Trickle-Down Psychopathy In America


The reason I started this blog, I am starting to realize, was more for my own sanity than anything else. Ideally I would like my blog posts to help others get a perspective on things and encourage them to step into their responsibility in the process of transcending our current situation. That is the tone I get from my inner voice as I scribe here and continues to be the message I hope to convey in my blogs. Maybe this is a cowardly approach. In reality I am still functionally tied into the system, as well as some of the programming and institutions that makes me complicit in the madness. I feel strongly that I have yet to step into my own responsibility as a conscious human being.

Personality wise, I would say I am not someone who is inclined to speak up; I don’t have an ego that compels me to assert myself or my views, nor do I have the desire to win in a debate. I try to avoid conflicts and contentious situations and I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, bring them stress or challenge their world views. (Certainly many examples of my behavior would suggest otherwise, though I would attribute those realities to the larger forces at play that limit our ability to express or thoughts and perspectives in a healthy and open way; which includes sometimes projecting my own angst). At any rate, on the face of it, I am the last person anyone would expect to bring forth challenging information and call people out on their views and opinions. I am just too nice of a person.

  • Personal Story Interjection– Thinking about my personality reminds me of a story from my youth about a bus ride down to the Idaho State football championships during my freshman (maybe sophomore?) year of high school. On that trip south, those of us who were underclassmen had to ride down on the same bus as the cheerleaders. On our first pit-stop of that journey I purchased a couple cans of smoked oysters which, upon consumption, developed into a deluge of flatus that practically baked the occupants of that bus, including the cheerleaders and their advisor. As soon as we arrived to our destination, the cheerleading advisor was quick to tell the head coach about the ‘terrible awful’ I had done. Because I shared a first name with someone else on the bus (apparently someone with a less than stellar reputation) it was the other “Chuck” (pseudo name) who got the tongue-lashing from the coach. I was such a ‘nice boy’ that the advisor would never have suspected I could do such a thing! That was probably nearing the height of my immaturity and, while I think farts are still funny, I can see why my mother told me it can be offensive.

Whatever my reasoning for this blog and the reality of my progress, or lack of, toward taking full responsibility to act against an encroaching tyranny, I am quite confident that my perceptions are right when I suggest the world is becoming a very strange and unacceptable place. I think this is true not only to me but to anyone who has any consciousness above the Kardasian level. If we are to get beyond this state of affairs I think we have to AT LEAST start talking consciously about some of the deeper concerning issues.

Deafening Silence

“If you want the world to add up in its current state of madness, you first have to divide by the common denominator.” (Why the Trump vs Clinton Election is a Complete Sham)


It’s increasingly becoming the case that all the things we are conditioned to NOT talk about are ruling our lives, forsaking us to the ridiculous things we do get to talk about. (LINK) While news media can be entertaining on a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” level, it becomes toxic to the status quo when everyone chooses to build their worldviews based on the blatantly ridiculous spin they see in the media. I don’t think people are actually buying much of it anymore, at least not in the tradition numbers, which is a good thing. However, because too many of us refuse to talk about it and lay the madness to waste under sound logic and moral principles, we continue down the tracks on this crazy train toward the impending madness that awaits us (taking the form of two versions of Hell; one of outright Orwellian dystopia and the other a gentrified, Huxulian bourgeoisie ( Mind control: Orwell, Huxley, and today’s reality). The world under this paradigm is drowning as we are picking fights over superficial manufactured issues and fighting over political cartoon characters while avoiding the more relevant issues of concern to our human condition. When it makes sense to push back against blatant tyranny we are choosing to “go along to get along” rather than consciously considering ALL the information before us and acting responsibly. However we justify our actions and inactions in the paradigm, by not getting an understanding of the deeper aspects of our condition, we are risking the reality that we seal our own fate. While this “go along to get along” mentality that keeps us away from the darker and more concerning issues, might be functional and sometimes necessary to maintain healthy relationship and sanity, this mentality is becoming the guiding force that is directing all our lives. (The politically aligned exploitation of children through abuse and trafficking is at the top in terms of what is most concerning in my opinion; as detailed in these documentaries, “CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE” and “UNREPENTENT”)This is particularly and insidiously true of the institutions of news media and reporting (the Fourth Estate), education and, most importantly, within the institutions of public trust; where public trustees and their serving public trust managers maintain the capacity to direct the lives of the average citizen, dictate these citizen’s relationships with each other and their resources, while refusing to address or acknowledge any of the fundamentally flawed research or the consequences of their policies, technologies and worldviews. It is from the realization about the capacity of entrusted public servants to enforce policy, which profoundly effects the average citizen, that I focus on that demographic in my blog posts. Politicians and higher level public trust agents are far too corruptible to act responsibly in my opinion but most serving in the institutions of public trust, absent state coercion and social programming, would act responsibly.

