Transcending the “Cult of Personality”


“A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized, heroic, and at times, worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. Sociologist Max Weber developed a tripartite classification of authority; the cult of personality holds parallels with what Weber defined as “is similar to divinization, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda usually by the state, especially in totalitarian states.” – Wikipedia
We’ve all, at times, been told “get over yourself”! Some of us listened to this advice some haven’t… some tried. I’ve certainly been told and tried; failed, tried again, been told again… numerous times! I’ve gone through my whole life not really understanding just how much I have needed to take this advice. Even though I feel I have achieved some success at it, I am still just a babe on this quest.
More than ever I think this nation and this world could stand to take this advice. How many ways in society do we pattern our lives based on a perception of ourselves? More significantly, how many ways do we pattern our lives based on the perception that has been generated for us?

In my last blog post, “Public Distrust” I identified many of the ways our perceptions about ourselves and each other are being influenced through the top down structures and social programming mechanisms that exist in the institutions of public trust and Corporate America; most obviously and significantly by our complicit corporate media. (Others have gone to great lengths to describe the corporate media methods of programming in society and I would encourage everyone to navigate the links provided at the end of this for more on that.

While the “cult of personality” condition exists all throughout society, in this blog post I want to reference its application to our military personnel. My goal, through this, is to help achieve an understanding about how this condition is contributing to the manifestation of a subservient, low vibrational society built and maintained by a protection class that isn’t being given the proper awareness to make informed decisions. I would suggest, instead, that this is a protection class that is subservient to a ruling class that is becoming more centralized and emboldened because of their capacity to influence perceptions and use this protection class to achieve their objectives. (This would be the military and the industrial complex that serves them (or vice-versa) and the increasingly militarized police force).


Military Cult of Personality:
For this section, I would like to bring the reader’s attention to the SOFREP website and a podcast on SOFREP Radio ; particularly referencing the second half of the broadcast where the host interviews Jocko Willink and talks to him about his service and his book “Extreme Ownership”.
I actually served in the Navy, at SEAL Team One as a “one platoon wonder” (actually with Jocko Willink, which I believe was his second platoon assignment). Because of this, I feel I need to tread very cautiously in making my point because I have the utmost respect for the people I served with and the SEAL community as a whole. My time in the service was never during war time, at least from where I was sitting, so I can’t speak from a “boots on the ground” perspective. I use to think myself less because of this. Through the benefit of hindsight and a greater understanding about the guiding forces in society, I am thankful for not having participated more directly and I am more secure in my ‘civilian puke’ status. I am thankful that I didn’t find a “low intensity conflict in a high per-diem area”… which seems to be no problem for our military personnel nowadays. (Not to discredit anyone’s service or sacrifice, just trying to bring attention to the extent we are embroiled in conflict around the globe and encouraging our military personnel to ask themselves “to what end?”).
While at SEAL Team One I also served with Scotty Halveston; who would probably be most know from his exploits on the show “Combat Mission” his workout videos “Total Body (Scotty) Work-out” and the time he raced a Chimpanzee through an obstacle course on “Man vs. Beast” (He gave that monkey quite a spankin’ in that race! What Scotty is probably most known for is his death in Fallujah as an employee of Blackwater; where his charred body was dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge . A very tragic event and one that his family has had a difficult time trying to understand . (I think it is important to recognize that this footage used by the mainstream media to build popular support in the Iraqi war effort… much like was done with the exposed media manipulation of the downing of the Saddam Statue ). (It would be appreciated if somebody with a “boots on the ground” perspective, like Jocko or others with that kind of perspective could speak to some of this; perhaps confirm it or describe how this information is misleading ).

