Letter to Trump


Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you to inquire about concerns I have with many of your positions and policies and your staff picks that seem to demonstrate a willingness to “maintain the swamp” rather than drain it and to maintain the status quo in terms of the power dynamics in Washington DC. Conservative friends of mine, who hold libertarian ideals, support your presidency with the assumption that you are anti-globalist and have a plan that will lead to moves toward making good on your campaign promises. I challenged their assumptions and put forth information that suggests your selection to office is part of a bigger plan by the deep-state to use identity politics and the Hegelian dialectic process to diminish critical thinking and overwhelm the more enlightened alternative research that has destroyed the façade of our government being “by the people, for the people”.

Specifically, I have a great deal of concern with your devotion to Israel and close relationship with your long-time friend Benyamin Netanyahu. I feel that this relationship would diminish your objectivity in international matters and your willingness to allow for an open investigation into 9/11; an investigation called for by independent researchers who understand the connections of 9/11 with the nation of Israel. (Here is an open letter from Christopher Bollyn to you speaking directly to this matter. Here is the website “TrumpCommission.org” )

Another concerning development on the Home-front is the relationship your administration seems to have with Eric Prince. Certainly this would be evidence through your selection of his sister, Betsy DeVos to oversee the Dept. of Ed; but also through your relationship with Steve Bannon who recently interviewed Prince and spoke with him about Prince’s desire to see an “Operation Phoenix” style campaign to fight against terrorism and ISIS. Much evidence has surfaced recently and in the past (such as during the Church Committee hearings) to suggest the CIA is heavily involved in national politics and media here in the United States. You seem to entertain some of these perspectives; particularly when you call out the mainstream media as being “fake news”, but your selection of head of the CIA is evidence of a concerning attitude toward accepting this relationship and cooperating with an entity that continues to operate above the law on our own soil, where we deem our sovereignty and bill of rights to be sacred.

There is much more I could go into to describe my position on why I have such a lack of trust of your presidency and administration… all based on the alternative research I have committed myself to over the last few years following Ron Paul’s second bid for the presidency. (This was my awakening into the madness of politics and deep state machinations). Though I am not optimistic that you would suggest anything that would change my position; nor am I optimistic that you would even answer me at all; I would be delighted to be reassured that you did actually have a plan to dismantle the criminal enterprises that have taken over Washington DC as my friends seem to think you do. (Perhaps your plan would be in a fashion that was a little less like what my conservative friends would like to see. I don’t think they have a good grasp on the proper relationship between humanity and their environment that is necessary for us to actually thrive. A relationship that respects local autonomy; as is being called for by the rural farming communities in Poland in response to their nation’s decision to join the EU; and doesn’t sacrifice the relationship between man and his environment for the sake of “Jobs”, “Federal Reserve Promissory notes” , “precious metals”, “peace”, “global warming” or anything governments and enterprises can come up with to subvert this relationship… pretty much the kind of relationship your selection for Secretary of Agriculture would indicate  … so, yeah… I’m still not optimistic).

If you did take the time to read this thank you and feel free to respond at modernindigenous@outlook.com

Thank You
A Concerned Citizen


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