I’ve directly witnessed how those in the institutions of public trust, who do have the courage to break from their conditioning and speak their mind, are punished for their actions to speak out (LINK). Conversely, if what they are saying has some value to the overall agenda to centralize control in some capacity, they are rewarded (LINK). Maintain the façade which governs our lives and you’ll be successful. You’ll move up in social status and be bestowed with monetary incentives and rank. Do otherwise and you’ll be marginalized, penalized, or outright removed. It’s become the case that public servants of conscience have nowhere to turn in the end, as any semblance of ‘whistleblower protections’ from within the system are simply a façade; as the tradition “human resource” and other departments that preach “responsible government” are themselves victim to perception controls that dictate what action or inactions will best serve the organization and its overall agenda. (CIA AGENT SPEAKS OUT ABOUT GEOENGIONEERING )

Bread & Circuses and the Trickle Down Psychopath

“Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” – Donald Trump “Grab Them By the Pussy” Song

“When society rots, it rots from the top down.”

So many examples to draw from that demonstrate the insane mindset among the average citizen these days. When it is the case that average citizens talk about the things they read in the newspaper or see on TV, it is seldom the case that they question the validity or entertain outside perspectives. It seems to be the reality for most who are on the path of discovery that there are few places to turn for decent conversation; conversation where there isn’t some toxic overriding perception controlling otherwise open discourse and rational thinking. This has become the norm in society and nowhere is it operating more insidiously than in the institutions of public trust. I’ve written to this in many of my previous blogs (essentially the primary focus of my site). Unfortunately I have yet to see anything change. Two current examples from the field of resource management and war propaganda have my attention.

The Trickle Down Psychopathic ‘Killing/ Conservation’ Mindset


I recently read an article in the Lewiston Tribune where the author, Eric Barker, like Rocky Barker (related?), was writing about African hunting and it’s contribution to African wildlife conservation. This article was similar to the Rocky Barker article about Cecil the Lion, which I had analyzed in a previous blog post (Wildlife Management and Agenda 21 ). In this latest article, “In Africa, Conservation and Hunting Go Hand In Hand”, Eric Barker interviews an IDFG officer about the time he spent hunting and tagging along with game wardens in ….., Africa. While much of the views shared by the IDFG game officer in this article might come from a place of good intension and, in some ways, properly spells out a harsh reality about the conditions people and wildlife face in Africa; I would argue that these views come from a place of limited perception that is concerning. This perspective about Africa and wildlife conservation leaves out some very fundamental issues that contribute to a toxic ideology that would lead him and others, like Rocky & Eric Barker, to manifest a dangerous world view.

