Malheur Occupation Part 2- Convert or Fight?


“We all started out as something else (before we became Necromongers)”- Chronical of Riddick

In the rhetoric validating the actions taken to solve the “Indian Problem”, such as in the case of Sitting Bull and his Ghost Dance, the government referred to the Indians as “Pagans”. This is significant because it brings to light the deep roots of the distorted reasoning that sanctioned state sponsored genocide, a reasoning which goes all the way back to the Holy Roman Empire and the Crusades. It was the subjugated European indigenous people that comprise the ancestors of the European invaders in America and it was their victim-perpetrator pact that was made between those people and the invading Romans from the south that built the foundation that makes us complicit. It is a distortion that persists to this day… from the Crusades to the Doctrine of Discovery and on into Manifest Destiny. This victim perpetrator pact lives on now through all of us, including the American Indian. This is relevant because it should be considered when we talk about the finer details of a potential land and resource transfer back to the Paiute tribe.

If one were to investigate, they would find that the Paiute Tribe is the largest recipient of federal conservation subsidies in the region. While to some this might be considered a good thing (for the environment and the tribe), I would suggest it is another parlor trick which further diminishes the rights and responsibilities of the local people and effectively reinforces the ‘victim-perpetrator’ bond with the tribe; a bond between the perpetrators of genocide (the government) and the victims of genocide (the tribe) When you understand the information in the previous section and the religious faith in the Government expressed by most people, you can see how this works.

    Trauma Bonding- “The very helplessness and terror that are instilled by the abuse, cause the child (or later, the adult) to reach out to the only available hand for relief: the perpetrator. And the perpetrator WILL rescue and stop the abuse, or take the child out of the confines of their pain, but for a price: their unrelenting loyalty and obedience. This is the traumatic underpinning of all cult programming that I have seen: a combination of abuse and kindness; terror and rescue; degradation and praise.”

Considering the deep dark history that nobody wants to talk about concerning the American Indian Holocaust

  • the miner’s canary, the Indian marks the shifts from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere; and our treatment of Indians, even more than our treatment of other minorities, reflects the rise and fall in our democratic faith.”- Felix S. Cohen

…and the subsequent ‘victim-perpetrator’ bonding that has come out of that, and knowing about the connection of the Paiute tribe to federal conservation funding, I suggest that there is a strong potential for coercion in the resolution process (or lack of). One could make a case that the tribal leader’s condemnation of the occupiers and refusal to converse with them may be due to this influence. (“4000 Artifacts Stored At Oregon Refuge…”

I have often wondered if much of the contention between communities living next to tribal reservations has been a result of the Federal influence that has continued to diminish people’s understanding of the American Indian Holocaust. Not understanding the depths of the crimes (as written about above) allows the blame to be misplaced on the people (the decedents of the settlers) and not the puppet masters (who continue to enjoy the same power and influence they’ve always enjoyed). In this paradigm the Federal/Tribal contracts can continue to drive wedges between neighbors, who have been conditioned to think government control of the resources and international sponsorships are the only solutions to all their problems, environmental or otherwise. It seems to be the common perception that Indian rights can only be achieved through their ‘recognition’ by the government which becomes the tribe’s biggest aspiration.

Contrary to what the tribal leaders feel is the right thing to do by not communicating with the occupiers of the Malheur Refuge, I think a conversation is exactly what should happen; between the occupiers, the tribe, the local state and federal employees and the rest of the community. This conversation should be free of any outside influence from reporters, regional forest supervisors, politicians, judges and the other ego-driven administrators. In this conversation, perhaps protections could be ironed out in the form of an indigenous bill of rights that would give the local people and the resources equal representation and due process should anyone try to diminish that right. (Not the whitewashed UN version but a true local assertion of these rights, with all the authority to enforce these rights resting with the people and their common law courts of Justice. Here are a couple such examples of this: “Common Law and It’s Courts a Community Training Manuel” “Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature”:

As I understand from the compelling documentation from “Idahoans Against Agenda 21”, any land conceded back to the tribe would be nothing more than an exchange between government agencies, as Indian land is land held in trust by the government. (

“Although there are multiple other court decisions and laws relating to tribal lands and rights, the essence is that because the federal government has full land and water authority over tribes through trusts, they have developed mechanisms for the tribes to not only recover previously held land but also enforce federal law. This is significant when it comes to both land and water rights. Engaging tribes in environmental regulations, and resource control, gives the government further power to implement Agenda 21.”

If the land were to be “ceded” back to the tribe as the rightful owners then it should come without the strings attached and the monetary incentives that drive policies. While perhaps seeing short term benefits under the federal monetary investments , I would suggest that the overall agenda that eventually supersedes it is not in anyone’s best interest… except the entities that sit at the apex of the pyramid and continue to maintain control over everything (just like the “Friends of the Indians” and all their eugenic ideals).

