Welcome to PRIME TIME 2017!


Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion– David Icke

It appears we may be reaching a critical mass of swamp rats at the helm of most every institution the civilized societies have come to depend on for their existence. All institutions great and small, be they private or public, philanthropic, militaristic, economic, educational, entertainment, and news, even weather. You name it, if it’s an institution that is influential to your life decisions “they” have either “got it by the balls” (on the right) or “grabbed them by their pussy” (on the left) and made it into something that subjugates.

In my blog post “Trickle down Psychopathy in America”  I presented my views on how I see psychopathy manifest in otherwise normal, empathetic and even “enlightened” people. Even people who I would consider much more caring, responsible and giving than most (certainly more than I) are attaching themselves to some of the most ridiculous con-jobs their taxes, fees and private investments can buy; con-operations that are being run by organizations and individuals whose contrasting loyalties can be exposed with minimal effort. Whole populations of people, guided by their blind trust in others, let these influential people’s perceptions of things become THEIR perceptions without analyzing the very fundamental tenants of their particular viewpoint, their potential ulterior motivations and their conflicts of interest. (Rational ignorance and system dependency are the two conditions that come to mind).

Because of the level of entrainment of human energy and human potential being channeled into a system that promotes social entropy rather than self-sufficiency and individual autonomy, the only effective form of resistance may be to pull away as much as possible in as many ways as possible; starve the beast essentially. This may seem counter intuitive given the degree of moral decay and the ever growing violence that seems to warrant our direct attention, but without doing the necessary inner work and evidence based perception building, there can be no way to know if what we are promoting is actually helping or hurting. (A good article that speaks to this energy syphoning can be found here. This article details the con operations of the “Human Rights Industrial Complex”). In this paradigm, the simple act of paying your taxes or putting money in the offering plate at church can be deemed immoral and anathema to building a peaceful and lawful society (probably always was the case if you strip away the façade built by centuries of manufactured perceptions).

  • One relatively evident con-job where this entrainment into social entropy can be easily observed is in the call to arms following the 9/11 false flag attacks. I would encourage people to start delving into this issue. (Here is a video of an attempt to encourage conversation on this issue, Conversation with Firefighters on 9/11 False Flag event). This is one of the most blatant and observable lies out there and a good way to get past the wall of ignorance that has been built around so many other situations. The only way it is able to persist is because the majority; particularly amongst the public trust agencies, law enforcement and firefighters have been conditioned to ignore the evidence. Break the silence here and bring to justice the ACTUAL conspirators behind those attacks and I think humanity has a chance.


Revelations from a local Yogi

Fortunately expanding your mind doesn’t make your head bigger. But to those who don’t, you may look like you have a penis growing out the front of it. – Chuck Finney

As was pointed out by a wise yoga teacher recently, the year 2017 is a prime number, not divisible by any other. Contemplating this through the yoga practice I thought about the word “prime”. While in my favorite position, shavasina (corpse pose), to keep from falling asleep and disturbing the class with my snoring, I started doing the numerology in my head: 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1. When was the last “prime” year? Did you know that if you add up each year in numerology you will keep repeating one through nine over and over? The last time it added up to 10 (“10” is “1” in numerology) was in 2008. (Stock Market Crash? O-bomber elected to office following 8 years of war-monger in chief, G.W. Bush, riding in on a platform of “peace” and “prosperity” only to continue the same policies… killing and destroying while taking home a dandy Nobel Peace Prize! WTF!!??) The next prime before that was 1999. Anything significant happen there?

I started thinking about the word “prime” and its synonyms: major, main, key, chief, leading, crucial, principle, primary. Prime is the root word of “primal” as in “primal instinct”. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word as this; “the earliest or beginning stage of something”; logically meaning that it would also imply the ending of something else?  The Mayan calendar ended in 2012. (2+0+1+2 = 5). To the uninitiated layperson, the end of the world prophecy was a bust… just like Y2K. To the initiated and deep researcher, however; those who look past the politics of fear and perception control paradigms; this time period was seen for what it was… a time of change. For these researchers, 2012 was the ending of an alchemical cycle and the start of a 4 year period of significant changes ending in the more significant year of 2016 (2+0+1+6 = 9); a time period symbolically represented in the Lord of the Rings battle for Middle Earth.

(Most of my shivasina revelations are just me trying to figure shit out. For more on numerology, symbology and esoteric information, I highly recommend viewing and reading the works of artist Neil HagueLaura Eisenhower, David Icke, Mark Passio and Michael S. Schneider)


In Conclusion

Maybe the prime year of 2017 is the year we get back to the basics. Maybe this is the year we stop pretending like we “know” anything and start asking some very basic questions; like “who we are” and “why are we here?” What is our primary purpose as a species and how do we fit in to this universe?

Excerpt from Julian Rose essay “Why Humanity Must Come Through”:
“Some say the World, battered and bruised as it is, will be better-off without man.
That freed from its chief oppressor, Gaia will more assuredly survive and heal; will find her equilibrium anew and come through – restored. It is quite easy to sympathize with this view, not least because it seems to provide an answer to those who feel closer to nature than to their fellow humans – and can see no redemption for a mankind so determinedly set on the path of self destruction.
Yet, even when taking into account the tragic mismanagement of humanity’s journey thus far, I do not consider this to be any kind of answer. For, it is my contention, that with man out of the picture, the advancement of universal equilibrium – however erratic – will be completely arrested. On the macro-cosmic level, I believe a world without human beings would constitute a major set-back for the entire universe. And at the micro-cosmic level, a major set back for the plant, animal and insect kingdom as well.”

I started this process of trying to understand things on a deeper level after picking up on the deceptions surrounding Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential race. Since that time I’ve come to other researchers far out ahead of me in this and have gained some incredible perspectives. There has certainly been many charlatans along the way (like those who would take you to the next level of fear porn and sell you on a 2012 end of the world scenario), but if you approach this learning process from the heart and not the ego you can avoid some of those pit falls. If you pick up on the “primary” reasons that drive those that would operate to deceive and their “primary” incentives I think you will get much farther.
I don’t really see how things can get much weirder in this world (knock on wood). I can see the potential for a great deal more suffering, as the façade surrounding the seemingly benevolent governing institutions of the world continues to fade away. The farther this progresses the more people might want to start listening to what some of what these fringe thinkers have to say; once they get past the dialectic conditioning that entrains them into thinking they have only 2 or 3 manufactured solutions to the manufactured problems we face.

The more the system show’s itself for what it REALLY is, the more people might start to exhibit some neurotic behaviors, perhaps turning more dark and apathetic as well as becoming more anxious and emboldened to act. This is a condition that manifests when people focus on their growing contempt toward their “opposition”. Understand that this too is a ruse. When you get to this point take a few breaths and relax. Come along on this Journey of discovery… NOW is the prime time!


Letter to Trump


Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you to inquire about concerns I have with many of your positions and policies and your staff picks that seem to demonstrate a willingness to “maintain the swamp” rather than drain it and to maintain the status quo in terms of the power dynamics in Washington DC. Conservative friends of mine, who hold libertarian ideals, support your presidency with the assumption that you are anti-globalist and have a plan that will lead to moves toward making good on your campaign promises. I challenged their assumptions and put forth information that suggests your selection to office is part of a bigger plan by the deep-state to use identity politics and the Hegelian dialectic process to diminish critical thinking and overwhelm the more enlightened alternative research that has destroyed the façade of our government being “by the people, for the people”.

Specifically, I have a great deal of concern with your devotion to Israel and close relationship with your long-time friend Benyamin Netanyahu. I feel that this relationship would diminish your objectivity in international matters and your willingness to allow for an open investigation into 9/11; an investigation called for by independent researchers who understand the connections of 9/11 with the nation of Israel. (Here is an open letter from Christopher Bollyn to you speaking directly to this matter. Here is the website “TrumpCommission.org” )

Another concerning development on the Home-front is the relationship your administration seems to have with Eric Prince. Certainly this would be evidence through your selection of his sister, Betsy DeVos to oversee the Dept. of Ed; but also through your relationship with Steve Bannon who recently interviewed Prince and spoke with him about Prince’s desire to see an “Operation Phoenix” style campaign to fight against terrorism and ISIS. Much evidence has surfaced recently and in the past (such as during the Church Committee hearings) to suggest the CIA is heavily involved in national politics and media here in the United States. You seem to entertain some of these perspectives; particularly when you call out the mainstream media as being “fake news”, but your selection of head of the CIA is evidence of a concerning attitude toward accepting this relationship and cooperating with an entity that continues to operate above the law on our own soil, where we deem our sovereignty and bill of rights to be sacred.

There is much more I could go into to describe my position on why I have such a lack of trust of your presidency and administration… all based on the alternative research I have committed myself to over the last few years following Ron Paul’s second bid for the presidency. (This was my awakening into the madness of politics and deep state machinations). Though I am not optimistic that you would suggest anything that would change my position; nor am I optimistic that you would even answer me at all; I would be delighted to be reassured that you did actually have a plan to dismantle the criminal enterprises that have taken over Washington DC as my friends seem to think you do. (Perhaps your plan would be in a fashion that was a little less like what my conservative friends would like to see. I don’t think they have a good grasp on the proper relationship between humanity and their environment that is necessary for us to actually thrive. A relationship that respects local autonomy; as is being called for by the rural farming communities in Poland in response to their nation’s decision to join the EU; and doesn’t sacrifice the relationship between man and his environment for the sake of “Jobs”, “Federal Reserve Promissory notes” , “precious metals”, “peace”, “global warming” or anything governments and enterprises can come up with to subvert this relationship… pretty much the kind of relationship your selection for Secretary of Agriculture would indicate  … so, yeah… I’m still not optimistic).

If you did take the time to read this thank you and feel free to respond at modernindigenous@outlook.com

Thank You
A Concerned Citizen

Public Lands and the Roosevelt Switcheroo


I’ve been seeing much talk about the ‘State vs. Federal’ land issue lately and I thought it would be helpful to share some information that would encourage citizens to consider this issue from another angle. Contrary to most people’s inclinations (particularly when their perceptions are filtered through their left or right political leaning), they might be wise to consider that both the state and federal bureaucracies are not sincerely interested in keeping public lands truly “public” or make responsible decisions that honor the public trust they purport to serve . If you look to the history and follow the money and power dynamics you can see that the two opposing positions on this issue are being used in the same way that other “left/ right” dialectic arguments are used… to limit the conversation and guide us to a public land and access ‘solution’ that meets the objectives of those special interests that dictate to both levels of bureaucracy (LINK). Given this dynamic you have to consider that land transfers between the two entities is and has always been a theatrical ruse used to wrestle land away from the local inhabitants of those lands. Guided by perception management about land valuation and ownership through the propped up idols we’ve come to worship (like Teddy Roosevelt and Ted Turner) who put forth various phrases, rhetoric and psychobabble about “tragedy of the commons” and “manifest destinies” (both toxic rationales in my opinion), we find ourselves farther away from any true sense of connection to our land and resources than we’ve ever been. At some point you have to ask yourself, “What the fuck Chuck (Finney)?”


Why pick on Teddy?

While the Hegelian Dialectic and many other social engineering programs are used by other psychopaths of prominence, I call the process I described above, relating to public lands, the “Roosevelt Switcheroo” because so many of the modern public land and resource agencies invoke the spirit of Teddy to gain support to push their dogmatic centralizing, global-control agendas.  (Even the tribes push his bullshit, which continues to be one of the most compelling examples of Stockholm’s syndrome to be witnessed). I think it is far past time to shed some light on the Roosevelt family legacy!

For a little background on the Roosevelt family; whose bloodline extends all the way back to the Merovingian’s, I would encourage you to read this post from David Icke, the author of “The Biggest Secret” and many other enlightening books.


In italics below is an excerpt from an article about “operation Ajax” which details Kermit Roosevelt (Teddy’s grandson on the far left) contribution through his position with the CIA. Teddy Roosevelt IV is on the far right. He currently serves in the banking industry and with the Council on Foreign Relations. (A good documentary on the “New Deal” swindler in the middle is the movie “Bitter Lake” by Adam Curtis. This movie details FDR’s contribution to the birth of the Petra-dollar).