In the opening line of this article the article states; “(Officer’s name) was uneasy as he witnessed game scouts use wire to lash a poacher to a chair and then beat the man for information.” Later in the article the officer goes on to say he “was grateful that we have a Bill of Rights in this country” and referred to what he witnessed as “frontier justice”. I find this officer’s inaction in that situation and his lack of true condemnation about what took place to be extremely concerning. This mindset is a fine example of what I call “trickle down psychopathy”. A true public servant would recognize that the act this officer witnessed and failed to fully condemn was an international crime in most countries… though, oddly enough given his statement concerning the US Bill of Rights protections, perhaps not in the US as I understand they did not sign the universal human rights declaration of 1948; or, if we did, we’ve since modified it through the NDAA so as not to apply to “stateless enemy combatants” or loosely defined “terrorist suspects”. (International Human Rights Law) Even if it were the case that US and African public trust agents were somehow exempt from international human rights laws , a true public servant would not recommend we contribute our time and money to any organization or institution that is in CLEAR VIOLATION of these basic human rights. The fact that the reporter, Eric Barker, does not address this truth and that nobody has publicly presented this concern suggests to me that we have a very significant flaw in our collective consciousness. It is concerning that we can’t see it is wrong to allow extra-judicial beatings to be committed by institutions regardless of their nationality (isn’t that what they tell us “spreading democracy” is all about?). If this mindset is left unchecked, this will most definitely become the norm here in America as our “Bill of Rights” protections will become more and more limited; even more than it already has under the NDAA!  As it stands now, a case can be made that the Bill of Rights protections in this nation are being circumvented left right and center. You can see this when you look to the evidence; such as in the handling of the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, the treatment of the Hammonds prior to this occupation (LINK) and the subsequent over reactionary assault and killing of Lavoy Finnicum. (This situation and on-going court case is one of those issues that public trust agencies have been conditioned NOT to talk about!) (MALHEUR OCCUPATION)

As you see the “State vs. Federal” control of the land dialectic (LINK) play out and the lands start to become more and more off-limits by way of private investments or government protections, prepare to see similar abuses to the land and locals, similar to that in Africa; as the international trade in “off-limit” resources becomes more valuable per unit and the local communities become marginalized and displaced. (Probably will not be as evident here as in Africa or in 1800’s & 1900’s America, as we’ve gone down this road to a large degree already with the subjugation of the American Indians; as well as for the fact that few, aside from a few hunting and tourism services guides, is proximally subsisting off these lands and resources. I would suggest we’ve already essentially been ‘reduced to possession’).

In this same article the IDFG Conservation Officer states having an interest in African history. If this officer were a true history buff he would know that both African and American histories are rife with examples of how this same mindset was able to pervade the ranks of soldiers and local law enforcement in order to advance local displacement and subjugation agendas (Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny (LINK); Non-Communist Manifesto (LINK); Just War Theory (LINK); Non-Communist Manifesto (LINK); Belfour Declaration (LINK); etc). Speaking of African history, I am curious about just how many of these kinds of exceptionalism ideologies where created or supported by Rhodes Scholars (LINK)? A HUGE study in African history and modern day imperialism, which persists even greater now on the world stage, can be gained in the study of Cecil Rhodes!) A complicit protection class is what allows for the suffrages inflicted upon populations; suffrages that would never have been possible otherwise. It was a complicit protection class that has cleared the way for the displacement of indigenous people in these hunting preserves in the name of resource exploitation AND in the name of resource protection (actually exploitation of the conditions first made to manifest through resource exploitation. This is the process I call the “Roosevelt Switcheroo” (LINK)).

I would encourage the officer in the Lewiston Tribune article to read the book “Conservation Refugees” by Mark Dowie. In this book he will find evidence of how the indigenous people, whose ability to defend against a global investment in their eradication, were undermined by those serving in the public’s trust, like the game managers he witnessed tie up and beat a man, who, at one time, might have been able to resist the imposition on their way of life rather than serve in the exploitation of a resource for the enjoyment of international sportsmen; all for the sake of a few scraps of meat. (I’m sorry but this isn’t “living”, this is servitude!) Extrapolate that situation and consider how this mindset is not being challenged by ANYONE in the public trust agencies and you might consider that there is a push for displacement and marginalization of indigenous peoples (both modern and traditional)here in America every bit as much as it is in Africa. The subjugation process is alive and well to this day and it doesn’t care what your nationality is.