As one of many concerned citizens, I think it responsible to address this disparity between the perceptions of the active and retired military and the unwashed masses and tackle this conditioning toward the ‘cult of personality’ that is effecting these perceptions. I can’t do a better job speaking to this concept and how this has come to be then what you will see in the following article; “Video Games, Predictive Programming, and the 21st Century Skinner Box” by Rusticus from the “Stateless Homesteader” website:

Ultimately, this conditioning is driving us to think and act in ways that are consistent with the narratives being created by those we give our admiration to; or, rather, the narratives being created by all manner of media that build upon the personality of those we give our admiration to. Regardless of what actions these soldiers are involved in, the simple fact that we’ve developed this perception about them predetermines our perception in our mind’s eye. (Certainly works both ways in this very well crafted dialectic process; intellectually known as the Just War Theory (Just War which is another ). I would suggest that this ‘cult of personality’ process works on all of us to some degree. I catch myself giving an undue amount of admiration sometimes when in the presence of folks I admire or, worse yet, in the presence of those that I feel like I am supposed to admire (PUKE!) Sometimes I’ll even go into reverse mode and act like a dick or disinterested to deal with the influx of emotion spawned out of this mental conditioning. (“Yeah, that’s Camron Diaz sitting over there next to us… no big deal; I’m just going to pretend she’s not there… I’ll bet she’s excited to be sitting next to an ex-SEAL!”)
If you listen to the SOFREP podcast linked at the top you can hear, in the voice of the guest, Robert Clay, how much he admires Jocko and his service; to the point of elation at the opportunity to be in his presence. I don’t mean to bust his balls, or to discredit either of their sacrifices and service, but this form of admiration taken to the extreme, can be unhealthy. It puts us in a place where we can’t think and speak objectively on any given subject. For an investigative reporter with access to insider perspectives, this kind of admiration is incredibly limiting to critical thinking. This is how challenging questions don’t get asked and enlightening perspectives left out of the resulting transcripts.

All in all, this concept of the “cult of personality” is a conundrum that is thwarting awareness and limiting our conversations. Those that eat this shit up learn to use the ‘cult of personality’ to their advantage and I suspect this remains fairly persistent amongst the men and women of our armed forces. They use this perception to justify in their own minds and in the minds of those they can influence, their actions and perspectives based on their points of view. From this level of awareness it’s easy to discredit information through ‘ad-homonym’ attacks and other arguments that use logical fallacies to leverage their positions; which ultimately draws the conversation from the critical thinking process and into the ego.

If we can learn to overcome this cult of personality conditioning and step outside our fears and egos, we can have the important conversations about where we are and where we are headed as a society. We can overcome our cultural, economic and largely programmed differences and group think inspired perspectives and just have a conversation. (Not bullshit, feel good conversation but conversation that takes ALL the information into account. A conversation that recognizes the numerous attachments to people’s perceptions rather than ignores them; as do most the efforts claiming to be working toward “peace and prosperity” or otherwise directing actions on the ground based on limited perspectives).


What is the mission?
“Leadership is infinitely more about brains than it is about brawn. The brawn stuff is from the movies and it doesn’t work in reality.” <em? – Jocko Willink

This is the part that gets into the primary purpose of this blog post. Indeed! What is the mission?
I will be ordering Jocko’s book and I think there will be a lot of good perspectives and stories in it. While I haven’t yet read the book, from what I’ve seen so far and heard in the above interview, I would suspect there are some enlightening perspectives that the authors and the rest of us could benefit from, that probably aren’t being considered. (More on this in the last section on “Measures of Success”)

In my time spent in the capacity of a “public trust manager”, since my short military carrier, I have observed the conditioning in the public trust organizations. I’ve witnessed and internally shared the perceptions being built through various leadership trainings and implementation companies and through the Public Relations departments within these organizations. (Reference my previous blogpost (PUBLIC DISTRUST) to learn more about this). It is amazing to see how much ambiguity and misperception there is concerning the historic and contemporary information being used to drive policy decisions and build perceptions.