Operation Ajax, in short, was when the CIA overthrew Muhammad Mossadeq’s democratic government in 1953 and reinstalled the Shah to the throne of Iran. In 1951, a British company (AIOC) had control of Iran’s oil fields. The Iranian people believed that their deal with the AIOC was unfairly benefitting the company and a political controversy ensued. A man named Muhammad Mossadeq, a member of Iranian parliament, demanded a renegotiation of the standing agreement and the Iranian people were quick to rally behind him and make him their honored leader. The previously ineffective parliament then became the primary government in the area, leaving the Shah, who had ruled as an authoritarian monarch powerless. Since Mossadeq was backed by the majority of the people in Iran, it appeared to be Iran’s first democratically elected leader.
However, the new government only meant trouble for the United States. In 1953, there was a boycott of Iranian oil, their oil revenues decreased, and the economy declined. There were also several problems stemming from Mossadeq’s rule. He was the “driving force behind an Iranian attempt to nationalize” Britain’s oil company, the AIOC. Also, having been extremely independent, he refused to work with the requests of the United States and many became afraid that he would join forces with America’s enemy, the Soviet Union.
As a result, the CIA staged a coup d’etat in Iran, headed by President Theodore Roosevelt’s grandson, Kermit Roosevelt.”

All About the Benjamin’s!


It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby! He’s the only president anyone ever listens to. – R.S.

The most recent article to make its rounds on this issue is from the Guardian, titled Congress moves to give away national lands, discounting billions in revenue . Having not delved into the information specifically I haven’t determined to what extent I would believe what is being presented, but right off the bat I can see one of the most egregious errors in perception that highlights the deception I am speaking to is in the following excerpt:

“In addition to economic stimulus from outdoor activities, federal land creates revenue through oil and gas production, logging and other industrial uses. According to the BLM, in 2016, it made $2bn in royalty revenue from federal leases. The Outdoor Industry Association estimates federal tax revenue from the recreation economy at almost $40bn.”

When you start to build the case for federal lands on how much revenue can be generated from the exploitation of its resources then I think we are missing the point… which I continuously suggest is the point! This is part of the Hegelian Dialectic process. I, for one, think that oil and gas production is not something I want taking place on our public lands, especially here in Idaho. Whether the companies that engage in it are sold the land or given the approval by the federal or state legislatures, who are largely owned by these companies given the dynamics in Washington DC and the Idaho legislature, the reality on the ground is the same. The only difference may be the rate that the exploitation takes place and the kinds of special interests that get a spot at the feeding trough.
I don’t think managing forest for crop yield, especially to serve global markets, is a good thing and may well be creating more costs by keeping forests in a state of perpetual immaturity and imbalance that makes them more volatile and susceptible to diseases and forest fires.

I don’t even think setting aside land for tourism and recreation is a good thing. While having the positive benefit of providing for a semblance of protection, the down side is that to do so you displace the indigenous inhabitants and relinquish local control to the whims of outside entities. (Think about this assertion the next time you see a group of foreigners and city dwellers pull off their SARS masks just long enough to get a “selfie” in front of a scenic national park overlook). I would encourage people to read the book “Conservation Refugees” for more about that dynamic. I would also encourage you to read my previous blogs “Trophy Hunting and Agenda 21” and “Trickle Down Psychopathy”.

The Fix is In!


If you start out on the left and go far enough left in a circle, you end up on the right. – My friend Sara’s husband

While I do not think employees of the resource management organizations have any interest in advocating for the exploitation of public lands and the displacement of its inhabitants, there is certainly a case to be made for this being the reality. I would say this reality is a function of misperception built off of dogmatic ideologies that are reinforced through a lifetime of  operant conditioning. Consider the result of actions taken by administrators at the Point Reyes National Park that used falsified data to force the Drakes Bay Oyster Company out of business.

Video: Rep. Labrador at the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Oversight Hearing April 29, 2015

Clearly there was an agenda behind that move which, through a compromised political process and a complicit complex of misinformed environmentalists and media, this agenda (AGENDA 21) was allowed to overrule the wishes of the local community and subvert its local economy based on falsified scientific data. To date there has been no atonement for this egregious misstep. This is far from the only example.

Drakes Bay Oyster Company Comments on National Park Service Scoping Letter for Special Use Permit Environmental Impact Statement

  • Excerpt: “The oyster farm provides a number of important environmental and economic benefits to the area.1 DBOC goes to great lengths to use environmentally-friendly and sustainable culturing and harvesting techniques. For example, DBOC is the only oyster farm in California that produces and hatches most of its own seed on-site, which reduces the risk of introducing diseases or invasive species. DBOC also uses an off-bottom hanging oyster culture method that is environmentally-sustainable yet labor-intensive and, as a result, employed by less than 5% of U.S. oyster farmers. In addition to processing all its products on-site, DBOC also markets 100% of its products to Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area in order to reduce its carbon footprint. As discussed below, in addition to the sustainable work we perform, the oysters we grow also play a critical role in the ecosystem. Together, the humans and bivalves of DBOC are working towards a sustainable way to protect and conserve Drakes Estero for future generations.
  • DBOC is also passionate about public education on issues related to conservation, the environment and the history of shellfish in the area. We provide almost daily tours at no cost to the public consistent with the RUO and SUP issued by the NPS. As the State’s last operating oyster cannery and the region’s only oyster seed-setting hatchery, DBOC has become an important educational resource. We open our farm to educational institutions of all levels, from pre-school through graduate school. The farm also supports scientific research to learn more about native oysters, estuarine biodiversity, and human health protection. The public has recognized our oyster farm’s unique value, making it a beloved and popular visitor destination.”

(How does a local small business like this, one that is working to promote ‘sustainability’, environmental responsibility and community become the target of a public trust agency that is willing to falsify scientific data to achieve their objective if not for there being colluding special interests?)

Certainly the Drakes Bay case is something to consider when you think about Trump’s administration and the federal ownership of lands; which will be directed under the command of an ex-special forces operations officer, Montana Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke, the next to head the department of the Interior. Being schooled in nonconventional warfare ( a guy who would have been an instructor at BUD/s when I was going through the program; though I don’t recall every having met him) this is a guy who would be familiar with the process of resource control as a means of exerting influence over populations. He would also understand how important it was for an invading army or organization (i.e. CIA) to maintain control and access to strategic metals and radioactive materials in order to achieve the broader ambitions of that particular entity. Zinke, who is a fan of Teddy Roosevelt, has stated his desire to keep Federal lands Federal; which interestingly detracts from most in his political camp. This makes sense given his background and the potential future ambitions of this government. (Does anyone truly think the Trump administration is interested in not exploiting public lands?)

What all this says to me is that the other side of the ‘Roosevelt Switcharoo’ is in play; much like when Gifford Pinchot’s Yale university classmate and fellow Bonseman (LINK) ( and TR’s “hand picked” successor), William Taft  took office and, as the history books suggest, allowed for industrialists to come in and wreak havoc. The end result of his presidency was that he created even more necessity for federal land acquisitions under the guise of ‘protection’. All while Teddy was conveniently off on a hunting trip to Africa, Europe and the Vatican. (Funny how Teddy always seemed to be off hunting and adventuring when the bad stuff went down; like the 1908 market crash that created the pressure to bring in the Federal Reserve bank to make sure “nothing like that ever happened again!” … well, at least until 1929, shortly before cousin Franklin came on the scene to help with the next Switcheroo). It’s the same swindle today! We even have descendants of Teddy working behind the scenes serving in the banking industry, on various boards and even on the Council of Foreign Relations; while heavily invested in philanthropic donations to “environmental” causes.
Under this paradigm (with the hindsight given through analysis of the clearing of the lands of the previous indigenous people (LINK), you can see how control and access to local resources would be much easier when it is first cleared of its inhabitants under the guise of “protection” and “preservation” as we’ve seen progress under the Antiquities and other various environmental acts. (I always encourage people from the Pacific Northwest to check out “Seeking Redress” to get a well reasoned perspective on local land issues).

Is Civilian Control of the Military in Jeopardy?”

On the Matters of Mass Indifference


“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of beauty is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, but indifference between life and death.” – Elie Wiesel

So much is taking place in front of and behind the scenes that is not being addressed by anyone claiming to be working for the benefit of mankind. Far too much in my opinion for us to think we are making a positive difference. Specific to the subject of public lands, consider what is now happening at the long ago set aside Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania . (This reserve is named after Teddy Roosevelt’s good friend Fredrick Selous). The Tanzania Uranium mine next to the Selous Game Reserve and World Heritage Sight is one of the projects being orchestrated by Uranium One . This company, that also has operations in Wyoming and is seeking to start operations on the Aurora mining project on BLM land in Oregon . (Note that this operation is not far south of the Malhuer wildlife refuge and the Hammond’s ranch (LINK). Could the ambitions of a government seeking to exploit very toxic and dangerous materials, such as Uranium, at the behest of a foreign mining company, one that is even partly owned by Russia, be part of the reason for the pressure to get rid of ranchers in south east Oregon or other areas and set aside these areas under the Antiquities Act? (Like Gold Butte in Nevada)

Lastly, consider the science that is being used to inform decisions on public lands. (LINK). (Like that used to evict Drakes Bay Oyster Company). This science doesn’t appear to be doing the job of fully informing resource managers or considering a broad range of perspectives. It seems to be well understood by most that the scientific process is being heavily influenced by special interest at the level of the universities and within the resource management organizations. (Not only by “Big Oil” and energy companies and “Big Pharma” but also by a host of garden variety philanthropists and globalists like Bill Gates and George Soros; by foundations such as the Carnegie Foundation; Rockefeller Foundation; all the various Big NGO’s (BINGO’s) and many government agencies like DARPA, the Atomic Energy Agencies, the CIA and so many others!) Because of this onslaught of special interest monies and perception management, I think those working in the resource management fields are under a great deal of influence that minimizes their critical thinking processes and puts them under a great deal of pressure to remain silent when confronted with information that doesn’t support the goals and objectives of their organization. With the situation as it is; these are the goals and objectives that get filtered down through the public trust agencies. More often than not these are being dictated to them by administrators whose own special interests often leave them compromised. Certainly not a reflection of the “will of the people”! (The ‘people’ instead get their opinions given to them through various processes of social engineering).

It’s a process that continues to leave a compassionate public servant, who is well researched beyond the confines of the established narratives, feeling sick to the stomach as they dance around policy decisions and directives that they know are ill-conceived and politically motivated; right down to the science that is put forth to support it. Regardless of the empirical or scientific evidence being considered that might suggest agencies actions are ill advised or in opposition to public interest, employees of these agencies are not encouraged or given an opportunity to voice their concerns. (Consider the Weather Modification Programs that are taking place all over the western states and the world… or the numerous pesticide spraying programs that continue on public lands; even though clear evidence can be seen of how much these toxins have harmed the environment and should invoke much stricter adherence to precautionary principles… try promoting things like that from within an institution and you will quickly be shunned, ignored and otherwise marginalized).



Here are a couple efforts I would encourage people to check out that I’ve found to be making a responsible and effective approach to change the dynamics of this toxic paradigm. The first link is to the “East Run Hellbender Society” out of Grant Township Pennsylvania.

The second link is to the “People’s Republic of Kanata

This is a link to Julian Rose’s “Proximity Principle” which speaks to agriculture but could just as easily apply to all forms of land use.