The Trickle Down Psychopathic Military Mindset


Having listened to Jocko Willink’s podcast with Sam Harris and understanding that he would have the same access to all the information I have, I wonder if it would ever be in his interest to be interviewed by someone like James Corbett or Sibel Edmonds or Jay Dyer or Patrick Hennessey or converse with Ken Okeefe? Much like Joe Rogan and others in the ‘alternative’ media, Sam Harris seems to be another mouthpiece among the cadre of “New Age” personalities that I would consider to be functioning as gatekeepers to an awakening humanity.

  • Sam Harris’ Wikipedia page: “Harris is considered a member of the “Four Horsemen of New Atheism,” alongside Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and the late Christopher Hitchens.” (Like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse?)

Rather than speaking with mainstream alternative mouthpieces and pseudo intellectuals that stay within the confines of a well-managed “pacifist” vs. “realist” dialectic (Hegelian Dialectic, which, in this case would be the “Just War Theory” ) these investigative journalists I mentioned, challenge the level of thinking that Jocko speaks to in that interview with Sam Harris and make a very strong case for there being another level to this paradigm. Rather than following the official school book narratives, the researchers I mentioned above, are taking into consideration many other revelatory sources of information; such as extensive literary works like Tragedy and Hope by Carrol Quigley  , The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinskii, and others. They also take the time to consider the revelations about social engineering through what we know about CIA operations such as Operation Gladio and Operation Ajax; the convoluted US relationship which lead to the rise of Sadam and our backing of their war against Iran; along with so many other relevant histories that challenge the promoted narratives. These revelations identify the limitations of the politically naïve concept of “blowback” (the concept that Jocko,and the pseudo-intellectuals he speaks with, promote as the “opposing viewpoint” to genuine war hawks). The work of these little known researchers, demonstrate that there are certain internationally sponsored elements within national and global institutions working to destabilize regions. They appear to be doing this by using all means at their disposal; such as false flag terrorism, resource control and exploitation, controlling a country’s means of production and employing various forms of propaganda and culture creation as well as their fracturing and disenfranchisement (NGO INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX). They make a strong case for there being an underlying agenda, an agenda that may well be much more ambitious than most people realize and absolutely dependent upon guys like Jocko, who have a significant platform to speak from, not questioning the “official narratives”; even though the same kinds of operations can be seen quite clearly in the US every time you turn on your TELL-LIE-VISION and recognize that it is absolutely rife with bullshit (clearly weaponized media).
I think if he were to speak directly with some of these probing reporters and analyze their research we might all come away with a different perspective. We might get closer to the realization that the darkest of the “bad guys” might not be the ones we are facing on the battlefield but, rather, the ones who sign our military paychecks and secure a steady stream of funding for those we are fighting against by fleecing the well-conditioned masses; all the while using some of these funds and black budgets to covertly create the conditions for “low intensity conflicts in high per-diem areas”.
My concern, which in the interview Jocko seem to recognize when he talks about how “the average Iraqi citizen is just trying to live their lives” while the news media portrays the situation in Iraq as otherwise, is that despite what this implies about the state of our mainstream media, he is not investigating the information that challenges these narratives. (Why would an independent media engage in this type of spin? The answer should be obvious). Since Jocko seems to have a popular platform to share his thoughts and perspectives, I am concerned that his avoidance or otherwise diminishing of the information that demonstrates high level collusion by our politicians and military strategists, which leaves his readers and listeners ignorant and mentally unprepared to act appropriately to the “strategy of tensions” (STRATEGY OF TENSION) being foisted on them here at home; through manufactured crisis creation and destabilizing social programming mechanisms. (The same kinds of mechanisms used to create crisis in other countries like Chechnya, the Ukraine, Syria, Bosnia and so many others). Newsbud- Media Lies:
