Welcome to PRIME TIME 2017!


Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion– David Icke

It appears we may be reaching a critical mass of swamp rats at the helm of most every institution the civilized societies have come to depend on for their existence. All institutions great and small, be they private or public, philanthropic, militaristic, economic, educational, entertainment, and news, even weather. You name it, if it’s an institution that is influential to your life decisions “they” have either “got it by the balls” (on the right) or “grabbed them by their pussy” (on the left) and made it into something that subjugates.

In my blog post “Trickle down Psychopathy in America”  I presented my views on how I see psychopathy manifest in otherwise normal, empathetic and even “enlightened” people. Even people who I would consider much more caring, responsible and giving than most (certainly more than I) are attaching themselves to some of the most ridiculous con-jobs their taxes, fees and private investments can buy; con-operations that are being run by organizations and individuals whose contrasting loyalties can be exposed with minimal effort. Whole populations of people, guided by their blind trust in others, let these influential people’s perceptions of things become THEIR perceptions without analyzing the very fundamental tenants of their particular viewpoint, their potential ulterior motivations and their conflicts of interest. (Rational ignorance and system dependency are the two conditions that come to mind).

Because of the level of entrainment of human energy and human potential being channeled into a system that promotes social entropy rather than self-sufficiency and individual autonomy, the only effective form of resistance may be to pull away as much as possible in as many ways as possible; starve the beast essentially. This may seem counter intuitive given the degree of moral decay and the ever growing violence that seems to warrant our direct attention, but without doing the necessary inner work and evidence based perception building, there can be no way to know if what we are promoting is actually helping or hurting. (A good article that speaks to this energy syphoning can be found here. This article details the con operations of the “Human Rights Industrial Complex”). In this paradigm, the simple act of paying your taxes or putting money in the offering plate at church can be deemed immoral and anathema to building a peaceful and lawful society (probably always was the case if you strip away the façade built by centuries of manufactured perceptions).

  • One relatively evident con-job where this entrainment into social entropy can be easily observed is in the call to arms following the 9/11 false flag attacks. I would encourage people to start delving into this issue. (Here is a video of an attempt to encourage conversation on this issue, Conversation with Firefighters on 9/11 False Flag event). This is one of the most blatant and observable lies out there and a good way to get past the wall of ignorance that has been built around so many other situations. The only way it is able to persist is because the majority; particularly amongst the public trust agencies, law enforcement and firefighters have been conditioned to ignore the evidence. Break the silence here and bring to justice the ACTUAL conspirators behind those attacks and I think humanity has a chance.


Revelations from a local Yogi

Fortunately expanding your mind doesn’t make your head bigger. But to those who don’t, you may look like you have a penis growing out the front of it. – Chuck Finney

As was pointed out by a wise yoga teacher recently, the year 2017 is a prime number, not divisible by any other. Contemplating this through the yoga practice I thought about the word “prime”. While in my favorite position, shavasina (corpse pose), to keep from falling asleep and disturbing the class with my snoring, I started doing the numerology in my head: 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1. When was the last “prime” year? Did you know that if you add up each year in numerology you will keep repeating one through nine over and over? The last time it added up to 10 (“10” is “1” in numerology) was in 2008. (Stock Market Crash? O-bomber elected to office following 8 years of war-monger in chief, G.W. Bush, riding in on a platform of “peace” and “prosperity” only to continue the same policies… killing and destroying while taking home a dandy Nobel Peace Prize! WTF!!??) The next prime before that was 1999. Anything significant happen there?

I started thinking about the word “prime” and its synonyms: major, main, key, chief, leading, crucial, principle, primary. Prime is the root word of “primal” as in “primal instinct”. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word as this; “the earliest or beginning stage of something”; logically meaning that it would also imply the ending of something else?  The Mayan calendar ended in 2012. (2+0+1+2 = 5). To the uninitiated layperson, the end of the world prophecy was a bust… just like Y2K. To the initiated and deep researcher, however; those who look past the politics of fear and perception control paradigms; this time period was seen for what it was… a time of change. For these researchers, 2012 was the ending of an alchemical cycle and the start of a 4 year period of significant changes ending in the more significant year of 2016 (2+0+1+6 = 9); a time period symbolically represented in the Lord of the Rings battle for Middle Earth.

(Most of my shivasina revelations are just me trying to figure shit out. For more on numerology, symbology and esoteric information, I highly recommend viewing and reading the works of artist Neil HagueLaura Eisenhower, David Icke, Mark Passio and Michael S. Schneider)


In Conclusion

Maybe the prime year of 2017 is the year we get back to the basics. Maybe this is the year we stop pretending like we “know” anything and start asking some very basic questions; like “who we are” and “why are we here?” What is our primary purpose as a species and how do we fit in to this universe?

Excerpt from Julian Rose essay “Why Humanity Must Come Through”:
“Some say the World, battered and bruised as it is, will be better-off without man.
That freed from its chief oppressor, Gaia will more assuredly survive and heal; will find her equilibrium anew and come through – restored. It is quite easy to sympathize with this view, not least because it seems to provide an answer to those who feel closer to nature than to their fellow humans – and can see no redemption for a mankind so determinedly set on the path of self destruction.
Yet, even when taking into account the tragic mismanagement of humanity’s journey thus far, I do not consider this to be any kind of answer. For, it is my contention, that with man out of the picture, the advancement of universal equilibrium – however erratic – will be completely arrested. On the macro-cosmic level, I believe a world without human beings would constitute a major set-back for the entire universe. And at the micro-cosmic level, a major set back for the plant, animal and insect kingdom as well.”

I started this process of trying to understand things on a deeper level after picking up on the deceptions surrounding Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential race. Since that time I’ve come to other researchers far out ahead of me in this and have gained some incredible perspectives. There has certainly been many charlatans along the way (like those who would take you to the next level of fear porn and sell you on a 2012 end of the world scenario), but if you approach this learning process from the heart and not the ego you can avoid some of those pit falls. If you pick up on the “primary” reasons that drive those that would operate to deceive and their “primary” incentives I think you will get much farther.
I don’t really see how things can get much weirder in this world (knock on wood). I can see the potential for a great deal more suffering, as the façade surrounding the seemingly benevolent governing institutions of the world continues to fade away. The farther this progresses the more people might want to start listening to what some of what these fringe thinkers have to say; once they get past the dialectic conditioning that entrains them into thinking they have only 2 or 3 manufactured solutions to the manufactured problems we face.

The more the system show’s itself for what it REALLY is, the more people might start to exhibit some neurotic behaviors, perhaps turning more dark and apathetic as well as becoming more anxious and emboldened to act. This is a condition that manifests when people focus on their growing contempt toward their “opposition”. Understand that this too is a ruse. When you get to this point take a few breaths and relax. Come along on this Journey of discovery… NOW is the prime time!


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