‘Dam’aged Goods


Pakistan Concerned Over Plan to Build Dams on the Kabul River


I have been developing a theory about an issue that is currently coming back into the spotlight here in the Pacific Northwest having to do with the hydro-electric dams along the Columbia River and its many tributaries. The New York Times Editorial, “The Salmon’s Swim for Survival” By THE EDITORIAL BOARD JULY 4, 2016 provides the launching point for which to set the stage of this theory. The opening paragraphs, which lay the foundation for the rest of that article, provides the foundation for my argument; an argument which  refutes these opening statements and provides other insights to suggest that there is way more going on here. Below is an excerpt from this article of those assertions that I argue are fundamentally incorrect:

  • “There are two recent pieces of welcome news affecting the Pacific Northwest’s beleaguered salmon populations — battered by dams, habitat loss, timid government agencies and global warming.
    In one, a federal court in Seattle found that 150-year-old treaties guaranteeing Native American tribes a permanent right to fish for salmon had been gravely compromised by hundreds of roadway culverts and pipelines that blocked the fish from reaching traditional spawning grounds.
    The other hopeful sign was a stirring decision in May by Judge Michael Simon of the Federal District Court in Portland, Ore., ordering federal agencies back to the drawing board to devise an aggressive plan to stave off extinction for 13 salmon and steelhead species in the Columbia River basin that are listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. He found the government’s latest proposal not only inadequate but illegal, in that it fell well short of the act’s mandate to ensure a species’ long-term recovery.
    The original treaties did not envision “such a cynical and disingenuous promise,” Judge William Fletcher, of the federal appeals court for the Ninth Circuit, ruled last week. He upheld a lower court’s order requiring Washington State to replace hundreds of culverts with bridges that restore the natural flow of the salmon runs.”

The statement above, particularly that which is highlighted in bold, when compared to historical evidence can be thoroughly refuted and the Judge, William Fletcher, considered to be (at best!) naïve about his understanding of the treaty making process. We can come to this conclusion simply by researching the numerous examples in history that highlight the reality of such disingenuous promises.

Of course this kind of nonsensical perspective is par for the course when it comes to Judges of the Ninth Circuit (as we witnessed recently in the case of the Hammonds in Oregon). With Fletcher himself, coming from a long lineage of high profile judges; including his mother and perhaps others  in his lineage being Federal judges and Rhodes scholars   (here’s another) (himself being a Rhodes Scholar with Bill Clinton); as well as potentially coming from a very influential family in terms of international influence; (the genealogy gets very convoluted so it’s difficult to make a clear connection to the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy). Given just the limited connections here, it is virtually impossible that Fletcher doesn’t know the Hegelian dialectic process and the utility of directing a “synthesis” from dialectically opposing viewpoints or how the overall subjugation process can be made to manifest in indigenous and rural communities through the treaty making process.


Water Control and Conflict Theory

My theory, based on the growing awareness of state-craft in the form of propaganda, false flags, subversive thought control processes and dialectic drivers, is that the entire paradigm with which the argument, for and against the Columbia dams, exists within is fundamentally compromised by the lack of overall awareness of the initial primary and contemporary drivers for the development of watersheds worldwide. This includes the large dams and hydrological infrastructures that have been built to facilitate the goals of the projects here in the United States but also those in other nations; especially those projects that cross boarders (which is also true of the Columbia drainage). I suggest this lack of awareness about the larger forces at work, through well connected and influential individuals and institutions; including those that have operated in the past and continue to perpetuate false and incomplete information today, operate in ways that continue to subjugated indigenous communities and to functionally ensure that nothing of substance threatens their vested interests. This would not just include their monetary interests but also the deep state ambitions for command and control over all human endeavors. (I recognize this is sensational to consider, but the evidence to support this observation is compelling.)

What I suggest is that the construction of the dams along the Columbia, Snake and other tributaries within the Columbia drainage, were implemented primarily in accordance with national and international processes with the primary goal of disrupting indigenous communities as well as the emerging settlements that were made to manifest in the interest of ‘nation building’. The desired result for those operating in the background would be to force everyone living along these waterways into a dependency upon government and private institutions (or their chimeric regulatory bodies such as the BPA, LSRCP, Pacific States, etc). I suggest this would have been at the behest of the same influential families (LINK) along with the various governments and private institutions that benefitted from the control paradigms this afforded them through the creation of public tax and utility use funded organizations that could dictate to the local policy makers and community leaders. Effectively, these large hydro projects disconnect every adjacent river community from the direct relationship to their rivers, along with the resources it provides, and puts it into an agency control paradigm that depends on the good faith of a government and industry ‘control board’ (which is essentially beholden to its investors) to serve the public trust.

As Usual, The Devil is in the Details

When you look at polices that too often has run counter to ‘biological opinion’ in the United States of America, how much it has mirrored developments around the world and how extensively many of these developments have had to depended on international investments and co-operation to manifest (Bank of international Settlements (BIA) we have to ask how well this paradigm is serving the public that has allowed for its implementation. Given the loss of control over the resources on which communities depend, you have to wonder just what the push really is. Like so many modern developments (now with the extremely large investments of public monies into far-reaching (LINK SURVEYLANCE) and toxic (EMF, NUCLEAR) technological developments that support the international power/ surveillance grid (LINK WASHINGTON’s BLOG), I suggest these developments are not truly representative of the will of the public; but the will of institutions and a public who has been conditioned and coerced into relinquishing control and responsibility to these outside entities. It’s too often the case that the public is incapable of making an informed decision or effectively pose a counter position, as the true cost and benefits of these implemented polices and technologies are far from being well understood by the vast majority of the people in the affected communities. Any revelation that truly exposes how the technological ‘progress’ might promote harm to health, the environment or sovereignty it becomes marginalized or co-opted into something less threatening to the power structure. (LINK) It’s become a paradigm that encourages ignorance and apathy. When you look to the numerous connections within the world of international finance, corporations and public trust agencies, along with the control paradigms that rule over all of the information sources that build people’s perceptions; it is possible to recognize numerous inconsistencies in action and rhetoric that would lead one to the same or similar hypothesis as mine. (SAD STATE OF SCIENCE)

Questions for DAMSENSE:

Having attended one of the DAMSENSE presentations concerning the breaching of the 4 lower snake river dams and meeting the knowledgeable and dedicated proponents of this cause, I was encouraged to see some awareness being put forth about the issue of public trust (or lack of) having to do with the Army Corp of Engineers, politicians, the judiciary and other agencies regarding the ineffective and unnecessary court battles being fought over this issue (LINK). Having dedicated a great deal of my personal life to challenging my thinking on many issues; much of them having to do with public trustees and public trust institutions; and putting forth information to challenge others on their perceptions, I find any effort to expose this public misperception to be a good thing. The concern I levy with this dam removal effort, along with so many other noble efforts, has to do with the limited extent to which they go into the deeper revelations about public trust concerns and those who abuse it. I also take issue with some of the promoted solutions to the problems associated with hydropower and other water control and distribution projects by Damsense and other advocacy organizations because they build upon data and research that is often times fundamentally compromised. Here are a few questions that need to be clarified

Are you properly considering the human rights case?

My first question to this effort would be to ask if they have approached the dam issue from a REAL human rights perspective and analyzed the extremely deep institutional collusion that has taken place and continues to take place to advance these large hydropower projects. (Such as has been explored through other researchers like those associated with Cultural Survival) Because the dam removal proponents bring the tribes and their perspective on the dam removal issue to the table, it would suggest they have considered the human rights aspect of these dams. Given the dynamics of tribal politics, which I would suggest are every bit as compromised as any other political entity, you have to question the deeper implications of such an approach.

The fact that the arguments levied to support dam breaching tend to be based on economic valuations (ones that advance other large scale “green” power projects that have their own set of consequences and do nothing to reduce our collective dependency on a national power grid  suggest to me that the fundamental issue of human rights aren’t being properly addressed. The limited exposure of the current situation that promotes the public-private partnerships that tend to diminish local sovereignty, suggests this as well. Petitioning public trustees to “do the right thing” in a system that was born from and exists off this dynamic that fundamentally encourages us to do ‘the wrong thing’ rather than calling on these politicians to be held accountable for their actions, is what I would see as lacking in their efforts.

Has anyone looked into the deeper connections to central banking and international investments in hydro-infrastructures?

Having researched some of the early acts and their proponents and recognizing how these acts have enabled large scale hydro-projects to move forward (LINK International Irrigation Congress) it appears to me that we have an illusion of oversight by our ambitious public trustees and the agencies they direct. I have written a great deal about this in previous blog posts (PUBLIC DISTRUST). Every agency preaches the gospel about ‘public trust’; so it’s been a disturbing revelation for me to recognize the extent to which these institutions run counter to this stated ideology. It’s been my experience, having brought issues of concern to the fore, that there isn’t a responsible mechanism for public trust issues to be considered within any institution of public trust (including the tribes). One need only look to the “Columbia River Accords” (LINK) (something I was not aware of until it was brought to my attention at the Damsense presentation) to see how all entities and their public trust can be co-opted and compromised.

Have the proponents of dam removal done enough to consider the implications for communities and families who have come to depend on the dams for their livelihoods?

I named this sight “modern indigenous perspectives” for a reason; to provide that much overlooked perspective that can only be understood from those who live in these rural areas. While I draw much of my perspectives from the tragedy that befell the American Indians, I don’t identify with only their plight. Those of us who don’t share that particular assault with our ancestry (at least not in the last 300 years) are living here amongst the previous indigenous peoples who did and I would say most of us living out here would like to do so peacefully and respectfully; including the tribes. As neighbors, the modern indigenous peoples are depending on the same resources as the original inhabitants. Unfortunately this dependency has developed in ways that run a gambit of enabling paradigms that serve outside interests; interests that allow these internationally connected and well-financed institutions to dictate the relationships within these communities. It’s resulted in a dynamic that is ungrounded and unhealthy; be it government institution inspired (BIA & resource management agencies) or international industry inspired (energy industry, forest industry, agriculture industry, mining industry, technocracy, etc…). Absent these prevailing interests, which includes the hydropower complex, I suspect everyone would learn to get along reasonably well and a local economy in an area so rich in resources, would thrive. This doesn’t seem to be the push, nor is their enough concern being levied toward the effected families.

I’ve seen the economic argument for and against removal of the dams but I haven’t seen anything speaking directly to the families and communities who will be directly affected. Yes, there certainly is a huge and costly infrastructure and wasteful bureaucracy around these dams. However, there are many good people and communities dependent on those dams. Those many dedicated people and their families, in the event of a dam removal, will have their lives uprooted and I don’t see all these employees and their families being absorbed into the recreation industry that is being anticipated.

When I consider the dynamic institutions and infrastructures that make up the modern power grid, including the Dams, I am reminded of what it must have been like for the American Indian when the crown colonies established communities around the trapping industry, including the tribes that had become subjugated to those original crown companies. (LINK) When the wholesale slaughter of those animals to provide for an international market in these resources went away (or shifted it’s product line rather), tribes were impoverished . This lead to a 200+ years of dealing with “the Indian problem”; a problem that manifested into some very dark efforts at eradication built around the ideology of wanting to “save the man and kill the savage”. (LINK)

“This continent had to be won. We need not waste our time in dealing with any sentimentalist who believes that, on account of any abstract principle, it would have been right to leave this continent to the domain, the hunting ground of squalid savages. It had to be taken by the white race.” – Teddy Roosevelt “Friend of the Indian” (With friends like Teddy, who needs enemies?)

I’ve written extensively on this sight about the process of subjugation I call the “Roosevelt Switcheroo” (LINK). If what I’ve presented above in this post has any merit, I would say this hydro-infrastructure that exists along the Columbia River drainage is another manifestation of this same bait and switch on the path of subjugation. If deemed such (as would be the case when we look to the relationships between governments and industry that have driven this paradigm) it would have huge implications for how reparations are administered. To this end, I would encourage a dam removal solution strategy to analyze how the costs of dam removal and the affected families be provided for through the very well positioned banking families (LINK) as they have prospered immensely while having passed the responsibility for dealing with these devolving situations on to the citizenry. Why not defer the costs of dam removal to Teddy Roosevelt the IV and V (LINK)? If anyone has received ill-gotten gains from the treatment of the Indians and the settlers as pawns in the process, it is that sadistic lineage. (Perhaps sticking them with the bill will reduce their capacity to co-opt legitimate grass roots efforts to deal with local issues by way of the vast NGO industrial complex (LINK) or contribute to the numerous and costly wars of conquest being developed through “think tanks” organizations such as the CFR (LINK)).

Another Way

4- Decentralize the Grid: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/04/its-not-just-alternative-energy-versus-fossil-fuels-or-nuclear-energy-has-to-become-decentralized.html
This blog post from “Washington’s Blog” challenges the notion that a centralized power grid is more efficient, reliable and safer and suggests that decentralizing the grid is the best way to achieve better security and reduce environmental concerns.

