particularly referencing the second half of the broadcast where the host interviews Jocko Willink and talks to him about his service and his book “Extreme Ownership”.
I actually served in the Navy, at SEAL Team One as a “one platoon wonder” (actually with Jocko Willink, which I believe was his second platoon assignment). Because of this, I feel I need to tread very cautiously in making my point because I have the utmost respect for the people I served with and the SEAL community as a whole. My time in the service was never during war time, at least from where I was sitting, so I can’t speak from a “boots on the ground” perspective. I use to think myself less because of this. Through the benefit of hindsight and a greater understanding about the guiding forces in society, I am thankful for not having participated more directly and I am more secure in my ‘civilian puke’ status. I am thankful that I didn’t find a “low intensity conflict in a high per-diem area”… which seems to be no problem for our military personnel nowadays. (Not to discredit anyone’s service or sacrifice, just trying to bring attention to the extent we are embroiled in conflict around the globe and encouraging our military personnel to ask themselves “to what end?”).
While at SEAL Team One I also served with Scotty Halveston; who would probably be most know from his exploits on the show “Combat Mission” his workout videos “Total Body (Scotty) Work-out” and the time he raced a Chimpanzee through an obstacle course on “Man vs. Beast” (He gave that monkey quite a spankin’ in that race! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wbVIgVi66k). What Scotty is probably most known for is his death in Fallujah as an employee of Blackwater; where his charred body was dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bln0q8E5onE . A very tragic event and one that his family has had a difficult time trying to understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q8y-4nZP6o http://iraqforsale.org/about.php . (I think it is important to recognize that this footage used by the mainstream media to build popular support in the Iraqi war effort… much like was done with the exposed media manipulation of the downing of the Saddam Statue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDu7bXqx8Ig ). (It would be appreciated if somebody with a “boots on the ground” perspective, like Jocko or others with that kind of perspective could speak to some of this; perhaps confirm it or describe how this information is misleading ).

As one of many concerned citizens, I think it responsible to address this disparity between the perceptions of the active and retired military and the unwashed masses and tackle this conditioning toward the ‘cult of personality’ that is effecting these perceptions. I can’t do a better job speaking to this concept and how this has come to be then what you will see in the following article; “Video Games, Predictive Programming, and the 21st Century Skinner Box” by Rusticus from the “Stateless Homesteader” website: http://statelesshomesteading.com/video-games-predictive-programming-and-the-21st-century-skinner-box/

Ultimately, this conditioning is driving us to think and act in ways that are consistent with the narratives being created by those we give our admiration to; or, rather, the narratives being created by all manner of media that build upon the personality of those we give our admiration to. Regardless of what actions these soldiers are involved in, the simple fact that we’ve developed this perception about them predetermines our perception in our mind’s eye. (Certainly works both ways in this very well crafted dialectic process; intellectually known as the Just War Theory (Just War which is another ). I would suggest that this ‘cult of personality’ process works on all of us to some degree. I catch myself giving an undue amount of admiration sometimes when in the presence of folks I admire or, worse yet, in the presence of those that I feel like I am supposed to admire (PUKE!) Sometimes I’ll even go into reverse mode and act like a dick or disinterested to deal with the influx of emotion spawned out of this mental conditioning. (“Yeah, that’s Camron Diaz sitting over there next to us… no big deal; I’m just going to pretend she’s not there… I’ll bet she’s excited to be sitting next to an ex-SEAL!”)
If you listen to the SOFREP podcast linked at the top you can hear, in the voice of the guest, Robert Clay, how much he admires Jocko and his service; to the point of elation at the opportunity to be in his presence. I don’t mean to bust his balls, or to discredit either of their sacrifices and service, but this form of admiration taken to the extreme, can be unhealthy. It puts us in a place where we can’t think and speak objectively on any given subject. For an investigative reporter with access to insider perspectives, this kind of admiration is incredibly limiting to critical thinking. This is how challenging questions don’t get asked and enlightening perspectives left out of the resulting transcripts.

