Response to Letter of Concern about Bombing in Syria

Thank you for contacting me about military intervention in Syria. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns regarding this important issue.
I recently cosigned a bipartisan letter with fourteen of my colleagues urging President Trump to consult and receive authorization from Congress before ordering additional use of U.S. military force in Syria, as prescribed in the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution of 1973. International military engagement without prior congressional authorization, especially when no direct threat to the United States exists, violates the separation of powers clearly outlined in the Constitution.
Like all Americans, I was appalled by the use of chemical weapons in Syria and heartbroken that so many innocent people were victimized in such a heinous way. The Syrian government’s abuse of human rights is unacceptable and deserves a strong, thoughtful response from the United States and all civilized nations. However, our response must be in the best interests of the American people and approved by Congress through the deliberative process outlined in our Constitution.
President Trump needs to have an active dialogue with Congress about any further engagement in Syria. I agree with many of the points President Trump has made about Syria, but his policy will be more effective when it has strong, informed, and bipartisan support in Congress. The American people would benefit from a more active debate about the possible risks and benefits of U.S. intervention in Syria.
Thank you for your opinion on this important matter. For more information, to sign up for my e-newsletter , or to follow me on Facebook and Twitter , please visit my website at . For help with a government agency, please visit my “ Constituent Services ” webpage or call my Meridian office at (208) 888-3188. As your elected representative, my staff and I are here to help. It is an honor to serve you in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Raúl Labrador
Member of Congress
1 st District, Idaho


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