This leaves me to wonder if the remaining infrastructure after a dam breach is capable of being utilized to generate power on a small scale for the communities near the structure. Perhaps they can be modified as penstocks or retrofitted with some kind of run of the river system? This might provide opportunity for the employees at these dams to maintain their livelihoods under a smaller, community connected utility.
Small-hydro Projects: http://www.small-hydro.com/Programs/Potential-Sites.aspx
In River Turbines: http://www.cleancurrent.com/river-turbines

Useful Links and Other Similar Case Studies

Here are some links and commentary that brings to light some of the history and contemporary issues that the proponents and opponents of dam breaching might find interesting and useful. Perhaps this deeper perspective might encourage us all to consider other avenues of approach; approaches that might lead to empowering resolutions as well as restitutions for the clear human rights violations. Perhaps, with this well supported alternative understanding of the situation, the restitutions might be levied on the appropriate offenders; which would be those who, by way of subversion, continue to thrive under this current paradigm. Perhaps, through greater awareness, we might find ways to disallow these offenders the opportunity to continue placing restitutions on the descendants of the initially affected citizens, indigenous and settler alike, who continue to be those that suffer from this collective Stockholm’s syndrome. (STOCKHOLM SYNDROME)

1- National and International Irrigation Congress: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Irrigation_Congress
Wolfenbarger, Anderw G. http://www.nebraskahistory.org/publish/publicat/timeline/wolfenbarger_andrew_g.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Organisation_of_Good_Templars

2- Cultural Survival: https://www.culturalsurvival.org/publications/cultural-survival-quarterly/none/hidden-costs-hydroelectric-dams
This article from Cultural Survival, speaks to the collaborations and investments in hydro-electric projects around the world from International NGO and United Nations organizations and International banking institutions. This would suggest that there is an on-going and well-funded agenda behind large hydro projects that extends beyond borders. As Mark Dowie’s book “Conservation Refugees” https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/conservation-refugees details (perhaps inadvertently), there may well have been such an agenda taking place for a very long time. Perhaps it’s a process of subjugation in the interest of globalization that goes all the way back to the Roman Empire and the Crusades… (would not the Papal Bulls issued under the Doctrines of Discover, Manifest Destiny, and more modern examples such as the Anti-Communist Manifesto be evidence of such an agenda?)

3- Shasta Dam Raise: Winnimum Wintu: http://www.winnememwintu.us/
This is a contemporary example from California that demonstrates how institutional collusion, in their efforts to deal with the California droughts, is leading to human rights violations. These ‘fixes’ to what I would consider a largely manufacture crisis (due to prior and contemporary technological “advancements” (LINK HYDRO PROJECTS IN CA) (GEOENGINEERING) are leading to the further marginalization of a group of people who essentially have no platform to assert their human rights from, because they are not “recognized” by the federal government (they haven’t been “incorporated” under the institutional authority of the BIA).

4- Decentralize the Grid: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/04/its-not-just-alternative-energy-versus-fossil-fuels-or-nuclear-energy-has-to-become-decentralized.html
This blog post from “Washington’s Blog” challenges the notion that a centralized power grid is more efficient, reliable and safer and suggests that decentralizing the grid is the best way to achieve better security and reduce environmental concerns.
This leaves me to wonder if the remaining infrastructure that remains after a dam breach is capable of being utilized to generate power on a small scale for the communities near the structure. Perhaps they can be modified as penstocks or retrofitted with some kind of run of the river system? This might provide opportunity for the employees at these dams to maintain their livelihoods under a smaller, community connected utility that wouldn’t have the capacity to force policy and infrastructure changes through collusion or political pressures.
Small-hydro Projects: http://www.small-hydro.com/Programs/Potential-Sites.aspx
In River Turbines: http://www.cleancurrent.com/river-turbines

5- Afghan Valley Authority:

“If you look beyond the soldiers, and into the distance, what you are really seeing are the ruins of one of the biggest technological projects the United States has ever undertaken. Its aim was to use science to try and change the course of history and produce a modern utopia in Afghanistan. The city of Lashkar Gah was built by the Americans as a model planned city, and the hundreds of miles of canals that the Taliban now hide in were constructed by the same company that built the San Francisco Bay Bridge and Cape Canaveral.”

This is a very interesting article by Adam Curtis detailing the lost history of Helmand Province and the Morrison Knutson hydropower projects that were financed by the US following the TVA and Columbia river projects.

This example demonstrates well the ambitions of a well-connected intelligence community with an ideology that goes well beyond what most people have been taught in school or what they are willing to consider. It’s extremely interesting and telling how intelligence community policies have been used as the fundamental basis for high level decision making in national and international endeavors. This lost history challenges our ideas of “democracy” and ties into the narrative of the modern Afghan war, into the history of international finance and currency manipulation (with the birth of the Petra-dollar*) and even into the astronomically expensive War on Drugs*. If you can understand the underlying push for such a project that followed “Modernization Theories” that would bring about such long lasting and devastating consequences it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to think there were similar ambitions with FDR and others here in the US at the time of the “New Deal” and the TVA. (LINK)

“Faced with this the engineers’ doubts about the project were buried and forgotten. Massive loans poured in from America and two giant dams were built plus 300 miles of big canals.
But more problems emerged. Everything became waterlogged which led to weeds. Salt kept on suddenly appearing. And the reservoirs and the canals made the water cooler which meant that there couldn’t be any vineyards and orchards any longer. In future they could only grow grain.
But again all the doubts and worries were overwhelmed because the American technocrats and politicians had become fascinated by a new idea. It was called “Modernization Theory”. It said that there was a way of using science and technology not just to stop countries like Afghanistan going communist, but to actually transform them into democratic capitalist societies like America.
Modernization Theory had been invented by an ambitious academic at Harvard called Walt Whitman Rostow. He said that if you put the right technologies in place and educated key elites then the countries would inevitably develop into advanced capitalist societies. They would go through a series of logical stages (there were five) until you got what he modestly called “Rostovian Lift-off”.
Some of the individuals who were key players in this development were Truman, Walt Whitman Rostow and Saudi Prince, ……….,
• Walt Whitman Rostow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Whitman_Rostow
Walt Whitman Rostow (also known as Walt Rostow or W.W. Rostow) OBE (October 7, 1916 – February 13, 2003) was a United States economist and political theorist who served as Special Assistant for National Security Affairs to U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966–69.
Prominent for his role in the shaping of US foreign policy in Southeast Asia during the 1960s, he was a staunch anti-communist, noted for a belief in the efficacy of capitalism and free enterprise, strongly supporting US involvement in the Vietnam War. Rostow is known for his book The Stages of Economic Growth: A Non-Communist Manifesto (1960), which was used in several fields of social science.”
6- Tragedy & Hope: http://www.wanttoknow.info/articles/quigley_carroll.tragedy_hope_banking_money_history


7- Executive Orders:

I question the wisdom of pleading a case for dam removal through various politicians and by executive order. I see this as further establishing credibility for a system that legitimizes the practice of subjecting human rights to the whims of politicians and other personalities. If you are truly paying attention you will see human rights being superseded worldwide in this way almost on a daily basis by public trust officials (LINK). I suggest this is not being recognized because of the well-established social programming mechanisms (in schools and media) that are diminishing people’s understanding of this very fundamental issue.
Another blogger at “Seeking Redress” has some interesting perspectives that are similar to my own on this issue as it relates to the national call for ‘protection’ of the Owyhee Canyonlands by Executive order. https://seekingredress.com/2016/06/04/the-owyhee-canyonlands-debate/
I would have a concern, too, that removal of these dams might not achieve favorable results; or the results that were achieved may well be so convoluted and politicized that the only result would be to further solidify dialectic opinions on both sides. (Parr for the course when it comes to the Hegelian Dialectic process (LINK) that drives every significant issue). I’ve pointed out in previous posts how much science has been politicized and compromised through its adherence to various special interest funding sources. (SAD STATE OF SCIENCE)
Science is bullshit (Drakes Bay Oyster Company) (Baker’s Green Acre Farms) (Malheur)(
The only way around this may be to approach this from a human rights perspective under common law jurisdiction. (Like ITCCS).

Pacific States and the New Age “Rustovian Lift-off”
Water History:

2000 article on dam breaching: http://news.fwee.org/?p=2148
1994 Settlement over Colville Dam: http://www.ccrh.org/comm/moses/primary/Colville.html

International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID): http://www.icid.org/conf_congress.html
National Irrigation Congress: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Irrigation_Congress

Trickle-Down Psychopathy In America


The reason I started this blog, I am starting to realize, was more for my own sanity than anything else. Ideally I would like my blog posts to help others get a perspective on things and encourage them to step into their responsibility in the process of transcending our current situation. That is the tone I get from my inner voice as I scribe here and continues to be the message I hope to convey in my blogs. Maybe this is a cowardly approach. In reality I am still functionally tied into the system, as well as some of the programming and institutions that makes me complicit in the madness. I feel strongly that I have yet to step into my own responsibility as a conscious human being.

Personality wise, I would say I am not someone who is inclined to speak up; I don’t have an ego that compels me to assert myself or my views, nor do I have the desire to win in a debate. I try to avoid conflicts and contentious situations and I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, bring them stress or challenge their world views. (Certainly many examples of my behavior would suggest otherwise, though I would attribute those realities to the larger forces at play that limit our ability to express or thoughts and perspectives in a healthy and open way; which includes sometimes projecting my own angst). At any rate, on the face of it, I am the last person anyone would expect to bring forth challenging information and call people out on their views and opinions. I am just too nice of a person.

  • Personal Story Interjection– Thinking about my personality reminds me of a story from my youth about a bus ride down to the Idaho State football championships during my freshman (maybe sophomore?) year of high school. On that trip south, those of us who were underclassmen had to ride down on the same bus as the cheerleaders. On our first pit-stop of that journey I purchased a couple cans of smoked oysters which, upon consumption, developed into a deluge of flatus that practically baked the occupants of that bus, including the cheerleaders and their advisor. As soon as we arrived to our destination, the cheerleading advisor was quick to tell the head coach about the ‘terrible awful’ I had done. Because I shared a first name with someone else on the bus (apparently someone with a less than stellar reputation) it was the other “Chuck” (pseudo name) who got the tongue-lashing from the coach. I was such a ‘nice boy’ that the advisor would never have suspected I could do such a thing! That was probably nearing the height of my immaturity and, while I think farts are still funny, I can see why my mother told me it can be offensive.

Whatever my reasoning for this blog and the reality of my progress, or lack of, toward taking full responsibility to act against an encroaching tyranny, I am quite confident that my perceptions are right when I suggest the world is becoming a very strange and unacceptable place. I think this is true not only to me but to anyone who has any consciousness above the Kardasian level. If we are to get beyond this state of affairs I think we have to AT LEAST start talking consciously about some of the deeper concerning issues.

Deafening Silence

“If you want the world to add up in its current state of madness, you first have to divide by the common denominator.” (Why the Trump vs Clinton Election is a Complete Sham)


It’s increasingly becoming the case that all the things we are conditioned to NOT talk about are ruling our lives, forsaking us to the ridiculous things we do get to talk about. (LINK) While news media can be entertaining on a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” level, it becomes toxic to the status quo when everyone chooses to build their worldviews based on the blatantly ridiculous spin they see in the media. I don’t think people are actually buying much of it anymore, at least not in the tradition numbers, which is a good thing. However, because too many of us refuse to talk about it and lay the madness to waste under sound logic and moral principles, we continue down the tracks on this crazy train toward the impending madness that awaits us (taking the form of two versions of Hell; one of outright Orwellian dystopia and the other a gentrified, Huxulian bourgeoisie ( Mind control: Orwell, Huxley, and today’s reality). The world under this paradigm is drowning as we are picking fights over superficial manufactured issues and fighting over political cartoon characters while avoiding the more relevant issues of concern to our human condition. When it makes sense to push back against blatant tyranny we are choosing to “go along to get along” rather than consciously considering ALL the information before us and acting responsibly. However we justify our actions and inactions in the paradigm, by not getting an understanding of the deeper aspects of our condition, we are risking the reality that we seal our own fate. While this “go along to get along” mentality that keeps us away from the darker and more concerning issues, might be functional and sometimes necessary to maintain healthy relationship and sanity, this mentality is becoming the guiding force that is directing all our lives. (The politically aligned exploitation of children through abuse and trafficking is at the top in terms of what is most concerning in my opinion; as detailed in these documentaries, “CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE” and “UNREPENTENT”)This is particularly and insidiously true of the institutions of news media and reporting (the Fourth Estate), education and, most importantly, within the institutions of public trust; where public trustees and their serving public trust managers maintain the capacity to direct the lives of the average citizen, dictate these citizen’s relationships with each other and their resources, while refusing to address or acknowledge any of the fundamentally flawed research or the consequences of their policies, technologies and worldviews. It is from the realization about the capacity of entrusted public servants to enforce policy, which profoundly effects the average citizen, that I focus on that demographic in my blog posts. Politicians and higher level public trust agents are far too corruptible to act responsibly in my opinion but most serving in the institutions of public trust, absent state coercion and social programming, would act responsibly.

