Naval Operation “One Eyed Snake”

“The Christmas ornament, named “EA-18G Growler Sky ‘Art’ Christmas Ornament,” is available for sale on the Planeform website for $10.” – story here

“Grab your ankles and say your prayers because Sammy Clause comes tonight!”

I recently saw this article,  Navy admits to being involved in obscene contrails in Okanogan Co., shared in a Facebook post, where it is alleged that a Navy Growler pilot out of Whidbey Island Naval Station drew a huge penis in the sky with his contrail. At first I am inclined to think this is a false story, perhaps using a doctored image generated by one of the many mainstream news agencies or pseudo-alternative sites that have aligned themselves with deep state actors.  It seems the kind of story that gets picked up on by the masses and goes venereal (a more appropriate term than “viral” I think) like so many other dumb-down stories that populate the media. When the US Navy leadership came out and took responsibility for this giant penis, however, this becomes something much more significant.


Civilian Guinea Pigs

Having learned previously of the controversy surrounding the electronic warfare training   being authorized by the public trust managers at the Olympic National Forest,  my first thought is that this would be a shout-out from a news reporting organization with the intention to minimize the environmental concerns of the Western Washington locals about the Navy’s electronic warfare gaming plans.  (I encourage people to check out the very contentious Hearings on this from 2014)

In true totalitarian state propaganda fashion, perhaps the current military aligned media would want to insult those who would ever think that the military would be engaging in anything nefarious; be it EM warfare or stratospheric aerosol spraying. I believe this was partly the case. Further investigation into this led me to an actual statement from a Navy Commander

“The actions of this air crew were wholly unacceptable. These actions were irresponsible, inexcusable, immature and antithetical to the core values of naval aviation and the Navy,” said Cmdr. Ron Flanders, spokesman of the North Island-based Naval Air Forces.

This Commander took responsibility for the incident and apologized, reassuring the public that they would get to the bottom of this and hold the pilot(s) responsible. Upon doing this, the light sentence being revealed, along with the lack of probing inquiry from the public and the Naval leadership suggests to me that this incident is being severely marginalized and categorized as “harmless tomfoolery” under this all-too apathetic national “status quo”. (Far too many times I’ve seen the leadership in these bureaucratic organizations take “full responsibility” for the actions of their organizations and absolve themselves of any culpability and consequence). The article goes on to report the following:

“Authorities have not named the crew of the EA-18G Growler crafting the phallic contrails, but Flanders indicated that the pilot was a lieutenant assigned to Electronic Attack Squadron 130, the “Zappers” out of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Wash.”

Another article on the matter reports the following about the punishment of these pilots:

“Although the review board could have easily ended the drivers’ flying careers, the officials reportedly ended up placing the aviators on a six-month probationary period, with a few conditions that amount to writing “I will not draw dicks in the sky” on a classroom chalkboard.”

(The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John M. Richards, who was cited in one of the articles as one of the high ranking officials being informed on this incident, is among those listed in a lawsuit being filed  by the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering. So the plot thickens.)


Getting punched in the gut by the same “left- right” combination

With the coming together of the left and right over the climate change issue, as so powerfully demonstrated at the Idaho Climate Summit, there appears to be an advancement in the open financing and employment of geoengineering programs. This can be realized when you watch this congressional hearing from the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology that took place on Nov. 8, 2017.

As you’ll see in the congressional hearing on geoengineering linked above, much work has already taken place in this field and much more will be coming out; much of it from the well-funded Pacific Northwest National Laboratories right in our own back yard. (Might as well employ more of this geoengineering research out here in the Pacific Northwest; seeing as Idaho National Laboratories (INL) and Hanford have already turned this beautiful land into a toxic dumping ground and its population into guinea pigs).

(NOTE: INL was one of the sponsors at the Idaho Climate Summit. I encourage people who want to learn more about the nuclear energy insanity to visit the Fairwinds Energy website.)