All in all, this concept of the “cult of personality” is a conundrum that is thwarting awareness and limiting our conversations. Those that eat this shit up learn to use the ‘cult of personality’ to their advantage and I suspect this remains fairly persistent amongst the men and women of our armed forces. They use this perception to justify in their own minds and in the minds of those they can influence, their actions and perspectives based on their points of view. From this level of awareness it’s easy to discredit information through ‘ad-homonym’ attacks and other arguments that use logical fallacies to leverage their positions; which ultimately draws the conversation from the critical thinking process and into the ego. http://www.tragedyandhope.com/trivium/

If we can learn to overcome this cult of personality conditioning and step outside our fears and egos, we can have the important conversations about where we are and where we are headed as a society. We can overcome our cultural, economic and largely programmed differences and group think inspired perspectives and just have a conversation. (Not bullshit, feel good conversation but conversation that takes ALL the information into account. A conversation that recognizes the numerous attachments to people’s perceptions rather than ignores them; as do most the efforts claiming to be working toward “peace and prosperity” or otherwise directing actions on the ground based on limited perspectives).


What is the mission?
“Leadership is infinitely more about brains than it is about brawn. The brawn stuff is from the movies and it doesn’t work in reality.” <em? – Jocko Willink

This is the part that gets into the primary purpose of this blog post. Indeed! What is the mission?
I will be ordering Jocko’s book and I think there will be a lot of good perspectives and stories in it. While I haven’t yet read the book, from what I’ve seen so far and heard in the above interview, I would suspect there are some enlightening perspectives that the authors and the rest of us could benefit from, that probably aren’t being considered. (More on this in the last section on “Measures of Success”)

In my time spent in the capacity of a “public trust manager”, since my short military carrier, I have observed the conditioning in the public trust organizations. I’ve witnessed and internally shared the perceptions being built through various leadership trainings and implementation companies and through the Public Relations departments within these organizations. (Reference my previous blogpost (PUBLIC DISTRUST) to learn more about this). It is amazing to see how much ambiguity and misperception there is concerning the historic and contemporary information being used to drive policy decisions and build perceptions.

In the military, this lack of awareness is extremely concerning for anyone who is consciously aware of the situation, given the implications for humanity as a whole. Here are some links and commentary I would like the reader, military or otherwise, to consider when thinking about the overall goals and objectives being promoted by the political establishment and the military on numerous fronts.

Congressional Inquiries concerning the War Powers Act- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7P3xAkeuvw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS1dAodhUu0
How does this go unnoticed? Does anyone in the military stop to consider that they are working for an international organization based on a treaty with NATO and not for the American Public who, through the fruits of their labor, pay for their services? How ‘un-American’ can you get and how much more blatant can it be?

General Wesley Clark and the “7 Wars in 5 years Plan”-
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RC1Mepk_Sw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pGkFMho6Co
Everything that is being done, militarily, should have to be justifiable to the American public not just to the twisted ideologies of the characters in Washington. When you see the ex-commander of NATO operations in Kosovo, sharing with the American Public his knowledge of documents for a secret war plan that calls for seven wars in the next five years, how is this not being questioned and resisted by our military commanders and their subordinates? Why is nobody calling for an internal investigation and seeking impeachments or high level indictments? Even if the guy is full of shit, he certainly is not being called on it. This is a well-respected military leader; though not respected by anyone who understands the deeper ideologies of these Rhodes Scholars, but respected by the Washington establishment. How would a military expect support from its citizens who are aware that the military interventions in other nations are being rationalized under such secret auspices?

Operation Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia-

Pat Tillman-
“By weaving a film mixed with conspiracy, emotion and heroic efforts, “The Tillman Story” leaves audiences surprisingly empowered. Amir Bar-Lev’s documentary attempts to have us looking beyond this single incident to a world much more complex, where heroes battle bravely to defend their country abroad while also critically analyzing leaders at home. “The Tillman Story” is not just about a government cover up. It’s also about honoring a soldier who was, perhaps, more heroic than his false image. The film also honors Pat Tillman’s mom, who refused to let her son be distorted in anyway and personally sought the truth that led to a full scale investigation by both the military and Congress. Amir Bar-Lev’s documentary is proof that patriotism is not a clearly defined practice.” – See more at: http://www.documentaryfilmonline.com/film-reviews/the-tillman-story/#sthash.5nA5cY3b.dpuf


So much has come out about the 9/11 attacks that put the official version of events and the actual orchestrators of those events into question. To explain away these inconsistencies takes a mental leap of epic proportions. When the SOFREP sight rights off these well researched and well-reasoned revelations as “conspiracy theory nonsense” and addresses the subject through ad-homonym attacks, you have to wonder… what’s the mission? More subversion?