I’ve directly witnessed how those in the institutions of public trust, who do have the courage to break from their conditioning and speak their mind, are punished for their actions to speak out (LINK). Conversely, if what they are saying has some value to the overall agenda to centralize control in some capacity, they are rewarded (LINK). Maintain the façade which governs our lives and you’ll be successful. You’ll move up in social status and be bestowed with monetary incentives and rank. Do otherwise and you’ll be marginalized, penalized, or outright removed. It’s become the case that public servants of conscience have nowhere to turn in the end, as any semblance of ‘whistleblower protections’ from within the system are simply a façade; as the tradition “human resource” and other departments that preach “responsible government” are themselves victim to perception controls that dictate what action or inactions will best serve the organization and its overall agenda. (CIA AGENT SPEAKS OUT ABOUT GEOENGIONEERING )

Bread & Circuses and the Trickle Down Psychopath

“Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” – Donald Trump “Grab Them By the Pussy” Song

“When society rots, it rots from the top down.”

So many examples to draw from that demonstrate the insane mindset among the average citizen these days. When it is the case that average citizens talk about the things they read in the newspaper or see on TV, it is seldom the case that they question the validity or entertain outside perspectives. It seems to be the reality for most who are on the path of discovery that there are few places to turn for decent conversation; conversation where there isn’t some toxic overriding perception controlling otherwise open discourse and rational thinking. This has become the norm in society and nowhere is it operating more insidiously than in the institutions of public trust. I’ve written to this in many of my previous blogs (essentially the primary focus of my site). Unfortunately I have yet to see anything change. Two current examples from the field of resource management and war propaganda have my attention.

The Trickle Down Psychopathic ‘Killing/ Conservation’ Mindset


I recently read an article in the Lewiston Tribune where the author, Eric Barker, like Rocky Barker (related?), was writing about African hunting and it’s contribution to African wildlife conservation. This article was similar to the Rocky Barker article about Cecil the Lion, which I had analyzed in a previous blog post (Wildlife Management and Agenda 21 ). In this latest article, “In Africa, Conservation and Hunting Go Hand In Hand”, Eric Barker interviews an IDFG officer about the time he spent hunting and tagging along with game wardens in ….., Africa. While much of the views shared by the IDFG game officer in this article might come from a place of good intension and, in some ways, properly spells out a harsh reality about the conditions people and wildlife face in Africa; I would argue that these views come from a place of limited perception that is concerning. This perspective about Africa and wildlife conservation leaves out some very fundamental issues that contribute to a toxic ideology that would lead him and others, like Rocky & Eric Barker, to manifest a dangerous world view.

In the opening line of this article the article states; “(Officer’s name) was uneasy as he witnessed game scouts use wire to lash a poacher to a chair and then beat the man for information.” Later in the article the officer goes on to say he “was grateful that we have a Bill of Rights in this country” and referred to what he witnessed as “frontier justice”. I find this officer’s inaction in that situation and his lack of true condemnation about what took place to be extremely concerning. This mindset is a fine example of what I call “trickle down psychopathy”. A true public servant would recognize that the act this officer witnessed and failed to fully condemn was an international crime in most countries… though, oddly enough given his statement concerning the US Bill of Rights protections, perhaps not in the US as I understand they did not sign the universal human rights declaration of 1948; or, if we did, we’ve since modified it through the NDAA so as not to apply to “stateless enemy combatants” or loosely defined “terrorist suspects”. (International Human Rights Law) Even if it were the case that US and African public trust agents were somehow exempt from international human rights laws , a true public servant would not recommend we contribute our time and money to any organization or institution that is in CLEAR VIOLATION of these basic human rights. The fact that the reporter, Eric Barker, does not address this truth and that nobody has publicly presented this concern suggests to me that we have a very significant flaw in our collective consciousness. It is concerning that we can’t see it is wrong to allow extra-judicial beatings to be committed by institutions regardless of their nationality (isn’t that what they tell us “spreading democracy” is all about?). If this mindset is left unchecked, this will most definitely become the norm here in America as our “Bill of Rights” protections will become more and more limited; even more than it already has under the NDAA!  As it stands now, a case can be made that the Bill of Rights protections in this nation are being circumvented left right and center. You can see this when you look to the evidence; such as in the handling of the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, the treatment of the Hammonds prior to this occupation (LINK) and the subsequent over reactionary assault and killing of Lavoy Finnicum. (This situation and on-going court case is one of those issues that public trust agencies have been conditioned NOT to talk about!) (MALHEUR OCCUPATION)

As you see the “State vs. Federal” control of the land dialectic (LINK) play out and the lands start to become more and more off-limits by way of private investments or government protections, prepare to see similar abuses to the land and locals, similar to that in Africa; as the international trade in “off-limit” resources becomes more valuable per unit and the local communities become marginalized and displaced. (Probably will not be as evident here as in Africa or in 1800’s & 1900’s America, as we’ve gone down this road to a large degree already with the subjugation of the American Indians; as well as for the fact that few, aside from a few hunting and tourism services guides, is proximally subsisting off these lands and resources. I would suggest we’ve already essentially been ‘reduced to possession’).

In this same article the IDFG Conservation Officer states having an interest in African history. If this officer were a true history buff he would know that both African and American histories are rife with examples of how this same mindset was able to pervade the ranks of soldiers and local law enforcement in order to advance local displacement and subjugation agendas (Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny (LINK); Non-Communist Manifesto (LINK); Just War Theory (LINK); Non-Communist Manifesto (LINK); Belfour Declaration (LINK); etc). Speaking of African history, I am curious about just how many of these kinds of exceptionalism ideologies where created or supported by Rhodes Scholars (LINK)? A HUGE study in African history and modern day imperialism, which persists even greater now on the world stage, can be gained in the study of Cecil Rhodes!) A complicit protection class is what allows for the suffrages inflicted upon populations; suffrages that would never have been possible otherwise. It was a complicit protection class that has cleared the way for the displacement of indigenous people in these hunting preserves in the name of resource exploitation AND in the name of resource protection (actually exploitation of the conditions first made to manifest through resource exploitation. This is the process I call the “Roosevelt Switcheroo” (LINK)).

I would encourage the officer in the Lewiston Tribune article to read the book “Conservation Refugees” by Mark Dowie. In this book he will find evidence of how the indigenous people, whose ability to defend against a global investment in their eradication, were undermined by those serving in the public’s trust, like the game managers he witnessed tie up and beat a man, who, at one time, might have been able to resist the imposition on their way of life rather than serve in the exploitation of a resource for the enjoyment of international sportsmen; all for the sake of a few scraps of meat. (I’m sorry but this isn’t “living”, this is servitude!) Extrapolate that situation and consider how this mindset is not being challenged by ANYONE in the public trust agencies and you might consider that there is a push for displacement and marginalization of indigenous peoples (both modern and traditional)here in America every bit as much as it is in Africa. The subjugation process is alive and well to this day and it doesn’t care what your nationality is.

The Trickle Down Psychopathic Military Mindset


Having listened to Jocko Willink’s podcast with Sam Harris and understanding that he would have the same access to all the information I have, I wonder if it would ever be in his interest to be interviewed by someone like James Corbett or Sibel Edmonds or Jay Dyer or Patrick Hennessey or converse with Ken Okeefe? Much like Joe Rogan and others in the ‘alternative’ media, Sam Harris seems to be another mouthpiece among the cadre of “New Age” personalities that I would consider to be functioning as gatekeepers to an awakening humanity.

  • Sam Harris’ Wikipedia page: “Harris is considered a member of the “Four Horsemen of New Atheism,” alongside Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and the late Christopher Hitchens.” (Like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse?)

Rather than speaking with mainstream alternative mouthpieces and pseudo intellectuals that stay within the confines of a well-managed “pacifist” vs. “realist” dialectic (Hegelian Dialectic, which, in this case would be the “Just War Theory” ) these investigative journalists I mentioned, challenge the level of thinking that Jocko speaks to in that interview with Sam Harris and make a very strong case for there being another level to this paradigm. Rather than following the official school book narratives, the researchers I mentioned above, are taking into consideration many other revelatory sources of information; such as extensive literary works like Tragedy and Hope by Carrol Quigley  , The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinskii, and others. They also take the time to consider the revelations about social engineering through what we know about CIA operations such as Operation Gladio and Operation Ajax; the convoluted US relationship which lead to the rise of Sadam and our backing of their war against Iran; along with so many other relevant histories that challenge the promoted narratives. These revelations identify the limitations of the politically naïve concept of “blowback” (the concept that Jocko,and the pseudo-intellectuals he speaks with, promote as the “opposing viewpoint” to genuine war hawks). The work of these little known researchers, demonstrate that there are certain internationally sponsored elements within national and global institutions working to destabilize regions. They appear to be doing this by using all means at their disposal; such as false flag terrorism, resource control and exploitation, controlling a country’s means of production and employing various forms of propaganda and culture creation as well as their fracturing and disenfranchisement (NGO INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX). They make a strong case for there being an underlying agenda, an agenda that may well be much more ambitious than most people realize and absolutely dependent upon guys like Jocko, who have a significant platform to speak from, not questioning the “official narratives”; even though the same kinds of operations can be seen quite clearly in the US every time you turn on your TELL-LIE-VISION and recognize that it is absolutely rife with bullshit (clearly weaponized media).
I think if he were to speak directly with some of these probing reporters and analyze their research we might all come away with a different perspective. We might get closer to the realization that the darkest of the “bad guys” might not be the ones we are facing on the battlefield but, rather, the ones who sign our military paychecks and secure a steady stream of funding for those we are fighting against by fleecing the well-conditioned masses; all the while using some of these funds and black budgets to covertly create the conditions for “low intensity conflicts in high per-diem areas”.
My concern, which in the interview Jocko seem to recognize when he talks about how “the average Iraqi citizen is just trying to live their lives” while the news media portrays the situation in Iraq as otherwise, is that despite what this implies about the state of our mainstream media, he is not investigating the information that challenges these narratives. (Why would an independent media engage in this type of spin? The answer should be obvious). Since Jocko seems to have a popular platform to share his thoughts and perspectives, I am concerned that his avoidance or otherwise diminishing of the information that demonstrates high level collusion by our politicians and military strategists, which leaves his readers and listeners ignorant and mentally unprepared to act appropriately to the “strategy of tensions” (STRATEGY OF TENSION) being foisted on them here at home; through manufactured crisis creation and destabilizing social programming mechanisms. (The same kinds of mechanisms used to create crisis in other countries like Chechnya, the Ukraine, Syria, Bosnia and so many others). Newsbud- Media Lies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNAPeEDujwE
A few fundamental issues being ignored that need to be reconciled for you and others to maintain your positions:
1) Congressional Inquiries concerning the War Powers Act- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7P3xAkeuvw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS1dAodhUu0
2) General Wesley Clark and the “7 Wars Plan” speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUCwCgthp_E
3) The numerous inconsistencies with the “official version” of 9/11: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth- http://www.ae911truth.org/ Firefighters For 9/11 Truth- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRd8IxJD5dM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH9AKTc1-8k Christopher Bollyn- http://www.bollyn.com/home Incontrovertible – http://www.incontrovertible911evidence.co.uk/
4) The Pat Tillman Issue: http://www.documentaryfilmonline.com/film-reviews/the-tillman-story/#sthash.5nA5cY3b.dpuf
5) The whole issue with the exponential rise in private security companies like Blackwater, and their convoluted missions we keep hearing about. What do you make of the death of Scotty Halvenston along with 3 other Blackwater employees? (This incident can be seen in a whole new light if you consider other revelations from Pat Tillman’s death by friendly fire and how that was misrepresented in the media and used as a propaganda tool). http://archive.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2012/01/06/blackwater_suit_ends_7_years_after_fallujah_deaths/
“The deal ends the families’ hopes that a public trial would expose the events that led to Iraqi insurgents killing the four contractors in 2004 and hanging two of their corpses, said Jason Helvenston of Orlando, Fla., brother of slain Blackwater guard Stephen “Scott” Helvenston.
Images from the scene flashed around the world and triggered a massive U.S. military attack on Fallujah that featured street-by-street fighting.
“The lawsuit coming to an end is no surprise to me whatsoever. It was clear that this was going to be a cover-up from the beginning,” Helvenston said Friday. “You just feel the injustice of this long enough, and see that these people are just so evil, all you can do is pray to God that he’ll take care of it because that’s all you’ve got left.”
(Understand that these links are just the tip of a very large iceberg. If you want another challenge, I suggest you challenge your mind to reconcile the issues I presented above. I have come from a similar perspective as the one you now share with the war propaganda machine and I can’t reconcile the information above with the perspectives I once had.)
Jocko is a very likable person with a lot of useful views and lessons learned from his experiences but it concerns me, in his position as an advocate for the war perspectives he shares, that there are so many fundamental issues left unconsidered. I understand that being part of a team and doing your mission is the primary focus in times of war and believing in what you are doing and have done is a big part of it. I can understand the amount of courage it takes to get through the crisis situations you face on the battlefield and I understand that there are many genuine “bad guys” operating on the ground in these war theaters. It may well be, however, that the missions we are engaged in are being compromised at a much higher pay-grade. I don’t think Jocko is the type of person that would want to participate in or send his guys on a mission to fight and perhaps be killed if he understood how it was serving a malevolent cause. The information shared above is compelling in its support of there being a malevolent faction within the US leadership that our military personnel serve. These are very concerning issues which don’t go away just because we ignore them. (Doesn’t the controlled demolition theory of the collapse of building 7 make a lot more sense than the official version? If this is the case would that issue not throw the whole fucking case for what we understand about ‘terrorism’ and ‘ISIS’ into question?)
If you pay attention you can see that other, less celebrated acts of courage and extremely insightful commentary have been on the rise. This is what you will see when you look to those who don’t have a large political propaganda machine behind them and a well-funded platform to speak and act from but, rather, step up to the challenge against all odds and discouragement because they have a conscience that compels them to act; not because it will bring them fame, fortune and friends but because it is absolutely the right thing to do. (Kevin Annette,Ken O’Keefe,