In the military, this lack of awareness is extremely concerning for anyone who is consciously aware of the situation, given the implications for humanity as a whole. Here are some links and commentary I would like the reader, military or otherwise, to consider when thinking about the overall goals and objectives being promoted by the political establishment and the military on numerous fronts.

Congressional Inquiries concerning the War Powers Act-
How does this go unnoticed? Does anyone in the military stop to consider that they are working for an international organization based on a treaty with NATO and not for the American Public who, through the fruits of their labor, pay for their services? How ‘un-American’ can you get and how much more blatant can it be?

General Wesley Clark and the “7 Wars in 5 years Plan”-
Everything that is being done, militarily, should have to be justifiable to the American public not just to the twisted ideologies of the characters in Washington. When you see the ex-commander of NATO operations in Kosovo, sharing with the American Public his knowledge of documents for a secret war plan that calls for seven wars in the next five years, how is this not being questioned and resisted by our military commanders and their subordinates? Why is nobody calling for an internal investigation and seeking impeachments or high level indictments? Even if the guy is full of shit, he certainly is not being called on it. This is a well-respected military leader; though not respected by anyone who understands the deeper ideologies of these Rhodes Scholars, but respected by the Washington establishment. How would a military expect support from its citizens who are aware that the military interventions in other nations are being rationalized under such secret auspices?

Operation Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia-

Pat Tillman-
“By weaving a film mixed with conspiracy, emotion and heroic efforts, “The Tillman Story” leaves audiences surprisingly empowered. Amir Bar-Lev’s documentary attempts to have us looking beyond this single incident to a world much more complex, where heroes battle bravely to defend their country abroad while also critically analyzing leaders at home. “The Tillman Story” is not just about a government cover up. It’s also about honoring a soldier who was, perhaps, more heroic than his false image. The film also honors Pat Tillman’s mom, who refused to let her son be distorted in anyway and personally sought the truth that led to a full scale investigation by both the military and Congress. Amir Bar-Lev’s documentary is proof that patriotism is not a clearly defined practice.” – See more at:


So much has come out about the 9/11 attacks that put the official version of events and the actual orchestrators of those events into question. To explain away these inconsistencies takes a mental leap of epic proportions. When the SOFREP sight rights off these well researched and well-reasoned revelations as “conspiracy theory nonsense” and addresses the subject through ad-homonym attacks, you have to wonder… what’s the mission? More subversion?

“When False Flags Don’t Fly”- James Corbett

Raul Labrador “People Fear their Government”-

“Framing of an Oyster Farm”:
Baker’s Green Acre Farms:
I provide these links to challenge the idea that our military men and woman are ‘fighting for our freedoms’ here in the “Homeland” (Motherland). Our freedoms are under attack in a big way, with these examples being just the tip of the iceberg. The costly and convoluted missions abroad loose their credibility when, in every other facet, the politicians who sell us on these wars are acting in ways that are in blatant violation of the constitution. (Some of them, like ex-speaker of the house, Eric Hastert, are even getting away with raping children! all while everyone working in the public trust simply looks on…)

Given the few links above that clearly show the potential for collusion and alternative agendas, I ask again… what is the mission? I read a lot of perspectives coming from the military and intelligence community, ex-Special Operations… (even perspectives from ex-SEAL dudes! WTF??).

What I don’t see in the military community is a broad enlightening conversation that considers the actual information. I see in the interview with Robert Clay, before Jocko’s interview on SOFREP, where they make reference to the “nonsense conspiracy theories” about 9/11 and Sandy Hook along with the nonsense espoused by Alex Jones (who I would consider contributory to some level of ‘gatekeeping’ but far less off base than they portend). Nobody on this military sight is speaking to the glaring inconsistencies being brought to light in the alternative media; particularly that which is being revealed through researchers like James Corbett of the Corbett Report and Sybil Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post or the incredibly well researched perspectives about 9/11 by Christopher Bollyn and the review of Sandy Hook by Sophia Smallstorm . In the same breath the SOFREP radio host and guest take to condemn the mainstream media for their obfuscation of the truth, they condemn and diminish the incredible amount of research of others who are suggesting the same about mainstream media while doing some incredible investigative work to get closer to the truth based on logical reasoning and research. Instead of having a conversation about the information, the SOFREP sight chooses to conglomerate all other researchers under the broad canvas of “conspiracy nonsense”. I suppose this is based on the fact that it’s not coming from currently serving and inactive members of the military or other similar disqualifiers? (This is the kind of logical fallacy nonsense that can persist when you operate under a cult of personality).