“When False Flags Don’t Fly”- James Corbett https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJgv39GtcJ0

Raul Labrador “People Fear their Government”-

“Framing of an Oyster Farm”: https://vimeo.com/52331881 http://drakesbayoyster.com/
Baker’s Green Acre Farms: http://bakersgreenacres.com/?page_id=1141
I provide these links to challenge the idea that our military men and woman are ‘fighting for our freedoms’ here in the “Homeland” (Motherland). Our freedoms are under attack in a big way, with these examples being just the tip of the iceberg. The costly and convoluted missions abroad loose their credibility when, in every other facet, the politicians who sell us on these wars are acting in ways that are in blatant violation of the constitution. (Some of them, like ex-speaker of the house, Eric Hastert, are even getting away with raping children! http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2015/10/18/probable-cause-with-sibel-edmonds-the-mind-boggling-level-of-media-censorship-in-the-real-hastert-case/ all while everyone working in the public trust simply looks on…)

Given the few links above that clearly show the potential for collusion and alternative agendas, I ask again… what is the mission? I read a lot of perspectives coming from the military and intelligence community, ex-Special Operations… (even perspectives from ex-SEAL dudes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWFUlDCXYE8 WTF??).

What I don’t see in the military community is a broad enlightening conversation that considers the actual information. I see in the interview with Robert Clay, before Jocko’s interview on SOFREP, where they make reference to the “nonsense conspiracy theories” about 9/11 and Sandy Hook along with the nonsense espoused by Alex Jones (who I would consider contributory to some level of ‘gatekeeping’ but far less off base than they portend). Nobody on this military sight is speaking to the glaring inconsistencies being brought to light in the alternative media; particularly that which is being revealed through researchers like James Corbett of the Corbett Report https://www.corbettreport.com/ and Sybil Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/ or the incredibly well researched perspectives about 9/11 by Christopher Bollyn http://www.bollyn.com/home and the review of Sandy Hook by Sophia Smallstorm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzrdmZnWhPA . In the same breath the SOFREP radio host and guest take to condemn the mainstream media for their obfuscation of the truth, they condemn and diminish the incredible amount of research of others who are suggesting the same about mainstream media while doing some incredible investigative work to get closer to the truth based on logical reasoning and research. Instead of having a conversation about the information, the SOFREP sight chooses to conglomerate all other researchers under the broad canvas of “conspiracy nonsense”. I suppose this is based on the fact that it’s not coming from currently serving and inactive members of the military or other similar disqualifiers? (This is the kind of logical fallacy nonsense that can persist when you operate under a cult of personality).

Please, explain to me and the American public why we should be supportive of our military actions in so many other countries if we are not given the full story concerning the above stated “7 Wars Plan” by Wesley Clark? A very ambitious  plan that parallels very well with the “Greater Israeli Project” http://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815 and ideologies espoused by perpetual insider Zbignew Brzenski; (ideas laid out so well and prophetically described in his book “The Grand Chessboard” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q0qau8f0w8 )? It is disturbing that the military community, in these seeming to be ‘alternative’ sights or otherwise, is not more forthcoming with these conversations and “insider information”. It brings into question complicity in the process of propaganda.

What is the overall mission if the entire concept of a free people is being challenged and the media that most people rely on can universally, as spoken about on the SOFREP and many other sights, be considered propaganda? What are any of us fighting for if not the very fundamental, basic concept of freedom and sovereignty of the individual and all the rights laid out in the Bill of Rights or inherent in the common law rights of every individual on the planet? Why are our military men and women comfortable with this? War on Terrorism be damned!!… especially that which is being orchestrated to serve a globalist agenda, as I strongly suggest it is. What good is leading a successful mission when the entire construct served by that mission does not serve the individual and their basic common law rights, including the common law rights of those citizens who are considered collateral damage in the nations we are fighting in? Regardless of your success, by any manner in which you measure it, if the natural laws aren’t adhered to and assured then fuck it. Might as well just go for the jugular and turn all the tools of the state against its citizens now and spare us the bullshit of pretending it’s “all about us” and our freedom. (For me this “victim perpetrator” bonding is one of the more disturbing aspects) http://wakeup-world.com/2015/05/18/transcending-the-victim-perpetrator-cycle-duality/ )


Leading from the heart:
“Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion”. – David Icke
As Jocko said, success is more about “brains then brawn”. Before this, I would say “success”, in the truest sense, is about the heart. (DAVID ICKE https://youtu.be/ZdEFi9Xxhlk ) (HEART MATH http://www.heartmath.com/# ) Before we ever step foot on the metaphorical or actual battle field, if we aren’t guided by wisdom and right thinking we are pawns in a metaphysical process for a machine that is designed to make us subservient, draw our energy and eventually destroy us. Because we’ve been conditioned to think in terms of absolutes and trained in materialistic dogmas, we have no concept of this.