What the two examples I presented above demonstrate is that it’s all connected. Pull one string and you see the whole goddamn thing wiggle! What is happening in Syria by way of subversion (if you look to the history of the conflict and the past international investments in the control of water resources (LINK), is very much related to the Agenda 21 initiatives in Africa, America and worldwide; which is connected to geoengineering (LINK) , which is connected to the 9/11 false flag and the Malheur Occupation. How many degrees of separation? That would be zero! If you consider that the Washington Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank, the CIA and the Pentagon would be heavily involved in developing the goals and objective in the Middle East (PNAC) and promoting the “7 Wars Plan” (LINK) and how individuals within that organization, like Teddy Roosevelt IV (LINK), who is heavily invested in environmental philanthropy and probably aware of the inner workings of 9/11 and how characters involved in that cover-up were involved in other incidents… such as being the special agent in charge at Malheur (MOD IND LINK). There’s a huge network playing behind the scenes that is international, well-funded and well-schooled in the art of deception. This network and all its participants have managed to weaponize everything, from mainstream media and much of the alternative media; energy development and exploitation; healthcare, the environmental movement and even education and have successfully made impotent all the major human rights initiatives through coercive philanthropic activities and in so many other ways.


Until a significant number within the ranks of the protection class and public trust agencies (police, soldiers, public trust managers) are willing to break the mold and recognize the insane nature of the system they are protecting and imposing (abroad and here at home), there will continue to be imbalanced, contention and reactionary outbursts in the communities; either genuine or by implementation through the CIA “strategy of tension” (LINK). (I suppose this will be the case at least until the capacity to defend ourselves and our humanity is finally laid to rest and we are completely subject to the dictates of the vampiric, technocratic global social order (LINK). I encourage public trust managers to deal responsibly with these obvious manufactured conditions and help elevate and restore the balance within themselves and the communities in which they serve. Do this and the violence we are seeing become a way of life will eventually cease to be a major issue, regardless of our level of armament (or lack of) under our 2nd amendment rights. (And, by all means, despite what your public trust managers tell you, resist the urge to pay known state sponsored criminals to help you kill an animal in Africa! These ‘game wardens’ who patrol game preserves and facilitate your hunt are knowingly and willfully supporting and benefiting from the direct assault on human rights and, ultimately, allowing for genocide through their ignorance. This is particularly important to address when you recognize how that ideology is becoming a way of life here https://modernindigenouswordpresscom.wordpress.com/ ).

Other Related Articles and Efforts of Interest:
1) Off Guardian article: “Why are These Oligarchs so Concerned about African Corruption?” https://off-guardian.org/2016/09/16/why-are-these-oligarchs-so-concerned-about-african-corruption/

2) Ken O’Keefe’s latest blog on the World Citizen Initiative: https://kenokeefe.wordpress.com/2016/09/26/evidence-world-citizen-solutions-financialsubversion-report-part-2/ (This initiative shows some promise for providing support to those wanting to withdraw their support (taxes) that are contributing to the human rights abuses and war crimes of their respective states (nations). Much of this post is dealing with the subversion Ken has received but also a legal opinion and commentary on how we might go about making a unified conscious effort to withdraw from this increasing madness.)

3) An interesting connection to ponder: …. Who presides over the “Blue Ribbon Panel” of which most state Fish and Game Directors, including Idaho’s director, area part of, is also a lawyer with the firm Crowell & Moring whose clients extend well into the deep state/ military industrial complex. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowell_%26_Moring When the “Blue ribbon Panel” approaches congress for more funding to support “conservation” should we be concerned that this is not what it is promoted to be, but actually in alignment with the globalist Agenda 21 and deep state initiatives? (Much evidence among the things “we don’t talk about” to support such a suspicion!)

Crowell & Moring’s Government Contracts Practice is one of the largest in the U.S.[11] and has experience with government agreements and subcontracts (domestic or international) including the bidding and award process; ethics and compliance issues, including suspension and debarment; cost accounting rules and defective pricing; claims; audits and investigations; data rights; cybersecurity and privacy; export controls; security clearances; small business issues; domestic preference requirements; and due diligence and transactional assistance relating to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.
Representative matters include a bid protest on behalf of Health Net of the award of a $16 billion Department of Defense (DOD) managed health care contract;[12] securing dismissal of allegations on summary judgment of a False Claims Act case seeking single damages of $1 billion against ACADEMI (formerly Blackwater/Xe Services) under a Department of State security contract in Iraq and Afghanistan; and securing a judgment of over $100 million for SUFI in a breach of contract case against the Air Force’s Non-Appropriated Fund Purchasing Office.[13]
Crowell & Moring represented Blackwater Worldwide in the investigation after a series of deadly shootouts in the Iraqi capital left several Iraqi security agents and civilians dead in May 2007.[14] According to the Legal Times, two other large defense contractors, Erinys Iraq and Kuwait & Gulf Link Transport Co., are among the firm’s clients. Crowell also routinely counsels companies bidding for government contracts and in oversight investigations that sometimes result from those contracts.[15] References[edit]

Unhappy Anniversary 9/11

“Every step forward means tearing oneself lose from the maternal womb of unconsciousness in which the mass of men dwells.” – Carl Jung, The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man
People tend to underestimate just how incredibly vile and insane our national and international leaders really are (including our ‘leaders in waiting’). To entertain such a notion might create a schism that would leave you feeling insecure and helpless (there are countless ways this society has been able to build and reinforce this perception in people)

Learned Helplessness

“Learned helplessness” occurs when an animal is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness will prevent any action.” War is Crime article on “Learned Helplessness”

I recognize there are coping mechanisms that work to protect us from dark realities, such as what we are witnessing in this nation in the aftermath of the tragedy on September 11, 2001. For this reason, I would discourage anyone from entering into the greater awareness of this day without grounding themselves and endeavoring to maintain a sense of humor and to be mindful of their hearts and their relationships in the process. (I’ve directly witnessed how coming to this information without protecting ourselves can metastasize). However, it is becoming more and more important that more of us take the initiative to perceiver through this process so that we can effectively resist such increasingly blatant tyranny that more and more of us are becoming aware of. Whether you buck the naysayers and delve down this path or not you are going to be traumatized; as the trauma coming through our media and public and private institutions, on into our everyday lives and then reinforced by our peers and loved ones, is undeniable. I suggest getting a greater understand about ourselves and this process is an effective way of grounding.
As the anniversary of the defining moment of this century comes closer, I encourage people to look deeper into the 9/11 event because so much of the abuse of power and people, that we are witness to today, has been built on this one catalyzing catastrophic event.

The Evidence


https://www.corbettreport.com/category/videos/ These “9/11 Suspects” videos being put out by James Corbett are very well done and go where everyone should be going when they think of 9/11. I think much of the evidence presented in these videos is sourced back to the investigation results revealed in the “Toronto Hearings” of 2012 https://youtu.be/kpiVv8tQdmY . (It might be significant to note that the previous presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney PhD was present at those hearings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tkh7AepJoQg . If you absolutely feel it necessary to vote in this next sham of an election, I would recommend writing her name in).

Numerology of Things


I woke up this morning to let my dog in exactly at 4:11. I suppose because I have made a limited cursory investigation into the subject of numerology and have become aware of a strong correlation between major historical events and certain dates, my mind went right to the significance of the number “411”. I said to myself, “I got to finish this blog and get this information out there today!”
While I don’t know enough on the subject of numerology to explain how these things work (as above so below concepts and the deeper understanding of ‘time’ and ‘space’ revealed by quantum physics (LINK) as well as by the holographic universe and other theories https://youtu.be/6rgYz_BU2Ew along with various spiritual belief systems and practices seem to have a lot to do with it), I do feel that the psychopathic misleaders believe in the significance of numerology. It has been widely understood by researchers into this subject that many of the hidden power structures of today that operate in the shadows (Freemasonry, 9th Circle Satanic cults, Mormonism, the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican, etc…) take this stuff seriously and source it back through the centuries to the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and beyond.(Ryan Gable of “The Secret Teachings” speaks to this http://thesecretteachings.net/).

From this awareness, I just recently discovered that September 11 is the beginning date of the year according to the ancient Egyptian Coptic Calendar, also known as the Alexandrian Calendar. http://copticchurch.net/easter.html. As well, this date is the celebration day known as “The Feast of Neyrouz “ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nayrouz a celebration in honor of the “Year of the Martyrs”. A whole different set of revelations can be obtained when you go deep into the shadows and look into the connections these psychopathic “misleaders” have with Babylon and the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt).

The Far Reaching Tentacles of 9/11


Being out here in the West, it is often times easy to feel somewhat distant and protected from the New York and Washington D.C. insanity. However, as I pointed out in my blog on the Malheur debacle, the senior leadership among various regional FBI and other agencies can be traced back to Washington DC and even directly to 9/11. In that article I pointed out that the agent in charge of the “road block/ kill box” that was set up to deter the Malheur occupiers from reaching their destination in the next county, was Greg Bretzing, https://modernindigenouswordpresscom.wordpress.com/2016/01/22/malheur-national-wildlife-refuge-standoff-part-3-the-devil-is-in-the-details-an-open-source-investigation/

“In September 2000, Mr. Bretzing was promoted to supervisory special agent in the Criminal Investigative Division’s Money Laundering Unit at FBI Headquarters. Following the September 11 attacks, he was instrumental in tracing funds used by the hijackers to carry out the attack. Mr. Bretzing was promoted in August 2002 to unit chief in the Terrorist Financing Operations Section. He was recognized for his work by the CIA and received the National Intelligence Certificate of Distinction for his contributions to the FBI’s counterterrorism efforts.”