A few fundamental issues being ignored that need to be reconciled for you and others to maintain your positions:
1) Congressional Inquiries concerning the War Powers Act-
2) General Wesley Clark and the “7 Wars Plan” speech:
3) The numerous inconsistencies with the “official version” of 9/11: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth- Firefighters For 9/11 Truth- Christopher Bollyn- Incontrovertible –
4) The Pat Tillman Issue:
5) The whole issue with the exponential rise in private security companies like Blackwater, and their convoluted missions we keep hearing about. What do you make of the death of Scotty Halvenston along with 3 other Blackwater employees? (This incident can be seen in a whole new light if you consider other revelations from Pat Tillman’s death by friendly fire and how that was misrepresented in the media and used as a propaganda tool).
“The deal ends the families’ hopes that a public trial would expose the events that led to Iraqi insurgents killing the four contractors in 2004 and hanging two of their corpses, said Jason Helvenston of Orlando, Fla., brother of slain Blackwater guard Stephen “Scott” Helvenston.
Images from the scene flashed around the world and triggered a massive U.S. military attack on Fallujah that featured street-by-street fighting.
“The lawsuit coming to an end is no surprise to me whatsoever. It was clear that this was going to be a cover-up from the beginning,” Helvenston said Friday. “You just feel the injustice of this long enough, and see that these people are just so evil, all you can do is pray to God that he’ll take care of it because that’s all you’ve got left.”
(Understand that these links are just the tip of a very large iceberg. If you want another challenge, I suggest you challenge your mind to reconcile the issues I presented above. I have come from a similar perspective as the one you now share with the war propaganda machine and I can’t reconcile the information above with the perspectives I once had.)
Jocko is a very likable person with a lot of useful views and lessons learned from his experiences but it concerns me, in his position as an advocate for the war perspectives he shares, that there are so many fundamental issues left unconsidered. I understand that being part of a team and doing your mission is the primary focus in times of war and believing in what you are doing and have done is a big part of it. I can understand the amount of courage it takes to get through the crisis situations you face on the battlefield and I understand that there are many genuine “bad guys” operating on the ground in these war theaters. It may well be, however, that the missions we are engaged in are being compromised at a much higher pay-grade. I don’t think Jocko is the type of person that would want to participate in or send his guys on a mission to fight and perhaps be killed if he understood how it was serving a malevolent cause. The information shared above is compelling in its support of there being a malevolent faction within the US leadership that our military personnel serve. These are very concerning issues which don’t go away just because we ignore them. (Doesn’t the controlled demolition theory of the collapse of building 7 make a lot more sense than the official version? If this is the case would that issue not throw the whole fucking case for what we understand about ‘terrorism’ and ‘ISIS’ into question?)
If you pay attention you can see that other, less celebrated acts of courage and extremely insightful commentary have been on the rise. This is what you will see when you look to those who don’t have a large political propaganda machine behind them and a well-funded platform to speak and act from but, rather, step up to the challenge against all odds and discouragement because they have a conscience that compels them to act; not because it will bring them fame, fortune and friends but because it is absolutely the right thing to do. (Kevin Annette,Ken O’Keefe,