My time in public service, following the military and fire service, has been in a low level position in natural resources management. Most of what I delve into in conversations like this is with regard to natural resource management; which these concepts absolutely apply. Because of this lack of intuitive understanding, I would suggest the whole resource and environmental community is operating within a system that will ultimately fail to benefit the natural world, let alone humanity, because we are not operating from the heart but, instead, from an entirely materialistic and unscientific understanding of the world.
Every endeavor within the system we operate from is energetically imbalanced and guided by patriarchal manmade constructs (economic, religious, institutional, etc.…). It continues to be a very energetically masculine system that heavily promotes a materialistic, left brain world view. This is what the social and scientific Darwinist concepts are based upon; which, if you do the research, would lead you to recognize how the “survival of the fittest” concept, while not necessarily inaccurate, serves a greater purpose that is anathema to an enlightened society https://www.corbettreport.com/articles/20091211_carbon_eugenics.htm. By in large it’s a globalist inspired con job that works throughout society to coerce us into giving an unhealthy amount of energy to our egos and material status and not our care and compassion.

Coming out of the Navy I always thought what I learned there would be a great way to structure a society. Within the SEAL Teams, I would say we operated, as a community, from the heart; which is why it is always so devastating when someone in the team falls. It is unique in the way the SEAL teams operate where they consider no loss to be acceptable, unlike other military units whose leaders factor in acceptable losses. I would often think that if the concepts I learned in the Navy about how to truly work and care for one another, each doing their part as a unique and integral part of a team, were expanded to the whole human family the world would be a much better place. I am certainly not suggesting we seek a military junta in this country and I would recommend, if applied on a broad scale, that the manner in which we associate be toned down a bit; (maybe not use duck-tape and “pink bellies” to bring everyone in line and perhaps concentrate a little less on the ol’ “lickins and dickins). That being said, I think if I was to care about my fellow man as much as I cared about my SEAL Team brothers, my relationships would probably be more enriching and meaningful. When you get out, you realize nowhere else does it work like that. When we are in, we recognize the disparity with the outside world and we build a perception about that. Perhaps some of us let it become a form of exceptionalism (contributory to the ideas that are already being reinforced in society about our military… especially our celebrated SEAL Teams).

From countless hours spent in philosophical contemplation and research, I actually think we can build a society that utilizes some of these concepts, reduces the conflicts and circumvents the eugenic ideals that identify this current construct and those who control it. I’ve come across a number of inspiring individuals and efforts in my research that are working to do change the construct. The links below (SOLUTIONS) are a few such efforts that I find most inspiring. (These individuals and organizations appear to be honest about our current situation and don’t try to centralize or control the process like you see in the various “AstroTurf” groups https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bYAQ-ZZtEU; which continue to persist due to their incredibly wealthy funding sources. Globalists like George Soros and his ‘Open Society Network’ are very instrumental in managing the opposition to the globalist agenda. These people fund the organizations that plague the internet social media sights and blogosphere to deceive the unwashed masses and provide them with their opinions on world events. http://riverbankoftruth.com/2015/05/31/first-you-must-know-the-lie-by-greg-calise/

Measures of Success…
“Be the anomaly, the aberration, the glitch, the inconvenient, the divergent, the string of junk code, the stubborn apple that falls nowhere near the tree or the forest, be the fool, the bonehead, the idiot in the room, let them shake their groupthink heads at you, let them be ashamed of you, embarrassed of you, pissed off at you, they will call you names and you must let them, let them jeer, let them point, let them laugh, be resistant to their mockery, be the fodder for their jokes, be a magnificent failure in their eyes, a tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, go ahead be the scar tissue of their world view, their normality, they will loathe you, they will fear you,… they’ll wish they were you!” – ?
BUSINESS INSIDER ARTICLE ABOUT “ECHELON FRONT” http://www.businessinsider.com/navy-seal-jocko-willink-dichotomy-of-leadership-2015-10)