Please, explain to me and the American public why we should be supportive of our military actions in so many other countries if we are not given the full story concerning the above stated “7 Wars Plan” by Wesley Clark? A very ambitious  plan that parallels very well with the “Greater Israeli Project” and ideologies espoused by perpetual insider Zbignew Brzenski; (ideas laid out so well and prophetically described in his book “The Grand Chessboard” )? It is disturbing that the military community, in these seeming to be ‘alternative’ sights or otherwise, is not more forthcoming with these conversations and “insider information”. It brings into question complicity in the process of propaganda.

What is the overall mission if the entire concept of a free people is being challenged and the media that most people rely on can universally, as spoken about on the SOFREP and many other sights, be considered propaganda? What are any of us fighting for if not the very fundamental, basic concept of freedom and sovereignty of the individual and all the rights laid out in the Bill of Rights or inherent in the common law rights of every individual on the planet? Why are our military men and women comfortable with this? War on Terrorism be damned!!… especially that which is being orchestrated to serve a globalist agenda, as I strongly suggest it is. What good is leading a successful mission when the entire construct served by that mission does not serve the individual and their basic common law rights, including the common law rights of those citizens who are considered collateral damage in the nations we are fighting in? Regardless of your success, by any manner in which you measure it, if the natural laws aren’t adhered to and assured then fuck it. Might as well just go for the jugular and turn all the tools of the state against its citizens now and spare us the bullshit of pretending it’s “all about us” and our freedom. (For me this “victim perpetrator” bonding is one of the more disturbing aspects) )


Leading from the heart:
“Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion”. – David Icke
As Jocko said, success is more about “brains then brawn”. Before this, I would say “success”, in the truest sense, is about the heart. (DAVID ICKE ) (HEART MATH ) Before we ever step foot on the metaphorical or actual battle field, if we aren’t guided by wisdom and right thinking we are pawns in a metaphysical process for a machine that is designed to make us subservient, draw our energy and eventually destroy us. Because we’ve been conditioned to think in terms of absolutes and trained in materialistic dogmas, we have no concept of this.

My time in public service, following the military and fire service, has been in a low level position in natural resources management. Most of what I delve into in conversations like this is with regard to natural resource management; which these concepts absolutely apply. Because of this lack of intuitive understanding, I would suggest the whole resource and environmental community is operating within a system that will ultimately fail to benefit the natural world, let alone humanity, because we are not operating from the heart but, instead, from an entirely materialistic and unscientific understanding of the world.
Every endeavor within the system we operate from is energetically imbalanced and guided by patriarchal manmade constructs (economic, religious, institutional, etc.…). It continues to be a very energetically masculine system that heavily promotes a materialistic, left brain world view. This is what the social and scientific Darwinist concepts are based upon; which, if you do the research, would lead you to recognize how the “survival of the fittest” concept, while not necessarily inaccurate, serves a greater purpose that is anathema to an enlightened society By in large it’s a globalist inspired con job that works throughout society to coerce us into giving an unhealthy amount of energy to our egos and material status and not our care and compassion.