It’s been my position all along that the left vs. right perception of climate change is a Hegelian dialectic set up which has been proven to play out in favor of globalization from both manufactured “sides”… exactly how it was intended to do. Part of this set-up would be the employment of geoengineering programs; which I would suggest is already taking place but is sure to become even more commonplace and less hidden (like cloud seeding already has become) as the global investments start to roll in and the same weather modification contractors get the green light from the prostitutes in the public trust organizations. What has taken place behind the scenes to condition pilots and scientists to deploy aerosols into the atmosphere, up to now, can only be speculated. With the government and private industry all aligned on the global warming issue, it is now just a matter of signing contracts and channeling public money openly into geoengineering programs. (Note this is all happening under a president who is playing the role of antithesis to the global warming thesis and doing nothing to oppose or shed light on the congressional hearings taking place on the subject of geoengineering. Perhaps because his role, as a low level employee of the deep state, doesn’t call for him to make an honest effort to resist the global agenda).

(For more on the left/ right climate change scam I strongly encouraged people read my last blog and watch the two documentaries by James Corbett; “How Big Oil Conquered the World” and “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”. The information in those documentaries is critical to understanding this set up.)

Maybe one day we can get over this toxic bantering and think for ourselves and, just maybe, pose a challenge to the sadistic globalist institutions that are reducing humanity to ruins by manifesting more toxic agendas through left-right set ups.


Here are a couple of questions that I think confound this ‘harmless penis in the sky’ narrative.

Question # 1– If this were just tomfoolery from a growler pilot doing “funny things” with his contrail, how was this pilot able to start and stop his trail when he made his (or her) phallic drawing? If “contrails” are a natural phenomenon and, according to the science, not able to be controlled by the pilot without employing some technology to suppress it  (which, even according to the debunkers is not feasible), how is the pilot able to do this?
Voice from the video: “Look he stopped it right there too. He’s trying to make a dick and balls.” (It would be of interest to hear from actual pilots on whether or not they would be able to do this with their contrail. I happen to know one so I’ll ask and see what this person has to say. So stay tuned…)

Question #2– Why has the penis in the sky story come to the attention of national news organizations while the more interesting, substantial and revelatory controversy over the electronic warfare training issue remained local and universally ignored by the mainstream media? Why am I the only one making the connection between the two stories?



I understand the dynamics in mainstream and much of the alternative media that incentivizes them to perpetuate the ridiculous perspectives over logical ones. Why, though, when I see stories like this penis in the sky, shared over Facebook and other relatively open social mediums, does the American public NOT consider more logical analysis and ask more probing questions? Are we getting dumber?

Being someone who is inclined to consider what I actually see with my own two eyes and having petitioned public trustees within my organization, and others, to speak to the observations over my head (persistent and expanding emissions from jet aircraft), I am left to wonder what exactly this penis in the sky is really about? In every case of inquiry to public trust managers about this, my questions are not answered. My direct questions on the matter remain unfalsified by any reasonable scientific process. If anything, when you inquire about stratospheric aerosol geoengineering to any agency, what you will get is a link to this government website, which provides a scientific analysis for “contrails” that doesn’t give a complete analysis that describes what I see going on over my head. What it states, in the overview of contrails, can be confounded by the observations being made by myself and many others and it certainly doesn’t answer my specific questions. The science certainly appears to be confounded by the giant penis drawing in the sky. In the absence of clear scientific falsification from public trust agencies, the discerning citizen is left to figure it out for himself. Many well researched perspectives on this, like what is provided by Clifford Carnicom and Dane Wigington  who make a compelling case for this being the deployment of geoengineering programs, describe in much more detail what I have observed. Their analysis is further supported by the lack of investigation and reflexive ignorance by every public trustee and public trust manager who is confronted with this information. (All suffering from the condition I refer to as “Trickle Down Psychopathy” as they look at you like you have a big contrail penis protruding from your forehead if you mention it).

I will leave you with this response from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to my inquiry into this issue in 2012. This will give the reader an example of how these observations become marginalized as the buck get’s passed up the ladder… eventually to where the smooth talking psychos live.

Response from IDEQ to my questions on geoengineering:

From: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 3:39 PM
Subject: Public Health Concern


Thank you for the email regarding your concerns over condensation trails in Idaho. We are aware of this issue and have been contacted in the past by individuals wanting to discuss similar concerns. Unfortunately we have no information on “chem” trails or any other chemical dispersion to provide. We recommend you contact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding this issue.

Best Regards,

Michael Toole
Regional Airshed Coordinator
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
Boise Regional Office

Phone: (208) 373-0550


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