I don’t think it would be hard to find similar connections to 9/11 with various individuals in key leadership roles around the nation, or this same leadership and others who would be connected to events of similar magnitude in terms of deception and destruction of justice. (Indeed, we could go on for days picking apart other individuals and events).

The bottom line here is that every corner of America and beyond is being infiltrated from the top by ‘change agents’ and I would caution everyone to not make the mistake of thinking it isn’t happening where you live. Nor should anyone think that this infiltration is unique to any particular agency at any level of government or private institution; such as only the FBI as demonstrated above. At a certain level, everything is connected; the Hegelian Dialectics of the “East vs. West” http://statelesshomesteading.com/the-eastern-saviours-meme-veterans-today-and-sniffing-out-alt-media-disinformation/, “Just War Theories”, “Christians vs. Muslims” and their direct support of the Military Industrial Complex tie directly in with the strategies implemented under Agenda 21, 2030 ,(Two excellent resources on this can be found here: http://www.thedailyherb.com/politics-at-the-daily-herb/ http://idahoansagainstagenda21.weebly.com/) as well as being connected to the CIA’s internal and international “Strategy of Tensions” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AARtO88G5Ag through Soros and both of the BLM’s (Black Lives Matter and the Bureau of Land Management) http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/04/19/an-introduction-smart-power-the-human-rights-industrial-complex/ and so much more. These parasites, who orchestrated, carried out and covered up the events of 9/11 are extremely cleaver, well-funded and rife with resources that allow them to exploit our weaknesses in so many unfathomable ways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J93Jt05oRA

Are We Human? Or Are We Denser?


Are we human?
Or are we dancer?
My sign is vital
My hands are cold
And I’m on my knees
Looking for the answer
Are we human?
Or are we dancer?

In this society of learned helplessness it’s easy to get overwhelmed and give your power away to the next level of authority; which, in turn, gets passed on to the next level and so on and so on… until it reaches a level where real power (human energy) is turned into something inverted and then fed back to us to affect our perception. We do this every day when we continuously subject our experiences and observations to the dictates of system science, system religions, system politics and otherwise. As well, in this process, it is easy to be drawn into the conditioning that directs us to attack the ‘low hanging fruit’ or altogether avoid subjects that directly affect our experience. It is at this level that we become stuck.

When I say ‘stuck’ I mean we become incapable of transcending long held beliefs and perceptions, be they religious or anti-religious beliefs (as in Evolution vs. Creationism), political (Democrat vs. Republican) or otherwise, which direct us away from meaningful conversations. It is here where an absolutely observable phenomenon (such as a completely geoengineered sky for example) can’t even be acknowledged and considered for conversation. My experience has been that this phenomenon has created a situation where people simply “go along to get along” for the sake of civility (a condition rife amongst the institutions of public trust and academia). We do this because allowing free and thoughtful conversations can leave someone or even all parties involved feeling butt-hurt. (So goes the conditioning of political correctness http://www.activistpost.com/2012/03/political-correctness-or-political.html)   Others, it seems, experience the other end of this spectrum where conversations and manufactured ideologies turn hostile, creating a great deal of destruction and hardship (this can be seen all over the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia as well as currently through limited expressions in the Western world). This is unfortunate because all of this ignorance can surrender us to being complicit in the ‘cremation of care’ and the diminishing of our greater awareness simply because we are too afraid to have these meaningful conversations; conversations that might lead to an awareness that we are all a part of a greater whole. We might learn, in respect to heart consciousness, we are inseparable from one another. https://www.heartmath.org/about-us/

It is extremely difficult from where most of us are sitting to step out of this programming and not feel threatened when the information presented conflicts with our worldviews and is not in alignment with our perception of ourselves or the idea that we are endeavoring to make our lives and the world ‘better’. (Coming from an agriculture and rural region I see these feelings of personal attack manifest in my friends and family who depend on various types of rural industries and resource management agencies for their livelihoods. When I present concerning information for consideration, such as sharing compelling research and evidence that suggest pesticides or various resource management strategies are harmful to people and the environment, I see that information taken as being just me following the ‘antithesis’ to their ‘thesis’ and passing judgement. The information in this perception is perceived as being spiteful. This is unfortunate because I think the information is valuable and there is no intent here to encourage people to feel any guilt or shame or fear. It is simply my attempt to ground myself and help to ground others in awareness based on a preponderance of the evidence and not based on any particular beliefs).


If we were all willing to accept the fact that, at our current state as a society, we “know” dick about this world and surrender ourselves to the experience of life in general and the love of it, endeavor to listen to and analyze ALL information without taking it personal, learn to trust our own experiences and observations over the dictates of our conditioning and allow ourselves to care beyond what we are ‘suppose’ to, we might just find a way out of this mess. We might find the courage to respond to this assault on humanity and find effective ways attack it at the source.
On this very significant anniversary date, let us allow the realities of 9/11 to sink in and face it head on, with compassion and resolve. It’s our collective responsibility and our true calling to do so.
So, what is it? Are we human? Or are we denser?

Wildlife Management and Agenda 21 (Work In Progress…)


“We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then, and have known ever since, that there was something new to me in those eyes – something known only to her and to the mountain. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch; I thought that because fewer wolves meant more deer, that no wolves would mean hunters’ paradise. But after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view”
– Aldo Leopold

Over the last few years, through numerous hours of reading various books, blogs, historical documents and articles relating to modern conservation, agriculture and sports hunting, I have come to the realization that the way of life we have grown up with in the rural areas of the Pacific Northwest may eventually be doomed. This includes our access to hunting and fishing as the technocratic agenda rolls out. Even though there seems to be a genuine effort to ensure that all the citizens in Idaho and other western states continue to have access to their rights to hunt and fish and utilize their local resources, I suggest that our common ignorance of many of the political and social processes that drive individual and institutional decisions will play out in unintended ways; ways that will be detrimental to our individual access to public lands and to our local sovereignty. I would argue, in large part, this is at the behest of our own well intended but misguided assumptions about humans and their interactions with nature and also in part due to the unrelenting hubris of our resource management policy makers; many of whom, I suggest, are willingly participating in this deception. In this series of blogs I will present my concerns for some of the policies and agendas in the area of wildlife management as this seems to be one of the lesser researched agendas. It is my intention to demonstrate and explain some of the ways in which the policies governing these activities are being manipulated.

Our Misguided Conservation Strategy

Much conversation has been made within the natural resource community to suggest that trophy-hunting, sport-fishing and other outdoor sports are the leading mechanisms that allows for the conservation and perpetuation of our fish and wildlife. The resurrection of the early 20th century conservation icons; like Teddy Roosevelt, Gifford Pinchot (NFF Interview), John Muir and other such environmentalists, are leading the way to promote an ideology that puts the sportsman-conservationist as the primary mechanism to conserve and perpetuate our wildlife resources. At various events and through social media, the institutions of public trust are preaching the gospel of the North American Wildlife Management model and Public Trust doctrines, usually through various presenters, such as Shane Mahoney (1) WILDLIFE SUMMIT) who seems to embody these conservation ideals. Guided by these modern promoters of ‘the method’ it seems the environmental and resource management community are readily adopting these ideals and applying them to the natural resource use and conservation practices of today.
Given a thorough review of history and looking closer at the modern initiatives currently on the world stage, I would suggest that the ideologies being presented by these individuals and institutions are misguided. While I would not contend that those who participate in sport or trophy hunting and fishing activities are ill-intended or knowingly supporting the opposition to the free access of the land they love and respect, I make the argument that many of the institutions that they support (or are a part of), are working to do just that. Much like what I would argue as being the “bait and switch” of Teddy Roosevelt’s time (2) CONSERVATION REFUGEES) (3) CONSERVATION EUGENICS), I suggest that we are in a similar state of affairs now. (The ‘bait and switch’ I am referring to that brought about a massive land grab in the 11th hour of the congressional session by the Federal government in 1905 (1905 TRANSFER ACT) and the subsequent infusion of public funds, was the exploitation by Roosevelt and his colleagues of the Hegelian bantering (HEGELIAN DIALECTIC) between the ‘Conservationists’ and ‘Industrialists’ of the time). This time the process is being employed under an international mechanism, specifically United Nations Agenda 21. I would suggest, despite the perceived benefits of the transfer of land into the US National Forests system for the ‘public good’ that the long term implications of such a deal has been detrimental to the health of the forests and the people. To support this argument I would like to analyze the key players and rhetoric surrounding the following situations.

Part 1: Cecil the Lion and Agenda 21
Part 2: Conservation in other African Nations
Part 3: The Viljoen Hunting Preserve and the Importation of Socialist Ideals
Part 4: The National Forest Foundation and other NGO’s


Part 1: Cecil the Lion and Agenda 21

Because this is the most recent issue of contention that has brought conservation issues into the spotlight, I would like to address this first. To make it most relevant to the western states, I would like to analyze this through the usual suspect, who I’ve spoken about in previous blog posts, Rocky Barker in his “Letters from the West”. (4)
As demonstrated in my previous blog posts, Barker, as a “government embedded” reporter, seems to be the voice for the federal and state agencies with regard to conservation policy. In this capacity he provides the platform to convey the perspectives of the natural resource management community. He seems to speak for the Idaho Fish and Game, the Wildlife Commission, the governor’s wildlife working groups and other such entities along with all the various interagency collaborator organizations and contractors. In this capacity he has the ability to convey to the public and within the ranks of the resource organizations and their public and private collaborators, the desires of the respective “upper echelons” within each group. What he conveys, if accepted and promoted by an organization, has the power to become the unified voice of each respective institution and those who hold each institution in high regard. If the ideologies Barker conveys are misleading, coercive or ambiguous and then advanced without being checked or corroborated by institutions of public trust, the results have the potential to be detrimental to the citizens’ relationship to the resource. I suggest this is the case with regard to Barker’s promotion of the programs and leading perceptions about African wildlife management and the issues of concern around Cecil the lion.
In his article “Hunter’s stupid act in Africa masks benefits of trophies” Rock Barker weighs in on the Cecil the lion debate. (4) As is evident in the title of the article, Barker provides the prospective that, despite this instance of misconduct, trophy hunting is a beneficial tool for generating funds for conservation efforts and to manage wildlife populations. While I recognize the value of conservation and understand the need to acquire monetary and other resources to build that capacity, under our current paradigm, I strongly argue against this notion. I further contend that the ideology conveyed in this article and the actions of the resource management organizations in support of this ideology are the result of deep seeded patriarchal influences that disrespect the relationship of the local communities to their environment; making them subservient to an international and economic mechanism of control. (2) Nowhere is this more apparent than in the nations of Africa under the programs Barker promotes in his article.

What’s Going on in the Background?

Most of the time and much to our collective detriment, few in the public or in the public trust agencies take the time to research any of the background of what they read or hear in the news. Few have the slightest understanding of what has taken place in Africa or understand the situations that have led to their not-so unique paradigm. Few will take the time to connect the dots and recognize the key players and their ideologies which have manifested in the conservation efforts of Africa. Few will apply discerning logic to the subtle implications for our local communities that might be realized in this shared philosophy that promotes the “trophy-hunter/ conservationist” theory; nor will they understand the institutional and global mechanisms that are driving these and other similar conservation efforts at home. A growing number of citizens, thanks to a concerted effort by a few researchers, are beginning to understand the processes being implemented under the UN Agenda 21 plan (5) AGENDA 21. Even so, I have yet to see much recognition on how this ties in to the sports hunting community. This article by Rocky Barker, when put under the microscope, gives us a great opportunity to provide a glimpse into the sport and trophy hunting process as a tool for the displacement and subjugation of indigenous people.