What the two examples I presented above demonstrate is that it’s all connected. Pull one string and you see the whole goddamn thing wiggle! What is happening in Syria by way of subversion (if you look to the history of the conflict and the past international investments in the control of water resources (LINK), is very much related to the Agenda 21 initiatives in Africa, America and worldwide; which is connected to geoengineering (LINK) , which is connected to the 9/11 false flag and the Malheur Occupation. How many degrees of separation? That would be zero! If you consider that the Washington Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank, the CIA and the Pentagon would be heavily involved in developing the goals and objective in the Middle East (PNAC) and promoting the “7 Wars Plan” (LINK) and how individuals within that organization, like Teddy Roosevelt IV (LINK), who is heavily invested in environmental philanthropy and probably aware of the inner workings of 9/11 and how characters involved in that cover-up were involved in other incidents… such as being the special agent in charge at Malheur (MOD IND LINK). There’s a huge network playing behind the scenes that is international, well-funded and well-schooled in the art of deception. This network and all its participants have managed to weaponize everything, from mainstream media and much of the alternative media; energy development and exploitation; healthcare, the environmental movement and even education and have successfully made impotent all the major human rights initiatives through coercive philanthropic activities and in so many other ways.


Until a significant number within the ranks of the protection class and public trust agencies (police, soldiers, public trust managers) are willing to break the mold and recognize the insane nature of the system they are protecting and imposing (abroad and here at home), there will continue to be imbalanced, contention and reactionary outbursts in the communities; either genuine or by implementation through the CIA “strategy of tension” (LINK). (I suppose this will be the case at least until the capacity to defend ourselves and our humanity is finally laid to rest and we are completely subject to the dictates of the vampiric, technocratic global social order (LINK). I encourage public trust managers to deal responsibly with these obvious manufactured conditions and help elevate and restore the balance within themselves and the communities in which they serve. Do this and the violence we are seeing become a way of life will eventually cease to be a major issue, regardless of our level of armament (or lack of) under our 2nd amendment rights. (And, by all means, despite what your public trust managers tell you, resist the urge to pay known state sponsored criminals to help you kill an animal in Africa! These ‘game wardens’ who patrol game preserves and facilitate your hunt are knowingly and willfully supporting and benefiting from the direct assault on human rights and, ultimately, allowing for genocide through their ignorance. This is particularly important to address when you recognize how that ideology is becoming a way of life here ).

Other Related Articles and Efforts of Interest:
1) Off Guardian article: “Why are These Oligarchs so Concerned about African Corruption?”

2) Ken O’Keefe’s latest blog on the World Citizen Initiative: (This initiative shows some promise for providing support to those wanting to withdraw their support (taxes) that are contributing to the human rights abuses and war crimes of their respective states (nations). Much of this post is dealing with the subversion Ken has received but also a legal opinion and commentary on how we might go about making a unified conscious effort to withdraw from this increasing madness.)

3) An interesting connection to ponder: …. Who presides over the “Blue Ribbon Panel” of which most state Fish and Game Directors, including Idaho’s director, area part of, is also a lawyer with the firm Crowell & Moring whose clients extend well into the deep state/ military industrial complex. When the “Blue ribbon Panel” approaches congress for more funding to support “conservation” should we be concerned that this is not what it is promoted to be, but actually in alignment with the globalist Agenda 21 and deep state initiatives? (Much evidence among the things “we don’t talk about” to support such a suspicion!)
Crowell & Moring’s Government Contracts Practice is one of the largest in the U.S.[11] and has experience with government agreements and subcontracts (domestic or international) including the bidding and award process; ethics and compliance issues, including suspension and debarment; cost accounting rules and defective pricing; claims; audits and investigations; data rights; cybersecurity and privacy; export controls; security clearances; small business issues; domestic preference requirements; and due diligence and transactional assistance relating to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.
Representative matters include a bid protest on behalf of Health Net of the award of a $16 billion Department of Defense (DOD) managed health care contract;[12] securing dismissal of allegations on summary judgment of a False Claims Act case seeking single damages of $1 billion against ACADEMI (formerly Blackwater/Xe Services) under a Department of State security contract in Iraq and Afghanistan; and securing a judgment of over $100 million for SUFI in a breach of contract case against the Air Force’s Non-Appropriated Fund Purchasing Office.[13]
Crowell & Moring represented Blackwater Worldwide in the investigation after a series of deadly shootouts in the Iraqi capital left several Iraqi security agents and civilians dead in May 2007.[14] According to the Legal Times, two other large defense contractors, Erinys Iraq and Kuwait & Gulf Link Transport Co., are among the firm’s clients. Crowell also routinely counsels companies bidding for government contracts and in oversight investigations that sometimes result from those contracts.[15] References[edit]


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