How much is your freedom worth at the Idaho Climate Summit?


This picture was sent to me from a friend who claimed it was taken by one of his friends near Leavenworth, WA. in September, 2017. Though I can’t confirm its authenticity, I put it here to convey my thoughts on what lies at the root to the madness we are experiencing through agenda 21 and other social engineering programs currently in play.

“When you dance with the devil the devil don’t change… the devil changes you.” – movie quote from “8mm”

Coming up next month (Nov. 16 & 17, 2017) three different Idaho campuses will be hosting the Idaho Climate Summit (CSI, BSU and U of I). Among the sponsors of this summit you will find a cornucopia of various public trust organizations, colleges, private enterprises, NGO’s (Nature Conservancy) and professional organizations (AFS, Wildlife Society) . In amongst these collaborators and sponsors are a number of relatively new companies that special in helping to build these broad collaboration efforts between all of these entities; to include the Langdon Group and Warm Springs Consulting (the Charlie’s Angels of Agenda 21)…

radio  Maurice

Maurice (Unofficial Biography) – “Good morning Angels”;



AngelsAngles (In Unison)- “Good Morning Maurice” ; Maurice– “How’s my favorite operatives?”; Angels“Anxiously awaiting our next assignment!”; Maurice– “That’s the spirit Angles! Let’s not dally then. Now that you’re in Idaho Angels I want you to use what you’ve learned in your various professions about ‘global harmonization’ and ‘relationship building’ and apply it to strengthening the collaborative institutional framework in order to maximize global institutional control over the local communities. I want you to convince the locals that this is for their own good, the good of the nation and the entire global community. Mind you Angels, this may not be an easy assignment! Those people in Idaho are stubborn about their rights and responsibilities as sovereign citizens; a real challenge for our friends at the Council.” Angels– “Don’t worry Maurice, we won’t let you down.”; Maurice– “I knew I could count on you Angels.” ; Angels– “Hey Maurice, when are we going to get together?” Maurice– “I’m afraid not any time soon darlings. I’ve got water resource business to tend to in Bolivia, local uprisings in Africa (2) and a number of nasty opposition forces from Contrarian Indians here in Canada. Plus, tonight I’m having an old friend for dinner… ‘slurp’.”

To the average concerned citizen, all this relationship building seems like a wonderful coming together of opposing forces (for example the two Climate Summit sponsors Monsanto and the Nature Conservancy). What many don’t realize, however, is that all these various entities have similar roots and have collaborated together for a very long time. This has been a collaborative effort that has very much included all the various public trust organizations. The reason we are even embroiled in this situation with resource exploitation, environmental degradation and a struggling economy is because of the deals all these entities have made over the years; all the while having appeared to always be at odds. (Very much key to this subjugation process).

If you go no farther in this blog post, please take the time to view the below linked documentaries by James Corbett. If you are an environmentalist who believes in the science on climate change or a conservative who thinks climate change is all hype, these videos (particularly the second video “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”), will give you a much more informed and balanced perspective.  Following these investigations will allow you to be infinitely more capable of separating the facts from fictions and the institutional rhetoric from the actually intentions.

How Big Oil Conquered the World:

Why Big Oil Conquered the World:

Where’s The Beef?


Take an assessment of your situation. Are you seeing less poverty around you? Is the overall health of the people in your communities improving (less cancer, heart attacks, autism, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disorders, drugs, etc.…)? Are your health care premiums going down and less coming out of your paycheck to pay for your health insurance? Are the rural schools near where you live in good shape financially or otherwise and is this rural community existing independent of some form of government grants, farm subsidy, or globally aligned corporate entity from among the many industries… to include the tourism industry? Do you feel like you are free to speak your mind without retribution (to include “brow beatings”)? Is “global terrorism” anywhere perceived to be less of a problem? If all the NGO’s, government institutions, politicians, private enterprise and investment companies were interested in improving the health of the environment, the sovereignty and health and safety of its citizens and the strength and independence of its communities, given the disproportionate amount of the population’s wealth and resources that have been applied to achieving this, don’t you think we would have it by now? Why, instead, are we increasingly dependent on multiple forms of private and public charity and continuing to apply increasing and debilitating portions of our personal wealth to public entities (Federal and State governments)… entities that are trillions in debt to central banking institutions and foreign nations around the globe? It doesn’t take much research to come to logical explanations and evidence to support there being much more to this picture than what we are being made aware of. With the all these devolving situations in mind, coupled with the level of access we all have to well informed information, that confounds every official narrative, why aren’t we making any progress in rational thought?