All in all, I very much appreciate the 12 concepts of leadership laid out in the above article about Jocko Willink and Leif Babin’s book “Extreme Ownership How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win,”. I very much like the ideas they promote and have every confidence in their approach within the system. My disagreement with the method is not the method itself but the actual “system”. This seems to be consistent with all of these leadership methods that promote success and teach leadership skills in the workplace. My biggest contention is in the blind devotion to policy directives to the institutions they serve. This is particularly significant when you are speaking about the institutions of public trust, because the role of leadership ultimately lies with the citizens; who are largely programmed to be ignorant about their power and responsibility. (I have this nagging idea that the only business the institutions of public trust should be in is the business of putting themselves out of business. If diplomats and politicians truly served the people and patterned their efforts to match their rhetoric, the world would be a much safer and well managed place and there would be much less need of their services… and there’s the rub). If people were to take their power and responsibility to heart, we wouldn’t have this gargantuan bureaucracy and all the industrial complexes that come along with it. (We also would not have the massive problem of child trafficking and elite pedophilia plaguing our society… but that’s another troubling tale for another time http://hiddennolonger.com/ http://childabuserecovery.com/ ). A true measure of success in an enlightened society would not be based on monetary wealth. It would not be based on how many different species of animals you’ve harvested and the size of their racks and waddles. It wouldn’t be based on a number of confirmed kills! It would be based on how many true friendships you had, and how well the environment and people around you were energetically uplifted by your presence and how much of that was reciprocated.

Here are a couple of the 12 concepts of leadership mentioned in the article above with what I would suggest be added…
Right off the bat I have to speak to this quote…
“Just as discipline and freedom are opposing forces that must be balanced, leadership requires finding the equilibrium in the dichotomy of many seemingly contradictory qualities between one extreme and another.”
Discipline and freedom opposing forces? I think that is ‘slippery slope rhetoric’ that might need some more clarity. Perhaps Jocko clarifies this in the book, but right off I can see the Hegelian dialectic forces at play. Makes me wonder to what extent this kind of rhetoric is being used to shape the minds of our military leaders?

“A leader must lead but also be ready to follow.”-
As a lower level leader in the field (militarily or otherwise) you have to know who you are following and what their motivations are. You need to know what the overall agenda is and what the events are that led up to the situation you are embroiled in. Too many in the military and in positions of public trust aren’t given or don’t try to understand the big picture. They don’t have a true account of history or an understanding of the political situation domestically and internationally (probably mostly a function of their upbringing and being put through a complicit school system http://www.leftyparent.com/blog/2010/10/02/the-education-industrial-complex/) Far too many working in this capacity have no clue about the concept of the Bill of Rights or natural laws that many of them swore an oath to uphold. Somehow, it seems, even in the age where we have access to vast amounts of information that confounds our mainstream perceptions, public trustees and their subordinates seem to be clueless about some very important and necessary information. There are incredibly significant situations and actions that have been and are being taken by our world leaders that are neither worth fighting nor dying for, in my opinion, and well worth stepping back and considering or absolutely working in defiance of. It is important that everyone have faith in their leaders and those leaders have faith in their leaders. In the unique case of the public trust manager and the average soldier, It is important to refuse orders when they don’t serve the individuals within a republic they serve, and obligation inherent in the contract to their fellow man. Following orders to the letter of the manmade law can be a very dangerous thing; as we’ve witnessed time and time again throughout human history. (These concepts applied In the corporate workplace might be considered by challenging the concept of the corporation and the ideas of “corporate personhood” and how this is being used to trump human rights around the world… massively so under the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) http://www.activistpost.com/2013/12/what-is-tpp-primer.html).