By accepting and carrying out the will of the government through these kinds of partnerships, we entrust its health and well-being to outside entities that might not have any connection to the land or the local community. (Including those who implement policy at the local level without questioning the roots of the policies they implement). If one were to investigate, they would find that at the top these institutions hold a value system that does not acknowledge the culture and beliefs of a region with no acknowledgment of a spiritual component, while using the religion of science and special interest partnerships to direct actions. (CONSERVATION REFUGEES) Therefore land and resource value for the “state” is the same as it is for the “corporation”, which continues to be tied to its worth to a market and its capacity to create jobs by building bureaucracy. (The same is true of the United Nations through the World Bank and Bank of International Settlements) (
Because of the lack of attachments to a land and people, as described above, when the government takes control of the land and resources, through whatever indigenous proxy is willing to allow it, the only tools they have to “protect” it is to apply more money and technology to the problem, or build a market around it’s preservation. Increasingly this is by partnering with corporate organizations which include resource development companies, marketing firms and NGO’s. Well-meaning and intelligent people fail to realize that by entering into this paradigm they reinforce the disconnection which provides the opportunity for abuse; thereby becoming complicit in the crimes of the state. (A very good example of this is in the case of the Drakes Bay Oyster Company:

In effect because we have all entered into this kind of valuation of our local land and resources, management agencies and their supporting institutions tend to become the Public Relations department for resource development companies and other special interests (; turning their back on significant environmental crimes, such as continues to be the case with hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas, nuclear energy development, large dam projects and even the massive “green energy” projects in conjunction with their co-beneficiaries, the corporations.



Another important form of trickery that should be recognized is the argument between the “State” and “Federal” control over the land. This is another in a long list of dialectic quagmires that tend to diminish people’s understanding about ownership (like the whole “corporate” vs. “government” control issue). Both the State and Federal government, at their roots, share the same private interests so arguing over who gets control of the land and resources, at this level, is pointless. ( To the unaware, this argument represents the dialectic limits of their perceptions (like a choice between two or more rapists). Those in positions of power and control are well aware of this and use it to direct and control every significant conversation and build a false perception that limits and externalizes our capacity to resolve our own issues.

“Today the dialectic is active in every political issue that encourages taking sides. We can see it in environmentalists instigating conflicts against private property owners, in democrats against republicans, in greens against libertarians, in communists against socialists, in neo-cons against traditional conservatives, in community activists against individuals, in pro-choice versus pro-life, in Christians against Muslims, in isolationists versus interventionists, in peace activists against war hawks. No matter what the issue, the invisible dialectic aims to control both the conflict and the resolution of differences, and leads everyone involved into a new cycle of conflicts.”


You can be sure the “powers that be” didn’t get to this point by being stupid. Having subjugated the indigenous people of every continent “they” know how to apply pressure and influence. It takes a great deal of brutality and carefully crafted perception management to get to where we are. If you think we’ve come out of this dark dilemma here in America as a government and as a people you would be sorely mistaken.
If you want to see a modern example of how the US government feels about the American Indian you need look no further than to the plight of the Winnemum Wintu tribe.
When you know the history and the whitewash of high level, institutionalized crimes against humanity you get a sense for how disturbing it is for the government to promote tribal rights to further promote a UN agenda that wishes to set aside land from all human inhabitants. (Not like this hasn’t always been the case when it comes to the high level coercion involved with nation building It always works because nobody ever pays any attention to the “man behind the curtain”). Because the Paiute tribe is recognized by the government it can receive federal funding under the Farm Bill. I don’t think the Winnemum Wintu people would qualify for such funding because they are not officially recognized by the government… which tells you something about who really owns the land AND the people!

So many crimes are being committed on a global scale because people refuse to recognize this concept of ownership and how demonstrably it pervades almost every society on the planet as well as every individual. If we are to have any hope of a free and Just society we have to recognize our power as a people and learn how the land and the people are being subjugated by those with the power to build our perceptions and drain our energy. It might not even be necessary to completely learn “how” this works because the system has been made to be so complex that it’s nearly impossible to understand (a purposeful condition). With the court system operating off of “legalese”, a political system operating off “doublespeak” and fraud, an extremely complex banking and scientific community that operates off of statistical modeling, the system continues to be virtually useless for the common man. The devil really is in the details because the scoundrels at the top make it that way so that you focus in and can’t see the forest from the trees and therefore don’t have the necessary tools to make good decisions. Therefore, I think what really needs to happen is that we need to learn to say “NO! I don’t understand what you are asking of me so fuck off! This NEPA report and these land use policies are too complex and don’t reflect our values.” In reality all you really should have to know is the laws of the universe and the principle of Care. Anything beyond this is for the benefit of a would be controller; be it a Monarchy or a Government of any flavor.


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