My inclination as to why our collective awareness is stagnating is that collectively we are caught in the left/ right paradigm and finding little grounding outside this manufactured dialectic; a dialectic which is being daily reinforced and crafted by multiple forms of state and corporate sponsored news feeds. (The corporate news agency I am most disgusted with locally is the one we in the public trust organizations seem to hold in the highest regard, the Idaho Statesman). Even with all the control of information, there seems to be a broad growth in average awareness. I’ve listened to many friends and family tell me they don’t believe anything they read in the papers and see on the tell-lie-vision anymore, because they recognize how blatantly ridiculous it has become. (How the fuck could you not recognize how ridiculous it has become?!!). None of this awareness, however, seems to translate to progress in any meaningful way. I suggest this is due to the institutional framework that holds the citizenry hostage and in a state of servitude. This institutional framework operates in opposition to natural laws and freedoms and is empowered through international corporate sponsorships programming by way of these ‘climate summit’ and various other public/ private collaborations. (I’ve written about this extensively in previous blogs (LINK 2).

Therefore, the most egregious condition and biggest obstacle to real progress, in my opinion, is the disturbing disconnect from reality that exists within the organizations of government and among the politicians. All the places the average citizen is forced to go in order to meet their basic needs, access vital information and seek redress of grievances are in no way grounded in common sense (or common law! and very much conditioned by the left/ right firewalls. Meanwhile, at the top of all of these entities, they remain beholden to the “good old boys clubs” and global think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)  for example. Bringing this home; I just recently learned that there is a local chapter of the CFR in Boise when I read an article in the Idaho Statesman written by the chairman of that organization, Richard Slaughter, who gave his opinion on gun control following the Las Vegas shooting. I don’t know Mr. Slaughter, but, given his position with the CFR, I would certainly expect he would promote the CFR’s globalist agendas in all public matters. Absolutely this organization would be interested in reducing your capacity as a citizen to defend your rights to protect yourself against a tyrannical global government. Establishing a global government is the primary goal of the CFR whose massively integrated organization is the glue that holds all the various agendas together; including this global governance through climate change agenda (right along with the military industrial and human rights industrial complexes, big pharmaceutical industry, tech industry and industrial agriculture). The existence of this organization and their unequal access to the leadership of this nation (actually their control over the leadership of this nation) is a very good case in point as to why we must keep our right to keep and bear arms! Other nations in their crosshairs; Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Yugoslavia, etc. … are clear examples of what could very easily transpire here at home under the guidance of the CFR (often times using contemporary and historic victims of their crimes to bring their modern agendas to fruition; in the form of mass migration and displaced reparations for their human rights abuses).

I like my job and need the income… but the top down Orwellian programming is unbearable. The ‘coming together’ mantra where we continue to contribute public money to support this melding of private and public enterprise, to the benefit of the bureaucracy at the expense of local autonomy, is extremely inappropriate and wouldn’t fly if enough people inside and outside these organizations took the time to figure out what is going on. Shame on the progressives for being too lazy to follow their money up the ladder of their favorite ‘do good’ organizations and recognizing how financially compromised their favorite politicians and pundits have become. Shame on them for legitimizing the concerns of the conservatives by maintaining a religious devotion to modern day eugenics. Shame on the conservatives for not recognizing the international corporation and banking structures and the military industrial complex that dictate to the public and private entities they trust and the politicians and pundits they subscribe to. Shame on them for legitimizing the liberal’s concerns by keeping the conversation about ‘jobs’, ‘economy’, ‘fighting terrorism’, etc. (and holding on to 9/11 lies and the “drain the swamp” dreams that clearly were never the intention) and NOT about local sovereignty and the global banking scam! (It continues to be the case that the conservative condition depends on a host of similar fallacies of logic to validate their positions; fallacies of justification that go on to be used to maximize resource exploitation and intrusive polices that subjugate and otherwise diminish the local communities, every bit as well as ‘environmentalism’).