A good leader will instruct their ‘subordinates’ to refuse orders under circumstances that put them in opposition of natural laws. (Such is the case if the president of the United States is sending you and your men to fight in a war that is not authorized by Congress under the War Powers Act, like we’ve seen in Kosovo, Libya and in many other nations. It is absolutely your right and responsibility to refuse orders under such impetus). I would suggest that we are absolutely in the state of affairs in this country where our nation’s leaders are committing fraud and treason on the American public on a level never before seen. How institutions committing such blatant frauds, are able to maintain their legitimacy is something to behold. (Given the links above, the public may not have as big a misconception about their military personnel ‘mindlessly following orders’ as one might think) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ8s0z36Wv4

“A leader must exercise Extreme Ownership. Simultaneously, that leader must employ Decentralized Command.”
Decentralized command I think is key to the whole transformation that needs to happen in this world but on a level far above what Jocko and Leif suggest. Regional economies and cultures would flourish if given the opportunity to follow their own destiny… absent a guiding control system implemented and heavily influenced by a subversive few and enacted by a complicit, heavy handed protection class. (Think of the capitalist control system designed and controlled by the chimeric international banking structures; or their manufactured antithesis being the socialist control structures and how they might be combined to manifest a global “communitarian” or “technocratic” control structure). What we have now and are building toward in every facet of our lives (Agenda 21/ 3030; Religions both “New Age” and through the traditional churches like the Roman Catholic Church; the globalized energy control grid (whatever form it takes); etc…) is a globalized corporate structure under the United Nations; which is the puppet organization of the true sadistic globalist, financial elite’. This is the level we need to be thinking about as public servants and as employees of corporations. http://www.zengardner.com/intentionally-shifting-mystic-morphic-field/

Important Links and Efforts for Review:

Full Circle Project http://www.fullcircleproject.net/
Julian Rose & the Proximity Principle http://www.julianrose.info/reviews/
People’s Republic of Kanata http://bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata http://www.kanatarepublic.ca/
War Report on Public Education: http://thewarreportonpubliced.com/page/2/ http://bbsradio.com/thewarreport

Local endeavors:
Palouse Food Coalition http://www.pcfoodcoalition.org/
From the Forest & Maven’s Heaven http://mavenshavenidaho.com/

Recommended Alternative News and interesting Blog sites:
Daily Herb http://www.thedailyherb.com/
Corbett Report: https://www.corbettreport.com/
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Fairwinds Energy: http://www.fairewinds.org/
Farm Wars: http://farmwars.info/
Tragedy & Hope: http://www.tragedyandhope.com/

Public Distrust and Land Management


In response to this article from “Wildfire Today”: http://wildfiretoday.com/2015/10/01/a-further-look-into-the-landownerfirefighter-disagreement-in-idaho/

In my previous blog post “Perceptions and Public Trust in Public Land and Fire Management” https://modernindigenouswordpresscom.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/5/ I wrote about the extent news media goes to build perception, focusing primarily on Teepee Fire reporting in Riggins, Idaho. With regard to news media and mainstream reporting, it is disturbing to see how far reporters have gone to use their writing to build perceptions. I focused, in that article, primarily on Rocky Barker, who somehow continues to be a well-respected journalist even though his lack of investigation and lack of integrity in his biased reporting is extremely concerning; particularly for the fact that his articles seem to be among the most trusted within the resource management agencies. (Unfortunately, in mainstream media, this is “par for the course”. In Barkers case, as a government ‘embedded’ reporter, his is a strong pro-government bias). This situation in the news media is something to behold and worthy of a far greater conversation than what I provided in that blog post.

An equally as interesting and concerning conversation could be had about the lengths public trust agencies have gone to influence internal perceptions and public opinions. These organizations have invested public funds in internal and external marketing and implementation companies or provided public funds to manipulative Non-Government Organizations, like the National Forest Foundation https://www.nationalforests.org/, in order to build perceptions rather than build honest relationships with their constituencies. To me this seems highly inappropriate. This is a situation I’ve gone to great lengths to explain to those in the public trust organizations… spelling out how wrong it is for them to invest public funds in companies like IPMP http://consentbuilding.com/, Spych Marketing https://spych.wordpress.com/, Enviroissues and other such companies. These are the companies that use ‘group think’ http://www.tragedyandhope.com/lisa-arbercheski-human-needs-control-group-think/ mechanisms, ambiguous and inaccurate supporting information and exploitive marketing strategies to build perceptions and advance agendas, (perhaps this is appropriate for building ‘buy-in’ for a company amongst their employees when marketing a product, but absolutely NOT for institutions of public trust!) In my investigations into these marketing companies, I discovered that Enviroissues, the company being tasked with building the collaboration and perception about sage grouse, was actually exposed in Washington State for overcharging by millions of dollars for their services http://www.king5.com/story/local/2015/11/11/12989646/. Why would public trust agencies invest public funds in the services of a company that commits fraud? Why should the public put their trust in an agency that overlooks such a fraud?