Coming out of the Navy I always thought what I learned there would be a great way to structure a society. Within the SEAL Teams, I would say we operated, as a community, from the heart; which is why it is always so devastating when someone in the team falls. It is unique in the way the SEAL teams operate where they consider no loss to be acceptable, unlike other military units whose leaders factor in acceptable losses. I would often think that if the concepts I learned in the Navy about how to truly work and care for one another, each doing their part as a unique and integral part of a team, were expanded to the whole human family the world would be a much better place. I am certainly not suggesting we seek a military junta in this country and I would recommend, if applied on a broad scale, that the manner in which we associate be toned down a bit; (maybe not use duck-tape and “pink bellies” to bring everyone in line and perhaps concentrate a little less on the ol’ “lickins and dickins). That being said, I think if I was to care about my fellow man as much as I cared about my SEAL Team brothers, my relationships would probably be more enriching and meaningful. When you get out, you realize nowhere else does it work like that. When we are in, we recognize the disparity with the outside world and we build a perception about that. Perhaps some of us let it become a form of exceptionalism (contributory to the ideas that are already being reinforced in society about our military… especially our celebrated SEAL Teams).

From countless hours spent in philosophical contemplation and research, I actually think we can build a society that utilizes some of these concepts, reduces the conflicts and circumvents the eugenic ideals that identify this current construct and those who control it. I’ve come across a number of inspiring individuals and efforts in my research that are working to do change the construct. The links below (SOLUTIONS) are a few such efforts that I find most inspiring. (These individuals and organizations appear to be honest about our current situation and don’t try to centralize or control the process like you see in the various “AstroTurf” groups; which continue to persist due to their incredibly wealthy funding sources. Globalists like George Soros and his ‘Open Society Network’ are very instrumental in managing the opposition to the globalist agenda. These people fund the organizations that plague the internet social media sights and blogosphere to deceive the unwashed masses and provide them with their opinions on world events.

Measures of Success…
“Be the anomaly, the aberration, the glitch, the inconvenient, the divergent, the string of junk code, the stubborn apple that falls nowhere near the tree or the forest, be the fool, the bonehead, the idiot in the room, let them shake their groupthink heads at you, let them be ashamed of you, embarrassed of you, pissed off at you, they will call you names and you must let them, let them jeer, let them point, let them laugh, be resistant to their mockery, be the fodder for their jokes, be a magnificent failure in their eyes, a tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, go ahead be the scar tissue of their world view, their normality, they will loathe you, they will fear you,… they’ll wish they were you!” – ?

All in all, I very much appreciate the 12 concepts of leadership laid out in the above article about Jocko Willink and Leif Babin’s book “Extreme Ownership How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win,”. I very much like the ideas they promote and have every confidence in their approach within the system. My disagreement with the method is not the method itself but the actual “system”. This seems to be consistent with all of these leadership methods that promote success and teach leadership skills in the workplace. My biggest contention is in the blind devotion to policy directives to the institutions they serve. This is particularly significant when you are speaking about the institutions of public trust, because the role of leadership ultimately lies with the citizens; who are largely programmed to be ignorant about their power and responsibility. (I have this nagging idea that the only business the institutions of public trust should be in is the business of putting themselves out of business. If diplomats and politicians truly served the people and patterned their efforts to match their rhetoric, the world would be a much safer and well managed place and there would be much less need of their services… and there’s the rub). If people were to take their power and responsibility to heart, we wouldn’t have this gargantuan bureaucracy and all the industrial complexes that come along with it. (We also would not have the massive problem of child trafficking and elite pedophilia plaguing our society… but that’s another troubling tale for another time ). A true measure of success in an enlightened society would not be based on monetary wealth. It would not be based on how many different species of animals you’ve harvested and the size of their racks and waddles. It wouldn’t be based on a number of confirmed kills! It would be based on how many true friendships you had, and how well the environment and people around you were energetically uplifted by your presence and how much of that was reciprocated.