Welcome to the Circle


“Whether the whites won the land by treaty, by armed conquest, or, as was actually the case, by a mixture of both, mattered comparatively little so long as the land was won. It was all-important that it should be won, for the benefit of civilization and in the interests of mankind. It is indeed a warped, perverse, and silly morality which would forbid a course of conquest that has turned whole continents into the seats of mighty and flourishing civilized nations. All men of sane and wholesome thought must dismiss with impatient contempt the plea that these continents should be reserved for the use of scattered savage tribes, whose life was but a few degrees less meaningless, squalid, and ferocious than that of the wild beasts with whom they held joint ownership.” – Theodore Roosevelt

What comes out of the division of ideologies described in the previous sections of this post? A technocratic ‘middle ground’; which you will find in spades at The Idaho Climate Summit!! (I encourage you to go to the website link for this event and check out all the sponsors and look into programs like ‘Human Centered Design’. Just the fact that this international organization’s system oriented strategy is the process by which Idaho is using to build collaboration tells you that this Climate Summit is not a genuine “Idaho-grown, Idaho-driven effort to build understanding of how Idaho’s climate is changing and a way to help Idahoans build solutions to Idaho’s changing climate”, as the Idaho Fish and Game’s Public Relations department would have us believe. It tells you this is a part of a much broader collaboration of global organizations with an agenda.

Excerpt from the IDEO “What if we had a new way to design products, services, and businesses that were good for people, the planet, and business? That’s one of the questions we were seeking to answer when IDEO teamed up with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to launch the Circular Design Guide.
Why a design thinking guide for the circular economy? Design thinking is a great innovation tool for tackling complex systemic challenges. It not only offers an approach that generates momentum through prototyping, but also strengthens insight around what works (and what doesn’t). This new guide is meant to help innovators create more elegant, effective, and creative solutions for the circular economy.” Welcome to the Circle!!

A plan to harmonize everyone into a system of decision making that considers everyone’s needs (the global community) over the individual’s needs and responsibilities is a recipe for disaster as the institutions (public and private) gain a huge advantage over every individual. (Ask the people of Grant Township Pennsylvania how much weight their need for clean water carries over the world’s need for oil… and how much EPA cares! Ask the wholly government dependent and incorporated (far from sovereign) Native American tribes how much freedom they got out of collaborating with occupying governments and private institutions in the past; their subjugation foisted upon them in the form of religious indoctrinations (through global corporate churches), global trade schemes (Hudson Bay Company) and government treaties (too many to list). (LINK) I guess they got to survive, as long as they submitted to being assimilated . What we are seeing today is the progression of the same thing by the same international governing public and private institutions operating around the world and here at home (Fabian style). We are all being assimilated. The modern reservations are the mega cities and the once ‘fierce settler’ that was so instrumental and praised, by the likes of Teddy Roosevelt for their services in the occupation of Indian land are now the modern indigenous people that don’t quite fit the (Human Centered) design. In this design you either sign up for the subsidies and produce for the global distribution chains and box stores or you pack it up and move to the city where you can serve this paradigm on another (usually much lower) level. If what you are doing comes into conflict with this design (that is forever being streamlined by computer processors and toxic technologies (like what you will find at Post Falls, Idaho based FARB Guidance Systems) you are no longer competitive or become a target. A fine example of this can be seen in the case of the Hammond Family, the Bundy Family, Air Force Veteran Mark Baker and the Lunny Family … just a few of many examples of how this tyranny manifests on the local level. We even have Teddy’s great (x?) grandchildren, Theodore R. IV and V working within the banking institutions and serving on the Council of Foreign Relations while buying up land in places like Montana and contributing to many of the major ‘environmental’ organizations (petitioning local government for reduced tax rates while petitioning for higher taxes on the global community! What a globalist asshole! Are we really this ignorant? Do we actually think the heavily Rockefeller Foundation supported “Nature Conservancy” has our best interests at heart?).