Corporate America, The Antithesis:
Add in Corporate America’s ability to influence public institutions and amass wealth and resources to then influence rural communities and we have effectively created a ‘catch 22’. Behind the veil of ambiguity, these corporate entities are perceived to be the “antithesis” to the government bureaucracy (Hegelian dialectic http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm) and In this capacity they are able to capitalize on this perception to distract from their true intentions, which is to exploit the resources for market share at all cost. This common perception affords them the ability to draw people’s attention away from their close relationships with government institutions (which precludes any notion of a ‘free-market’) and marginalize the environmental impacts of their actions. (Marginalizing environmental impacts is made possible because these corporate entities and banking tycoons have already established the capacity to obstruct the scientific process by way of having used their affluence to create useful institutions, like the National Science Foundation and the Royal Society, to limit true scientific inquiry (SCIENCE HISTORY). In modern times this process is provided by way of investment in research at universities and grants to public institutions and private companies. (NORMAN DODD REPORT http://www.scribd.com/doc/3768227/Dodd-Report-to-the-Reece-Committee-on-Foundations-1954#scribd https://youtu.be/m2xcwFpSW0k) It is also noteworthy to recognize that these same entities have a great deal of influence over the main international NGO’s, like Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club International and all the professional societies like AFS, AWS, etc…, who all have effectively become the ‘gatekeepers’ of this ‘construct’ by selling their integrity and unbiased investigative research capacity for contributions and support. I call this the “Research Industrial Complex” woking together with the “Education Industrial Complex” http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/current-events/the-rising-education-industrial-complex-2 to become the neo-liberal contribution to the better understood neo-conservative “Military Industrial Complex”. All of which are helping to manifest in this country an international bureaucracy that is not representative of the individual nor interested in personal sovereignty).

Technology and the Tools of Persuasion:
Add in the technologic advancements that are exacerbating the issues; such as weather modification in the form of cloud seeding, (which companies like Idaho Power are engaged in on the Payette National Forest (ID POWER, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gErtlVnLYQ PG&E CLOUD SEEDING), and the more sinister geo-engineering technologies that are injecting aerosols into the atmosphere at high altitudes (Northern CALIFORNIA EVENT ON GEOENGINEERING http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/major-northern-california-event-will-expose-global-climate-engineering/); and we have mechanisms that can influence precipitation (or lack of) and force climate conditions like droughts and wildfires. Having the technology to direct weather patterns and, in the process, add toxic and flammable nanoparticles to the forests will ultimately exacerbate the issues on the ground (larger fires, reduced forest health and vitality, limit water resources, and endanger more species). What this ultimately contributes to is a much larger “strategy of tension” (GLADIO-B https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-298-gladio-b-and-the-battle-for-eurasia/) which, I would argue, is one of the ideas behind the technologies.

Taking the High Ground:
By taking a step back and gathering pieces of information and opening our minds to a bigger picture it is possible to get another perspective that is, perhaps, more informative and useful. Instead of taking the middle ground (like is done in the ‘follow-on’ article linked at the top), from a greater level of awareness we can take the higher ground. I think this is what is necessary if we want to get over this perceived impasse. Rather than going into our default egos that continue to drive a wedge between the modern indigenous inhabitants and the government employees, having this perspective can help us to better understand each other and the REAL social programming mechanisms and technologies that have built and exacerbated these opposing viewpoints. From here we can find ways to cooperate “outside the box”; in ways that aren’t sanctioned by this enslaving system.

As it stands now it seems like everyone is operating in a state of fear, which is no place to be when you’re trying to build a just and peaceful society. In this current state of affairs public trust managers are afraid to speak up about the increasingly obvious conflicts of interests (concerning those which are influencing policy decisions and limiting the science) for fear of reprisal from their organizations and peers. At the same time, the public is afraid to speak up for fear of direct consequences and reprisal from the institutions they have become dependent upon to survive. Such is the concern for those local businesses who’ve built relationships with the public trust agencies that supply their contracts and sign their operating permits or those who depend on government sponsored programs (like the farmers who’ve become dependent upon the USDA’s “dueling subsidies” (commodities vs. conservation) provided in the Farm Bill http://www.ewg.org/research/boondoggle?_ga=1.209656274.1994001299.1447423435 ).