Here are a couple of the 12 concepts of leadership mentioned in the article above with what I would suggest be added…
Right off the bat I have to speak to this quote…
“Just as discipline and freedom are opposing forces that must be balanced, leadership requires finding the equilibrium in the dichotomy of many seemingly contradictory qualities between one extreme and another.”
Discipline and freedom opposing forces? I think that is ‘slippery slope rhetoric’ that might need some more clarity. Perhaps Jocko clarifies this in the book, but right off I can see the Hegelian dialectic forces at play. Makes me wonder to what extent this kind of rhetoric is being used to shape the minds of our military leaders?

“A leader must lead but also be ready to follow.”-
As a lower level leader in the field (militarily or otherwise) you have to know who you are following and what their motivations are. You need to know what the overall agenda is and what the events are that led up to the situation you are embroiled in. Too many in the military and in positions of public trust aren’t given or don’t try to understand the big picture. They don’t have a true account of history or an understanding of the political situation domestically and internationally (probably mostly a function of their upbringing and being put through a complicit school system Far too many working in this capacity have no clue about the concept of the Bill of Rights or natural laws that many of them swore an oath to uphold. Somehow, it seems, even in the age where we have access to vast amounts of information that confounds our mainstream perceptions, public trustees and their subordinates seem to be clueless about some very important and necessary information. There are incredibly significant situations and actions that have been and are being taken by our world leaders that are neither worth fighting nor dying for, in my opinion, and well worth stepping back and considering or absolutely working in defiance of. It is important that everyone have faith in their leaders and those leaders have faith in their leaders. In the unique case of the public trust manager and the average soldier, It is important to refuse orders when they don’t serve the individuals within a republic they serve, and obligation inherent in the contract to their fellow man. Following orders to the letter of the manmade law can be a very dangerous thing; as we’ve witnessed time and time again throughout human history. (These concepts applied In the corporate workplace might be considered by challenging the concept of the corporation and the ideas of “corporate personhood” and how this is being used to trump human rights around the world… massively so under the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

A good leader will instruct their ‘subordinates’ to refuse orders under circumstances that put them in opposition of natural laws. (Such is the case if the president of the United States is sending you and your men to fight in a war that is not authorized by Congress under the War Powers Act, like we’ve seen in Kosovo, Libya and in many other nations. It is absolutely your right and responsibility to refuse orders under such impetus). I would suggest that we are absolutely in the state of affairs in this country where our nation’s leaders are committing fraud and treason on the American public on a level never before seen. How institutions committing such blatant frauds, are able to maintain their legitimacy is something to behold. (Given the links above, the public may not have as big a misconception about their military personnel ‘mindlessly following orders’ as one might think)

“A leader must exercise Extreme Ownership. Simultaneously, that leader must employ Decentralized Command.”
Decentralized command I think is key to the whole transformation that needs to happen in this world but on a level far above what Jocko and Leif suggest. Regional economies and cultures would flourish if given the opportunity to follow their own destiny… absent a guiding control system implemented and heavily influenced by a subversive few and enacted by a complicit, heavy handed protection class. (Think of the capitalist control system designed and controlled by the chimeric international banking structures; or their manufactured antithesis being the socialist control structures and how they might be combined to manifest a global “communitarian” or “technocratic” control structure). What we have now and are building toward in every facet of our lives (Agenda 21/ 3030; Religions both “New Age” and through the traditional churches like the Roman Catholic Church; the globalized energy control grid (whatever form it takes); etc…) is a globalized corporate structure under the United Nations; which is the puppet organization of the true sadistic globalist, financial elite’. This is the level we need to be thinking about as public servants and as employees of corporations.

Important Links and Efforts for Review:

Full Circle Project
Julian Rose & the Proximity Principle
People’s Republic of Kanata
War Report on Public Education:

Local endeavors:
Palouse Food Coalition
From the Forest & Maven’s Heaven

Recommended Alternative News and interesting Blog sites:
Daily Herb
Corbett Report:
Boiling Frogs Post:
No More Fake News:
Activist Post
Zen Gardner:
Waking Times:
David Icke:
Fairwinds Energy:
Farm Wars:
Tragedy & Hope:


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