Analysis CAMPFIRE program in Zimbabwe:

What I find most interesting in this article is the section where Barker reminisces about his time in Africa while on assignment for the Idaho Statesman. His assignment was to examine conservation efforts under the CAMPFIRE program. (CAMPFIRE WEBSITE).

  • “The Idaho Statesman sent me to Zimbabwe in 1998 to examine the parallels with conservation programs in Idaho, especially village-based conservation.
    There I met Graham and Brian Child, whose remarkable conservation efforts are central to the survival of large animals such as lions and elephants in Zimbabwe. Graham, director of national parks and wildlife management there both before and after the 1980 revolution, came up with the idea of the Campfire program, which allowed villages to sell tags to kill wildlife as part of an overall management plan and then spend the proceeds to benefit their community.”

Though seemingly benign on the surface, the CAMFIRE program being promoted by Barker, should be great cause for concern; particularly if it is to be held as a standard for Idaho to aspire to. What Barker presents here is a very simplistic and abbreviated look at the conservation efforts going on in Zimbabwe. What you are not getting in this article is the necessary exposure to the relevant history behind the situation; including the international mechanisms behind this and other similar programs in other African countries, nor are you getting a look at the biographies of the people implementing these programs. These are very essential pieces of information to consider as I will demonstrate.

I would suggest that if Idaho adopts a similar management program, like Zimbabwe, access to the land and resources will be seriously impacted. Rather than being “central to the survival of large animals” I suggest that programs like this are central to furthering the plan for international corporate control over the resources and extirpation of the local indigenous populations.While not necessarily specific to trophy hunting, this situation has been laid out quite well by Mark Dowie in his book “Conservation Refugees” (2)CONSERVATION REGUGEES). In this book we see that what has been transpiring in Africa started here in America. These nations have used the same overt and coercive mechanisms as the Teddy Roosevelt administration to subjugate their indigenous people; similar in process and scope to what was used against the American Indians.

  •  “The rude, fierce settler who drives the savage from the land lays all civilized mankind under a debt to him. It is of incalculable importance that America, Australia, and Siberia should pass out of the hands of the red, black, and yellow aboriginal owners and become the heritage of the dominant world races.” – Theodore Roosevelt
What appears to have been happening in the Zimbabwe CAMPFIRE program is a continuation of the same methods of extortion by national and international governments and Big International NGO’s (BINGOS), similar to what is described by Mark Dowie in his book (2). Is this what is now being sold back to us as a management model? (Recognize that this is a model that will encourage the displacement of our modern indigenous populations (increase the transition of the rural populations to the cities) by promoting a communitarian ideal that strengthens the ties of the wildlife resource to the financial valuation process while elevating the modern ego-driven trophy hunter as the solution to deal with ‘overpopulation’ and human-wildlife conflicts. Consider my blog, “Transcending the Cult of Personality” (LINK) and think about how this might be applied to the conservation process with regard to our celebrated trophy hunters and sportsman).
This is an overview from the CAMPFIRE website that describes how revenue is generated: (CAMPFIRE)
  • “The general CAMPFIRE model is that the RDCs, or community trust, lease out business opportunities based on natural resources, to private sector partners. Most of the revenue earned is from wildlife-based activities. Of the wildlife-based activities, over 90% of the revenue is from trophy or sport hunting leases with commercial safari operators. The balance of the revenue is from leases for other forms of tourism, the sale of hides, ivory and other animal products. Since the year 2001 CAMPFIRE has actively sought to diversify the programme to include revenue from other sources.
    How much revenue has been earned so far? Between 1989 and 2001 (inclusive) the income earned by RDCs with Appropriate Authority has been Z$454 million or US$20 million. The highest income achieved was in 1999 when districts received additional revenue from CITES approved ivory sales.”

To those with little or no background of the events in history and resource exploitations that have led to this seemingly perilous situation in Africa for wildlife and people, (MAGNIFICENT AFRICAN CAKE) (CONSERVATION REFUGEES) what Barker suggests about the CAMPFIRE program being “central to the survival of large animals” can be taken as fact. For those who are ignorant of the history of the “Childs” (CHILDS) and their international affiliations, there is no reason to suspect ulterior motives. Because public trust organizations and their constituency here in Idaho and the rest of the nation don’t perform their due diligence in looking into the background of whom and what they promote, this grandiose statement can persist without adversely affecting the positive public perceptions that natural resource organizations enjoy. I would encourage all within and outside the public trust organizations to go deeper so that we might operate from awareness rather than ambiguity. I would encourage all who are served by the state and federal organizations to ask questions and force a response to some of the concerns you might turn up through such an open-source investigation.

Reduced to Possession

Apparently Rocky Barker and other established conservation leaders, as evidence in their support of the trophy hunting and international marketing of local resources through these internationally sponsored resource development programs in Africa, think the people of Idaho and the rest of the Western states should be “managed” like the people of Africa. As one representative from the modern indigenous population of Idaho, I would rather not see Idaho go by the way of Zimbabwe and fall further victim to the social programming mechanisms that have made their populations dependent on international trade in trophy hunting and trapping, international trade in wildlife commodities or other cleverly disguised international “conservation” investments (DAILY HERB). These are all strategies and investments that the indigenous people of Africa have been forced to depend on for their existence. I, for one, don’t want to be forced by my government to count on the charity of narcissists, like Ted Nugent (Picture 1) or institutional narcissism, in the form of Wildlife Services, to protect my family from “the big bad wolf” and feed me through their generous contributions of this meat to the food bank. I would rather not lose the relationship I have with my resources to this ambiguous, economically inspired model of management that is being promoted by Rocky Barker and the institutions of public trust.


Figure 1- Ted Nugent African Hunting trip:

  • “Here is a beautiful photo of me & my band with Cecil’s great great grandpa, Fernando the lion. No, they are not holding him down while I perform unnatural acts upon the helpless creature. After all, everybody knows lions are helpless & cute. Just fyi, this pure natural legal proper scientificaly sound necessary hunt like all hunts was pure SPORT TROPHY MEAT FUN. Every sacred preciouos part of this animal was utilized. We hired 40 people on the safari, shared the meat, claws, skull, sinew, body fluids, teeth, blood, organs, skin, hair, tongue, eyeballs & each & every hard earned resource this magnificent RENEWABLE resource provided while bringing in critical massive revenues to the local economy while making room for new lions to be born & bringing value to valuable creatures. I dare idiots everywhere to point out what was wrong about this & all hunts. Fools are as fools be. Lion baby, the other whitemeat!”…. (I’m sorry, but this guy is an ignorant, egotistical, soulless asshole of the highest order… and I can demonstrate on many levels the critically flawed logic in what he states here.)

Given the extent the Idaho Legislature has moved to pass bills that would potentially lead to similar situations that allow for more “pay for hunting/ conservation” preserves in Idaho public lands, (most recently being entertained by the endowment lands board (LINK) it’s not difficult to draw some inferences about the direction this is headed. The efforts of conservation writers like Rocky Barker, through his ambiguous presentation and promotion of the CAMPFIRE program for Idaho (along with his promotion of every other form of government dependency) is further validation of such an agenda. Even though there seems to be some resistance to this agenda within the Idaho Fish & Game Commission and the IDFG department, can we really say that the Idaho Fish & Game is in opposition when it funds presentations and provides a promotional platform for modern multi-generational colonial eco-capitalists, like Joe Viljoen and ….. ? (I would argue that public trust institutions are unknowingly in most instances, actively using their positions to manufacture perceptions about these arguably disingenuous African big game hunting preserves; preserves that are effectively severing the ties the indigenous people once had with their natural resources in a contemporary form of cultural genocide in many cases (LINK).

Campfire and UN Agenda 21

Unlike in the United States at this time (and, perhaps, in Africa as well by now) with the exposure of United Nation’s Agenda 21forcing the federal government to hide their connections, in South Africa in 2001 there apparently wasn’t a similar concern. (I say this recognizing that there is no mainstream conversation about the well documented connections of various local initiatives to Agenda 21). This report submitted by the South African Development Community (SADC) to the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (SADC PROGRESS REPORT) lists CAMPFIRE in its’ list of affiliated organizations and states that “The Campfire program of Zimbabwe was implemented and largely funded through NGO support – Zimbabwe Trust, WWF, Africa Resources Trust (LAND TRUSTS) and Campfire Association.
To get the full grasp of the implications of this would require some time spent analyzing this document and reading between the lines. It would also require taking the time to learn more about UN Agenda 21 and how this top down international agenda is being made to manifest in local governments through well-funded collaborations all over the world. (AGENDA 21 PRESENTATIONS) It would also be helpful to do some background research into the backing of these international NGO’s (referred to as Big International Non-Government Organizations (BINGO’s) by the affected indigenous populations around the world). I would highly recommend reading the Norman Dodd report to the Reece Committee investigation into tax-exempt foundations in 1954 if you wish to understand the level of coercion being foisted upon the American people. (NORMAN DODD REPORT).
I encourage the reader, especially those who are responsible for maintaining the public’s trust, to look deeper into Agenda 21 and learn more about “communitarianism” and how manufactured or useful stories, like the Cecil lion issue, are being used to coerce people into giving up their personal sovereignty under the dialectic perception management that draws people into one of two controlled “sides”. In many cases, with regard to resource management, it becomes a debate between “saving the planet or saving the economy”; a debate which typically leads to the development of a blended version of the two opposing views. It is a process that seeks to maintain the peace by appeasing the rigid views set by the mainstream media talking heads (“managing human nature” and “population control” on one side and providing for a “growing economy” and “feeding a growing population” (GMO’s, pesticides, Industrial Agriculture, resource development, etc…) on the other); which, more often than not, reflects a misunderstood perception of the situation on both accounts. This is why we continue to see the economic value of resource decisions being promoted by resource agencies, even though natural systems have no concern for how “many jobs are being created” or how “great for the economy” the outdoor sporting industry is.
This is beyond the scope of this essay, but from a natural law perspective this manufactured, dialectic paradigm, ultimately driven by money, ends up being a drain on both the monetary and natural systems; systems which are held mutually exclusive as understood by resource managers and economists, but very much energetically connected in the sense that energy is being exchanged between the two and siphoned off through the very misunderstood and highly controlled system of banking, fiat currency and usury debt. Ultimately, both systems become subservient to a banking and usury system that is highly controlled by very powerful individuals that understand the deeper connections between the natural and monetary systems and how to apply energy and resources from one or the other to exert more control over both. (CORBETT REPORT ON MONEY)
Child’s Biographies: (CHILD’S BIOGRAPHIES)
A diligent researcher could spend many hours looking at the conservation efforts in Africa, the history of Cecil Rhodes, Cecil the lion and many other relevant situations and barely scratch the surface of the levels of deception and the broad implications for the people of Zimbabwe and every other nation. The same can be said for the history of the Americas. Even though we’ve all had history classes; some, like Shane Mahoney, extensively so; we know little to nothing about some very important developments in history, like the Native American Holocaust or the American Eugenics movement. These are very important dark moments in history that are important to be aware of. Despite this fact, the realization that so many at every level of authority are completely ignorant to the mechanisms of genocide and the power structures that allowed them to manifest in our own country; as well as in Africa, it seems extremely ill-advised to move forward without getting some sense of what took place and reconciling it with to the conflicting actions and intensions inherent in our mission, goals and objectives. Not reconciling these things leaves us all more susceptible to the mechanisms of coercion by the “powers that be”.

2007 Program Findings- In another report from 2007 by Judith Marishinya about the CAMPFIRE program, a much less impressive review is presented. (CAMPFIRE PROGRAM FINDINGS) In this progress report she has this to say:

  • “Key findings from the case studies include: (1) the extent and quality of community participation has declined sharply in both sites; (2) capture of benefits by local elites has contributed significantly to these declines; (3) lack of full devolution to the communities, which is frequently cited as a critical weakness in CAMPFIRE, played a relatively minor role in shaping outcomes; (4) the loss of NGO support that followed the end of donor funding had severe negative effects on outcomes; and (5) the national political and economic crisis, while detrimental, had less of an impact than expected.”
    Maginalisation of the Waata Oromo Hunter Gatherers- (KENYA) A similar
    TED Case Study on CAMPFIRE-

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