As it pertains to managing wildfires and the public lands it seems an independent local contingent that is entrusted and empowered to make sight specific decisions, free of toxic outside influenced, would be more effective. The “toxic influences” I speak of are the mandates that come down from any of the alphabet agencies (USDA, EPA, and Homeland Security) and the state agencies. Not to suggest that everything that comes from “on high” is misguided and that it is the intent of your average state and federal employee to operate in opposition to the local community, but there is significant potential for corruption at the top (as has been demonstrated time and again to be the case) and trickle down through the ranks as a condition inherent in the operant conditioning they receive. All of these organizations, as I described above, use tax dollars to manage internal and public perceptions and allow international agendas to influence their resource management decisions. The ultimate decision makers are too far removed from the actions and consequences of their decisions. If this contingent was directly supported by, and beholden to the local community it would be far more effective and responsive to the needs of the communities they served rather than to the national and international agendas and their politically compromised dictates. Cooperation through ‘proximity principles’ as described by Julian Rose in his book “Changing Course for Life” http://www.zengardner.com/proximity-principle-defence-life-julian-rose/ could be applied on a local scale to support firefighting efforts (much like rural departments do with mutual aid agreements) and regionally owned fire equipment and apparatus could be collectively acquired and shared amongst local attack units.

Public lands that were entrusted to the local communities (not the State) for protection might be better managed if the paradigm were void of national and international special interests that are being instigated through government and corporate collaborators. (Consider the North American Free Trade Agreements and Trans-Pacific Partnerships and the mass amount of regulations that guide rural economies. Consider the idea of “corporate personhood” and how that emboldens and empowers the various corporate control structures. These are all examples of how Corporations and Public Trust Agencies reach across the aisle to rig the system against the individuals and communities). Empowered rural citizens, absent these influences, might make more enlightened resource use and fire management decisions. (I suspect this was how it was in various indigenous cultures around the globe, where it was the role of the shaman figure to provide the deeper perspectives so that the essential anthropogenic contribution to the ecosystem could be realized (which is why on every continent, the Shamans were the first to be persecuted)… in contrast to the materialistically guided and economically compromised scientific perspectives that we now rely on to provide this role. The point that all mainstream science and resource management agencies miss is that ultimately nature doesn’t care about how many jobs it can create or how good her resources are to the economy; and it is anathema to use these manmade constructs to justify our resource policy decisions. All nature cares about is balance, at ALL levels of the system!… and she provides this balance through universal natural laws; laws which are circumvented when we assess everything through an economic or other socially engineered filter).

In the interim, before we find better ways to empower the local communities to be completely self-sufficient, perhaps it would be appropriate for the Forest Service and IDL’s regionally ‘embedded’ fire crews to foster a closer working relationship with the landowners in the areas they operate in. They could take it upon themselves to provide training and build their own regional fire response teams made up of land owners and locals; perhaps even utilize the equipment that is already identified and made available by the local land owners (dozers, backhoes, water tanks, etc.…). Having operated as a rural volunteer firefighter for many years, I was always amazed at how effective the local landowners were in fighting fires on their own property and the means they had to do so. If fire crews were to invite these landowners and local citizens into the process, give them some knowledge on how to fight fires safely and effectively and, in the process, learn about these people’s situations and attachment to the land it might change everyone’s perceptions for the better. (It might help reduce the glee expressed by the on-scene fire crews, who depend on a good fire season to help pay for college. If they had an understanding of the consequences for the locals they might be more empathetic). Seems this would be a great endeavor during the slow times of May and June before the fire season erupts.

Ultimately, to progress past the current paradigm, I think we are all going to have to step out of our egos and start engaging in some very deep and enlightened conversations and research; and not just about fire management. Somehow, someway we have to get past this current manufactured dialectic or we will fall victim to the manufactured chaos and barbarity that is increasingly defining this nation; and that which has defined so many other tragedies of historic and modern societies. Or, worse yet, we’ll end up in a very well-manicured, sterilized society void of inspiration and human creativity; such as is described in “Brave New World”, “1984” and so many other dystopic novels and films. (Let the hunger games begin!) http://www.zengardner.com/mind-control-orwell-huxley-todays-reality/