Breaking Through the Firewall

beaver dam

“While a system of holding people in hostage is as old as the oldest war, a fresher note is introduced when a tyrannic state is at war with its own subjects and may hold any citizen in hostage with no law to restrain it. An even more recent improvement is the subtle use of what I shall term “the lever of love” (applied so successfully by the Soviets) of tying a rebel to his wretched country by his own twisted heart strings”.  ~Vladimir Nabokov

The most important thing that can be done under our current circumstances (limited and diminishing access to sound information, corrupted public trust institutions, corrupt politicians and corporate news media and the many multiple toxic private/ public collaborations) is to spread rational and sound information and grow awareness… hopefully inspire people to ask more probing questions and look at things from a different perspective. I’ve been at this a while now and have yet to get any readership (probably more a reflection of my rambling writing style than anything) nor have I seen much in the way of meaningful limitations on the progress of Agenda 21/ 2030 in the institutions of public trust. (Speak the words “Agenda 21” at a public meeting and you’ll get blank stares or a look of consternation from the presenters and participants… which, I think, is a result of the obstacles to the free flow of information along with the mainstream media mishandling of this agenda. I would also suggest this is a result of the conservative ‘mishandling’ of the issue, as they’ve attached this agenda to a modern case of misguided environmentalism rather than exposing it as a continuation of a long standing left AND RIGHT eugenics operation). Ultimately it is the institutional road block that I think poses the biggest challenge. Having a growing awareness among the average citizens, while important, does little when their only capacity to act on their knowledge is to petition the institutions that are forever being infiltrated by global think tanks and indoctrinated into ‘the Circle’. (Not understanding the Hegelian process and how it plays into this on a fundamental level is huge).

At this point I think it is safe to consider that all branches of government are compromised, including the Judiciary which is operating under long established corporate laws developed by powerful individuals that have been cleverly laid over the common law. This situation necessitates that any suitable response must take place outside the current political and judicial landscape, as politics as usual has become a huge albatross to our individual rights and responsibilities as sovereign citizens. Because there remains this huge firewall between those citizens who are conscious of these various agendas and a reasonable and open discussion platform, with access to politicians and public trust organizations, it seems the various grass roots special interest organizations would be the place to try and educate. Perhaps encourage these organizations to challenge their own perceptions with the follow-on consequence of influencing the various public-trust institutions who have already established a rapport with them. A true coming together of citizen organizations that are grounded in common law principles and fundamental understanding (of history and group think methodologies) might more effectively resist this Orwellian/ Huxleyan take over. It seems it would be effective to have a representative from organization like the Nez Perce Tribe together with outdoor sportsman’s groups having an information booth at the Climate Summit where they offer James Corbett’s “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”. It seems it would be more effective for environmental groups like DamSense to challenge the dams through common law and focus on bringing the cost for reparations to bear on the creators of the criminal enterprises that continue to use international banking, water and power distribution and many other toxic technologies to subjugate, diminish and displace indigenous peoples (both traditional and modern).

The following efforts are those I feel are challenging this paradigm in the most effective way; targeting the condition at the source and working to reestablish common laws.

  • Grant Township– The first link below is to a local article on the efforts being taken by the community of Grant Township in their battle to prevent fracking wastewater being stored near their local water supplies. The second link is to the CELDF organization that is helping to establish the lawful framework to empower Grant Township in their fight against the oil-fracking company and the state and federal governments. Grant Township Article


  • Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund–  “The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit, public interest law firm providing free and affordable legal services to communities facing threats to their local environment, local agriculture, local economy, and quality of life. Its mission is to build sustainable communities by assisting people to assert their right to local self-government and the rights of nature.”It is important to recognize that this Global Rights of Nature Alliance and CELDF are also susceptible to the conditioning that all the other NGO, private and public organizations are susceptible to. You can see a toxic manifestation of this in the national parks within the country of New Zealand; where the rights of nature at a national park are arbitrarily defined by a group of connected individuals whose perceptions have been developed by the indoctrinating institutions within the Agenda 21/2030 framework. The concept of the rights of nature, when governed by the natural laws of the universe and inclusive of ALL of its modern indigenous peoples and directed by research input that is open and instructive rather that subjugated is worth striving for. I encourage people to learn more about the proximity principle and natural laws of the universe).


  • In Power Movement – The InPower Docu-Series illustrates a powerful new method to restore social justice and accountability. Episode #1 focuses on solving the ‘smart’ meter problem: how we can prevent and reverse the installation of this dangerous technology, through holding corporate executives and government actors financially accountable — for the first time ever. And in so doing, we can restore safety in our homes, and bring balance to our world.


  • People’s Republic of Kanata– This is an effort to reestablish common law and break away from the crown of England up in Canada, coming from the work of Kevin Annette and others who convened to bring about an international human rights case against the government of Canada, the Crown of England and the Roman Catholic Church You can listen to their weekly broadcast on BBC radio on Sundays at 3:00 PM Pacific time here .

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